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More Footage Discovered From Bernie Sanders’ 1988 ‘Honeymoon’ In The USSR


Politico has viewed three-and-a-half hours of footage from Bernie and Jane Sanders’ 1988 ‘honeymoon’ to the Soviet Union, and judging by their description, it looks like the footage might make it difficult for Sanders to distance himself from his support for Communist regimes both the USSR and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, where he also visited.

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In the footage, Sanders, often seated under or near portraits of Vladimir Lenin, would extol the virtues of Soviet life.

The hours of footage include a scene of Sanders sitting with his delegation at a table under a portrait of Vladimir Lenin. Sanders can also be heard extolling the virtues of Soviet life and culture, even as he acknowledges some of their shortcomings. There are flashes of humor, too, such as his host warning the American guests not to cross the KGB, or else.

Sanders and his entourage visited three cities, Yaroslavl, Moscow and Leningrad as they worked to establish a ‘sister city’-type relationship between Yaroslavl and Burlington. The trip happened in 1988, as Sanders was nearing the end of his second term as Burlington’s mayor.

The video also paints a fuller picture of why Sanders ventured to the land of America’s No. 1 enemy in the midst of the Cold War, the anti-war idealism that fueled his journey, and what he found when he got there.

Over the course of 10 days, Sanders, who was then the mayor of Burlington, and his dozen-member delegation traveled to three cities: Moscow, Yaroslavl and Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg. Their goal was to establish a “sister city” relationship with Yaroslavl, a community along the Volga River home to about 500,000 people. At the time, the Soviet Union was beginning to open itself to the world, if only slightly — and Sanders was a self-described socialist with an unusually large interest in foreign affairs for a mayor.

“It wasn’t as outlandish as it looks in the pictures,” William Pomeranz, the deputy director of the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute, said after hearing a description of the footage. “It’s the height of Glasnost and Perestroika, where there are genuine efforts by Americans to reach out to Soviet cities and try to establish these relationships.”

One of the Sanders’ handlers at one point jokingly warns them to behave or face exile to Siberia, as Sanders discussed his efforts to establish more Russian language programs in Vermont schools.

Later, he tells a Russian man, “I’m not very happy about this, but there are not many people in the state of Vermont who speak Russian. In fact, one of the things that we want to do is to see if we can develop a Russian studies program in our high school.”

At another point, one of Sanders’ hosts jokingly warns the delegation to not upset the KGB: “Those who don’t behave move to Siberia from here.”

At one point in the footage, Sanders acknowledges that the quality of the housing stock in the US was superior to that in the Soviet Union, after visiting some shabby Moscow apartments.

“It’s important to try to translate this,” he says. “In America, in general, the housing is better than in the Soviet Union.”

At one point, Sanders acknowledged other shortcomings of Soviet Society and said he was impressed with how the Soviets handled these discussions.

At the same time, they admit the poor choices of available food. Sanders says he was impressed by the beauty of the city and Soviet officials’ willingness “to acknowledge many of the problems that they had.”

“They’re proud of the fact that their health care system is free,” he says, but concede that the medical technology is far behind that of the United States.

Of course, the Soviets were known for showing their foreign guests only the best side of Soviet life, feeding them delicious food and allowing them to visit only the most well-apportioned subway stations.


Some of the footage from the trip has already been released, including a scene where Sanders and the other guests drunkenly sing “This Land Was Made For You And Me”. But the rest of the footage described by Politico remains viewable only in the Chittenden County’s local TV station.

As Politico explains, the footage could become a problem for Sanders as Democratic Primary voters worry about the footage being used by Republicans in attack ads.

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  1. Bernie is a college student who has matured only physically.
    A roommate of mine in university sounded just like Bernie and 15 years later he was hired by the same company I worked for eventually fighting for “the little guy” leading to striking the manager and being fired.
    This passion of his is intellectualized foolishness. Taught at the highest level begetting intellectual fools.
    The first decade after school was a transition from ideology to reality and I thank God for the humility to let that leftist mantra bleed from my system.

  2. You notice he didn’t stay in that workers paradise………..now that I thinl about, he DOES look like Maynard from the old Dobbie Gilles show. Whenever anyone said ”work” Maynard’s eyes would get very big and he’d ”WORK!”.

  3. Bernie is just another Fucking idiot. Same as Gorilla face Maxine Waters, Fake Fucking Preachers. Al SHARPTON and Jesse Jackson. Along with Pocahontas Warren, Spartacus Corey Booker, and Whore Nigger Slut, Cumala Harris. I say let’s HANG EM ALL 1 BIG LYNCHING PARTY.

  4. Historical facts concerning the rise and fall of political systems, civilizations and the inept who reign over their decline, always show the surviving supporters to be just as inept and ignorant.

    • Vermont feds declined to charge her.
      Their spokesperson said she did nothing wrong, the feds didn’t comment.
      Their new vacation place is on the same lake (Champlain) that 10 MILLION deal-gone-wrong happened.
      Well, isn’t that something…

  5. About time someone pointed out where comrade sanders beliefs truly are, and the communist he really is.
    Odd he’d say, “housing and the food is mediocre, but we LOVE the free healthcare.”
    “We’ll see if we can develop a Russian studies program in our high schools.”
    Who but a true tovarishch would vacation in Russia and Nicaragua in the first place.
    – But the kids think he’s jesus himself, and the ultra liberal left is so used to all the “freebies” and “entitlement” programs in their cities, that he’s their popular choice.

  6. I can’t believe VT voted this guy in for so long! What is wrong with people? The indoctrination MUST be stopped or we’ll be going down a road nobody wants to travel.

    • VT is a liberal state because over 50% of its inhabitants are from out-of-state. Of the native Vermonters, the educated ones suffer from white guilt. Because I once had a house there and still have friends in VT, I’ve visited regularly since the 1980’s and have witnessed the changes for the worse. Once having contemplated retiring to VT, I no longer will. If I wanted crime, drugs, unassimilated immigrants, I’ll just stay in NYC.

  7. Typical socialist, taking a “honeymoon” to Russia, but having the taxpayers of Burlington pick up the tab! Isn’t that the leftists’ way, to use “OPM”, other people’s money, to do the things they want to do?

  8. He is one sick puppy. If he likes it that much over there why not sent those commies over there. The best thing the people of Vermont could do for this. Country. God Bless America

    • He’s a hypocrite. What kind of communist has 3 houses and a fancy car? He’s admitted himself he’s a millionaire and likes being rich. Sick of looking at his old angry accusatory face.

  9. I find it hilarious when guys like this are paraded around, supposedly showing the norm of the soviets, when they’re experiencing the best of what only those at the top experience! Just like when someone famous go over to North Korea to see what’s going on, an it looks totally normal, everything’s awesome, they’re treated like royalty… and they foolishly think that they’re seeing that country for real, for what it is, when they’re simply getting hoodwinked, and they, thinking they know best, and are experiencing what is available to everyone else… they’re f’ing hypocrites! Hellooo! Chernobyl!! We’ve already seen that North Korea has awesome looking grocery stores… for the cameras… that are not allowed to sell to the public! They’re only there for show! And they believe that their five star accommodations are available to the public as well. Just like Bernie, they’re all so damned stupid!!! And socialism has NEVER worked! If it did, we’d be seeing instances of it today! Problem is, in order to get socialism to work, you have to force also those who don’t want to, because everyone has to be on board and participating. Not only that, you think that owners of businesses are just going to suddenly hand over ownership so that everyone can benefit from their hard work and innovation? Not only that, those at the top will always benefit the most, they will never simply be fine with just the small share they get. In the end, they have to go for the guns, because otherwise, there would be a revolution, half the population is going to say, F this! Probably more. And then when you talk about a rocket scientists earning the same amount as a burger flipper, where’s the incentive to do anything? China is somewhat successful in their regime today, but once again, it’s because it’s communism, the populace is completely controlled and told what to do. If you’re a fan of that type of culture, feel free to depart this country, and go live there. Leave the rest of us alone… and free!

  10. So amazing when you give up your freedom and turn over all decisions to government bureaucrats. Wonder why no mention of the Gulags and citizens killed and tortured by Stalin to achieve his Utopian goals?

  11. New evidence has been found…in that Former FBI Director James Comey in an older television interview admitted that he was a “communist”…this was long before he worked his way up into the number one position as director of the FBI…The question now remains since Comey and Mueller were the best of friends and family is it also possible Mueller was a “communist” as well?…That being said then neither one of these persons are true Republicans as they claim to be…they are basically loyal only to the “deep state” which they are now serving…they have weaponized their agencies for their own political purposes…they have instilled their communistic ideals of a New World Order of which they the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA will be in total control of presenting disinformation in an effort to brain wash the minds of the American people….”We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American Public believes is false”…William Casey, Director CIA 1981-1987


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