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Epic! Progressives Triggered In San Francisco


Will Johnson of Unite America First triggered some progressives on the streets of San Francisco while wearing his MAGA hat.

Madness ensued.

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  1. San Francisco was a chit hole back in 1970. There was a fairy on every street corner and the family of hippies that was watching me eat fried chicken ( I went back in the store and got them a bunch of it) They at least were normal. Guys that wanted to girls, sickening ! What I see on the news now, tells me it is a lot worse. That’s what they want in SF now. A pigsty, just like Democrats like it.

    • Glenn I came to the USA in 1960 and I lived in So.CA till 1975 and the rest of the time here in Northern CA San Jose. It was a great state way back than but you are right now and since approx the 90’s it has turned into a shit hole with all the problems well known thanks to the radical immoral bunch of nit wits Democrats. Flooded with illegals etc. People are moving out by the 100reds of thousands and I guess soon mostly illegals and all the other disgusting people will be left. I wonder who will be left to pay all the taxes and fees and high prices to provide the disgusting illegals and free loaders with all their freebies. Now it is worse than I have ever seen it here in my once great state.

  2. Maybe things were getting worse, decades ago, but it’s gotten so bad since Trump became president. I guess the evil ones, without souls, all crawled out from under their rocks so they could continually sting him. They need to destroy him so they can move forward with their agenda. For them to freak out over a “Make America Great Again” hat is just pure evil. Yet their favorite words are “f*** You” There really is no way to talk to these people. We are in a war of GOOD v EVIL! Without God, we will lose. All Christian’s.need to put on their armor, and fight in the Lord’s army. Pray for our POTUS that God might lead him to victory!

    • Only a fool would blame Trump. It’s the immoral liberals that have caused this and people like you brainless fools that keep voting for them are the true cause. Say good bye to our once great country. Have a MRI done please because you will find your brain is gone.

  3. Green New Deal, Climate Change or Global Warming have based all three topics upon a single element: CO2. We know, as any farmer will tell us, that CO2 is plant food. Plant life would perish if CO2 levels (today at roughly 400 molecules out of every million – ppm) dropped below 150ppm. 99% of earth’s atmosphere has two major elements: nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). Remaining (1%) are “trace gases:” Argon (0.93%) and CO2 (0.04%) and “other” (0.03%). There, that’s settled. Did you know the largest concentration of “vapor gas” in earth’s atmosphere is, YES!, VAPOR. WATER VAPOR. See, all three models omit the “real Culprit,” water vapor. Not one of the three models, contains “water vapor” measurements and ITS effect upon earth’s atmosphere. In other words, the warming effect of each molecule of CO2 decreases significantly (logarithmically) AS ITS CONCENTRATION INCREASES. WOW! The Green New Deal, Climate Change and Global Warming hawks are yelling about something every farmer knows to be beneficial…rising CO2 feeds plants. The Paris Climate Agreement omitted Water Vapor component affecting atmospheric changes. We know this from two sources: 1) Indirectly, from Ice Cores taken from Antartica and Greenland and 2) Direct measurements taken from Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, since 1958. In the first case, Ice Age, four Ice Ages had 190 ppm and one lower than 182 ppm. GLACIERS INCREASED and PLANT LIFE DECREASED. IN OTHER WORDS: CO2 LEVELS below 150 ppm, life on earth cannot exist. 140 million years of “hard” data document the fact that RISING CO2 levels are beneficial while FALLING CO2 levels are detrimental…today 2019, we are at roughly 400 ppm…and rising! This is good. 143 pages of “Inconvenient Facts (author: Gregory Wrightstone)” tell the truth. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128 (God’s Law). See, USA New Left Activists can’t begin to debate “reality.” But, ALL New Left Activists will obfuscate, hide and lie for their goals…just like Stalin did with Hitler…chopped up Poland, Hungary and Slavic countries.

    • Hitler, Stalin, Mao all murdered millions of their own citizens. The only people who want dictators in charge are those who believe they are the chosen ones and who will gladly goosestep the rest of us to the ovens or gulags, or simply line up dissenters against a wall and mow them down. Stalin killed Lenin! These morons don’t know history or understand how dictatorships work They either want to be enslaved or want to enslave us.

  4. Ahh. The left. Such a tolerant group. They are all for freedom of speech. As long as it is for them not you. How long before dems wake-up to the B.S. of the left? Seems they should have opened them a long time ago.

  5. Good article messup and for pointing out that every evil regime of the past has resisted the rule of law and the will of the people just like the democrat party regime and their fake news allies have resisted an elected president ever since Trump was declared the winner . The democrats along with their buddy’s in the news are pushing to overturn an election so it does mean they have their eyes on the prize and Hitler is their hero and the role model they plan for America .

  6. They’re calling the black guy a racist! Logic is absent during confrontations like this and resolves nothing. You have less than a 1-in-a-million chance of changing anyone’s mind. Besides, they’ve been brainwashed fn our leftist educational system for so long they have lost the ability to to think. Their best refutation seems to be F— Y–!

  7. I used to be a fairly calm guy… but …. I will wear my hat when and where I want. I have no problem telling some liberal pussy to shove it up their ass, “ bend over baby and I’ll nail you now with my foot!”, might be the only thrill they get for the day! In this case , in this case it would be her fat ass!

    Trump didn’t bring this on, many Americans are just nasty , spoiled brats and low- life’s! The only way they can feel good about theirselves is to put their misery on someone else! I’m done with all the nicely nice, assholes need a taste of their own medicine, when they receive it they whine and cry about their rights! Bet 99 percent have never served their country in the military and too pussy to ever do so.
    2020 is a fight for a normal America, if we let these bastard gain control we’ll go broke and have dictatorship socialism and communism! Hitler and Fiedel Castro were violent pigs and murders, even their own people! Sanders says they were such nice people! All this political shit stirs up war and death, veterans that served and friends that gave their lives to protect rights and freedom! Now have to hear abandon see these unAnerucan pieces of shit trying to tear dow the country! Build the Wall! You celebrity bitches need to stay out of politics and shut the hell up, non of you airheads served your country!


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