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No. 3 Dem Admits Impeachment Is About Politics, Not ‘What’s Right’


Despite Democrats’ like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s and Elizabeth Warren’s insistence that Democrats’ are duty-bound to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump, party leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have made it clear that, ultimately, whether they decide to impeach Trump or not will be a political calculation. Notably, Pelosi’s shift toward signaling an openness to impeachment coincided with polling data indicating that public support for such a move had increased.

On Sunday, Majority Whip James Clyburn became the latest member of the Democratic Party’s leadership to confirm that the party is simply waiting for polling data to indicate that a majority of the public supports impeachment – something that, in all likelihood, won’t happen – before moving ahead with their plans.

During an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House, said he believed that the Democrats would vote to impeach Trump “at some point,” but that Democrats must first succeed in building a case for impeachment and selling it to the public.

“What Nancy Pelosi is trying to do, and the rest of us in the House of Representatives, is developing a process to efficiently move on this issue so when we get to the vote, something she calls iron clad I call effective, that is why we are trying to take our time and do this right,” Clyburn said.

He added that House Democrats are not “particularly interested in the Senate,” but rather are waiting to “bring the public along.

“We do believe if we efficiently and effectively educate the public then we would have done our job and we can move on an impeachment vote,” Clyburn said.

Clyburn said that Mueller “has developed the grounds for impeachment,” but “the House has to determine the timing for impeachment, there’s a big difference.”


In other words: Impeachment was never about what’s right, or what’s legal – it’s about what’s politically feasible. Don’t forget that.

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  1. THE DEMON RATS will STOP USING the I WORD SOON AND START USING Trump CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION because their FOCUS GROUPS tells them it POLLS better. Just keep an eye on the MSM TALKING POINTS soon! The DNC is preparing the SCRIPS for their PROPAGANDA ARM NOW!!!!

  2. Evil people do evil things. Politics is politics.
    Obama wants America to become a Muslim nation. He hates Christians.
    He and all that follow him will get their due. Hell, fire and brimstone, that’s what all non believers will face. He heads up the line with Michell right behind him. He is working as hard as he can against America.
    If it’s bad, he’s behind it.

  3. It is the main stream media, more so than Democrat leaders, that keep the false narratives and rumors alive. This leads to half of the country being duped into thinking what they see on TV and read in newspapers to be true. The other half of the country are individual thinkers and do not share the mob mentality and investigate deeper into the subject. There will always be hate mongers like Waters, Hirono, Ohmar, Tlaib, Sharpton, etc., mindless followers like Stalwell and O’Rourke, and the leader (Pelosi) stooges like Schumer, Schiff, Nadler to add to the misconceptions and false presentations dictated by their agenda to disrupt the nation under the current President. Hopefully, good people of common sense and Christian values can see through this charade and make a difference at the polls. The Democratic party is a party of ‘Women’ and emasculated men. They rule by ‘feelings and woman instinct’ and not by practicality, common sense and logic. The men simply do their bidding, like ‘good men’ should. This is not to denigrate women for that is why we ‘love’ women. Just don’t give them a ‘Big Stick’…Am I wrong? Just look who speaks the loudest and angriest and is most volatile in the party and what party ‘Man’ dare to voice a logical opposition? It’s the women that drives impeachment and resistance, the single mindedness and determined, unrelenting drive to unseat, the ignoring of national and public interests in pursuit of the objective. The ‘gallant’ men simply follow and repeat as obedient men should.

    • Bet you don’t get by with that one….blaming women’s thinking. I’m a woman and I totally agree with you. I can never believe the reason some women choose a candidate. “He or she is FOR abortion” That’s a great reason to choose the leader of the free world, isn’t it? If he/she agrees that it’s right to murder a baby, VOTE FOR HIM/HER. Other reasons are equally ridiculous. We NEED a real leader to keep us safe and able to afford to live properly. Safety of the country comes first as without that we have nothing. We’re slowly losing our freedoms now. We NEED good, strong leaders. Not many of them around. We’re lucky to have one now. He must be doing something right, the Demo/Communists hate him.

  4. Impeachment is only about Politics. Democrats R desperate for a win in 2020 for the Presidency, they will say & do anything to keep Trump from Winning.
    Uncover these Treasonous rats in our Gov’t & Prosecute them to the Fullest Extent of the Law.

    Democrats R saying screw the Law, Screw the Truth, Screw Equal Justice & Screw the American people. They R Fanatically Intent on Removing Trump from Office by Any Means Necessary. This Threatens Justice for every American.

    They will continue w/ their Bogus Lies. Trump Syndrome has many side effects, just keep watching the Democrats. Talk about Deadly Diseases in our Country. This one is home grown. Time for the Truth & Reality to come out.

  5. Barr better not let those fools get away. Please God, give Barr the power to destroy the Democrats as fore they are treasonous to our country. Mueller, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, and make sure you destroy that fucking Obama Muslim. Expose him to rewrite our history to show what a ducking dipshit he really was.
    Trump, would you please enforce the immigration laws and and stop them at the border. Just do it!! Just tell the democrats that you are enforcing the laws and you don’t fricking care. Those of you who say that illegals have rights here like any other American are so totall screwed up in the head. And then it’s you Democrats are totally to blame. I am so full of hate for the way democrats think and do things.

  6. What losers these demoncrats are. The crooked lying britch they put up as their standard bearer was totally rejected and you can’t get over it….the FILTHY crunt lost GET OVER IT! And now you are playing the losing game, and it will be the demise of your phony political party which I used to belong to until I saw the light—years ago. Keep it up because you are the insurance that it will be TRUMP IN 2020!


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  8. I’d love to see a million plus bikers roll on DC if the democraps & rinocraps try impeachment. I hope real American patriots find their way to DC to join with the bikers. First order of business would be to get these so called people’s representatives and ride them out of town on a rail, tar & feathers may be a bit extreme.
    All because they didn’t win the WH, an outsider won, someone who loves this country and didn’t like the way things were going. As it turns out, President Trump was/ is right. I can’t believe how corrupt our government is. I’m not surprised of the spying on DJTs campaign, look how BHO used the IRS against the tea party groups, and other alphabet agencies against business and citizens.
    Anyone else ever notice that when the democraps lose they find a way to change the rules, or happen to find votes in a car trunk / closet to change the outcome? Bunch of sore losers. Most of them probably got participation trophies as children .

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