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Trump: Deal Reached With Mexico “To Stem The Tide Of Migration”, Tariffs Suspended


It would appear that Trump’s tariff threat worked.

“I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico,” President Trump tweeted Friday.

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“The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended.”

Mexico has agreed to “strong measures to stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border,” Trump wrote.

Details of the deal will be released shortly by the State Department.

Chuck Grassley is pleased:


It would seem Chuck Schumer’s claim that Trump’s tariffs were a bluff are proved wrong.

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  1. It should have never come to the threat of tariffs to get Mexico to do the right thing on immigration, Mexico should be stopping the illegals at their border and only letting the ones that are seeking legal asylum into their country because the first safe country that the migrants reach which in this case is Mexico would be the country they should be planting their roots to be safe from the harm they claim has been happening to them . If one is really seeking a safe country they should be happy just to make it into Mexico for their safety instead of insisting they want to get into the United States illegally. Once they establish themselves in Mexico and prove that they are really people seeking to get away from harm and not just people wanting to come to America for work or welfare benefits and they still want to come here they can apply legally and take their place in the line of immigrants waiting to get in the legal way .

    • You’re absolutely right on sir! Your response should go viral! I read the same thing. Also I read that when migrants would come into Mexico, Mexicans would hand out flyers telling them about all the FREE SERVICES THEY COULD GETAND HOW TO GI ABOUT GETTING THEM!!!! Mexico also had nice shuttle buses to excite them to our borders! Then you had the Mexican President saying “AMERICA IS FOR IMMIGRANTS”! I answered that one with a reply YES WE ARE BUT ONLY LEGAL,LEGAL,once again LEGAL immigrants mr Mexican President! You want them keep them, but you’re not to ENCOURAGE THEM TO SNEAK IN USA! I hope this Mexico Prez keeps his word on helping cut down on the illegals. If the first time they screw up SLAP THE TARIFFS ON THEM!!! No second chance is deserved here on this critical matter.


  2. So we see the difference between President Trump and the rest of those do nothing politicians who call themselves leaders.

  3. If the 6000 Mexican National guard troops just throw the illegals a party and then stand aside while they swarm past them, what is the effect of an agreement.
    Simply sending troops to the border means absolutely nothing; the same as our own troops at our border -144,000 illegal aliens were still apprehended then set free in May alone! And that doesn’t include the number that simply walked across at some other unguarded point!
    How is that a deal for us???!!

    • The deal is our president is getting things done instead of sitting back and allowing others to dictate his every move. How about shutting up and wait for the report…
      Trump 2020!

    • These 6000 Mexican “troops” are coming from the (non-existent) Mexican National Guard. Maybe they could train with our US troops at the border to learn fence-painting skills

      • Tony Lopez actually crossed the border in 1836 with about 4 to 5 thousand troops in 3 different columns, along with a couple of thousand camp followers/foragers!!

        They came to stop illegal immigration too!

        I often wonder what happened to all those camp followers in April 1836?

        Ah, but it was the Yellow Rose of Texas that will forever be known for using her charms to stymie Tony’s efforts!!

  4. Alex, if the democrats would not stop his every move this would have been done two years ago, they do not want illegals out because that is their basis for reelection, unfortunately he still needs their approval on things they refuse to do so he has to go around them in his way to do it, and he accomplished his goal, Trump 2020!!!!!

  5. A fool for believing in a man who gets the job done, give me legitimate proof of what he has done wrong, here is a list of what he has done right:
    Trump signs measure aimed at Preventing Veteran Suicides
    Trump signs Major public lands Conservation bill into law
    Trump signs into law Genocide Prevention Act
    Trump signs legislation enhancing US Leadership in Indo Pacific region
    President Trump signs Ashanti Alert Act into law
    Trump Signs $867B Bipartisan Farm Bill with Welfare Reform Work Requirements

    Trump Policies Keep Economic Boom Going As Job Gains of 304000 Surpass Expectations
    Manufacturing Confidence at an ALL TIME HIGH
    Construction Jobs up more than 300K compared to last year

    Homeland Security
    ICE arrests 364 criminal aliens and immigration violators in enforcement surge
    US signs proclamation against Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting
    DHS is planning on denying green cards to legal immigrants if they receive federal or state aid
    ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California
    End of Year Report: Deportations up 40% – Historically Low Crossings

    These are only a few, go here and see some of the others, http://www.magapill.com/

    • I hope that everyone reads Terri’s post – Trump has done a lot more then she listed.. This is why we voted for him so he can make American Greater than before – TRUMP in 2020..

  6. Alright Mexico, let’s see you come through for us now. At least we aren’t alone on trying to protect borders any longer, but they need to work too even if it’s allowing the US to aid them at their border. Now we need to go after the incentives that we hand out to illegals over even our own people and this crisis will be over. It’s our absolute responsibility to take care of ourselves. America First.

    • To start with, I think the welfare roll should be check out to see what illegals are collecting welfare. All the ones they find should be deported. If they aren’t working then they should not be mooching off the taxpayers.

  7. It’s scary to think about where we would be today had Trump not been elected. I’m not sure we have ever had a politician work this hard for our country. While most are only interested in what benefits themselves, he has taken a break from his successful life to give back to the country that made it all possible. Perfect? No. But I’ll take Trump over any of these other so called public servants. It’s getting hard to keep track of all of his accomplishments.

  8. Trump’s platform in 2020; economic success, international respect, destroying ‘obimbo’s corrupt deep state, controlling illegal immigration, strong military, roll back of ‘obimbo’s’ communist agenda and love for America as founded. Democrap/socialist/liberal platform; hatred for Trump and all his supporters [56%] of Americans, give free stuff to losers, raise taxes to ‘redistribute YOUR’ wealth, bow down to globalist communists, attack Christians, kill babies.

    • David, when you call someone stupid you should specify who you’re talking about. For example, I am calling you (David) stupid.

      • That’s a good point. I am calling you (old blue ) stupid. David’s comment was great and quite accurate.

  9. We used to have a two party system in this country consisting of one labeled DEMOCRATS and the other REPUBLICAN. Now the two parts have become SOCIALISTS and RINOS which have, more or less, merged together to form the DEEP STATE.

    Enter a President, naive in the ways of “politics”, who actually believes that things are not right in this country and they need to be changed. The existing political machine doesn’t want anything to change. So the President attempts to do what he can to make things right without any support from Congress, activist judges and the media. If he were a “politician”, this would be a very discouraging situation. Than God he’s not.

  10. The U.S. needs to leave the threat of Tariffs in the forefront as Mexico has a history of reneging on their agreements and deals. Keep the date in place and do not hold back until the U.S. confirms progress in stemming the flow of migrants back to their country of origin. Mexico should also be vetting out overseas migration and identifying potential terrorists that are encroaching on U.S. soil.
    If it is found that Mexico is not acting in good faith, the Tariffs should be implemented immediately!

  11. Forget the tariff for now. Good idea for now. IF the troops down South don’t work, Mexico start building that wall. You refuse to build the wall a 10% tariff comes on ASAP. Wall work doesn’t start, double the tariff. Bet you MEXICO WILL BUILD A WALL.

  12. Absolutely Right on Target with Every Point. Thank You!! It’s Clear & Evident, 4 now, a Solid Decade+ of this Bs, whether it’s Refugees from a “Storm” or “Earthquake” or those from “War Torn” Areas, or All of the South American “Territories” Or…those from ALL of Africa!. We have Our Own Disasters, WE have Our Own War Torn Areas, 1 is Called, Chicago! Another is an Area of La! Others R in Detroit! NY! through out, Anywhere & Everywhere, the “Democrat Party” R In Control, there R Our Own Disasters. In Extreme Poverty, Daily Crimes & Shootings, Killings, Lawlessness & Great Need for All Legal US Citizens, but This Foolish Country, MY Own, Born & Raised, Dedicated 2 My Last breath & To My President & My Country, The Only “Great President” We’ve had in over 20+ Years. But, I’m Sick & Fed Up with seeing that Nothing has Changed, because “Politicians” R Always the Same. Lying, Conniving, Cheating, Hypocritical Pos who R In It For the $$$ the Bennies & the Power & Control Over the Masses”. The Dems have Imported Their Own. Why? 2 Totally “Replace” those of Us They know They Cannot Control. Nor “Count” on For Votes! So, They’ve Imported Their Own Now, for An Entire Decade+! Those They Can & Do “Control” & Can Easily Count On For Votes, because “They Sign Them Up” When they Receive All Their “Free A to Z! ” This has been an Ongoing Invasion for an Entire Decade+. These People, Criminals who’ve Come In, Been Let Go, because They Knew They “Could & Would Overwhelm Our System”. They Were “Coached On How To”, By the Left, Democrat, Liberal, Social “Justice Warriors”..Aka, The Resistance the Phonies, Hypocrites & Frauds, the Highly Paid, Operatives, Who Have made a Killing Off of Aiding In The Transformation of OUR Nation. Those They Coached, Came into Our Country, Only to be “Let Go, to Commit More Crimes”, Never to Return for Any Hearings! Illegally Stormed Our Borders, have Falsely, Made “Claims for Asylum” by Lying, Cheating & Stealing Their Way, Before.. They Ever Got Close to Our Borders, in their Own Countries. These R Those Countries, “Worst of Their Worst”. The Scammers, Thieves, Con Artists, Sexual Deviants, Kidnappers, Drug Dealing Criminals & Complete Thugs & Low Life, Who Set Out to Stake Their Claims on More for Free. Living Off of Other Fools For The Rest of Their Lives. Those “Fools R Us”! While Their “Masters” the Dem Party, Coach Them on How to “Fake It To Make It”! Just as Dems Stole the Midterms & Our House, with Those “Found As Needed, Ballots” with those Life Long, Criminals. With those, They’ve been Able to Continue Their “Insurance Policies,”Their Coup, Their Obstruction & The Complete Resistance, Deep State & Shadow Government Against, We the People & Our Legally Elected, President. Continuing To Bring Down Our Nation, Right b4 Our Eyes! We have People, Legal, Lawful Citizens, In “Their Own TRUE War Zones”. They Live On the Streets, They R the Real, “Hungry & Homeless” Across Our Entire Country, in Every Single State. While We Pay For & Care For, Every Month & Annually, by Spending Billions, No, Hundreds of BILLIONS For The Rest of Their Criminal, Lawless Lives, For Everything, while Our Own, Including Vets, who Fought For Our Country, Yet R a Huge Group of Our Homeless & Hungry & R those who R Sick In Every State of Our Country Yet R those the Dems Continue to Try 2 “Hide From Public View”, by “Relocating, Moving & Hiding” as Many as They Possibly Can, Especially during “Election Cycles!” But, Lying, Criminals & Refugees, like Omar & many even WORSE if U can Imagine, Along with at Least 30 Million+, Live Off of The $, the Housing, Medical,Transportation & Education, We Provide By a Constant “Reward” 2 Them 4 being, ” Lifelong, Criminals”. These Immigrants & Refugees, Unlike Millions of Legal Immigrants, these “Criminals R Rewarded”! All of “Them” & All Their “Kids” For Life! Yes, I Am Pissed. I’ve Seen My Country be Invaded, “Transformed” as Obum had the gall 2 Preach 2 Us, We Had 2 Do! While He Also Encouraged The EU & UK, 2 Do the Same! U think Their Lawful, Legal “Citizens” R Happy About that?? I’ll Tell U which 1’s R! Those who R Also, “Living Off of Their Gov.. Instead of “Working 4 Their Living”. This was Again, Evident, by those Liberal, Lefty Loons, Nut Jobs, who Came Out of Their “Gov. Paid 4 Housing”< or Their "Grandmothers & Parents" Attics, Basements or Garages..To Protest Our President, btw The Best We've Ever Had! Go President Trump! Millions of "Us!" R Just As Pissed as I Am! We'd Vote 4 You, No Matter What They Do, Say or Threaten! We R With You All the Way!

  13. The President has shown Mexico that the tariffs were a bluff-
    The Mexicans sent a “delegation”-2 days of talks and the President was declawed.

  14. The President Blinked? Have you ever heard the term you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip? How do you tax a welfare state when the only ones in your country making any money are foreigners (American Companies), Politicians and Drug Dealers/Cartels. I’m sure everyone also “Details of the agreement will be released by the state department shortly. Now, what kind of agreement do you think was reached? Every freeloading illegal we keep out of California saves us $53 k annually. So, let’s get this straight. California won’t be happy because that is their bread and butter, Mexico doesn’t give a damn whether they stay or go and our Country saves the money by not paying it to Mexico.


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