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Obama’s Top FBI Lawyer Distances Himself From Steele Dossier As DOJ Investigation Looms


James Baker – the Obama FBI’s top attorney (general counsel) said on Friday that he was skeptical about the Steele dossier, and “concerned” about its veracity when the agency received it prior to the 2016 US election, according to the Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross.

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It was more information that we viewed, that I viewed, skeptically from the outset, and I was concerned about it and had a jaundiced eye, or looked at it with a jaundiced eye right from the outset,” Baker told MSNBC‘s Chuck Todd, adding “Steele was and had been a source that we thought was reliable. He’s reporting all this information. It looks alarming. We took it seriously, but we tried to vet it.

The dossier – a collection of memos compiled by an ex-British spy funded by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the DNC – was used by the FBI to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Steele alleged that Page provided the Trump campaign a Kremlin backchannel during the election.

Baker also told Todd that he thinks the FISA warrants against Page would have been granted without the dossier, and took a pregnant pause when asked if the dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants on other people – saying “I don’t think I should comment on that, I’m not sure what else the government has confirmed,” and adding “I don’t want to confirm or deny anything about other potential FISA applications.


Meanwhile, Obama’s former intel chiefs are at odds over who exactly pushed the dossier.

According to Fox Newsan email chain exists which indicates that Comey told bureau subordinates that Brennan insisted on the dossier’s inclusion in the intelligence community assessment (ICA) on Russian interference. Also interesting is that the dossier was referred to as “crown material” in the emails – a possible reference to the fact that Steele is a former British spy.

In a statement to Fox, however, a former CIA official “put the blame squarely on Comey.” 

Comey, meanwhile, has attacked Attorney General William Barr for investigating him, tweeting on Friday “The AG should stop sliming his own Department.  If there are bad facts, show us, or search for them professionally and then tell us what you found.”

Barr, has launched a wide-ranging investigation into FBI conduct during the 2016 election, making him public enemy #1 to the left. In a Friday interview with Fox News, Barr said that the use of the Steele Dossier in the FISA warrant was a “very unusual situation,” especially one “that on its face had a number of clear mistakes and a somewhat jejue analysis. And to use that to conduct counterintelligence against the American political campaign would be a strange development.”

James Baker, meanwhile, told Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes last week that he’s ‘nervous’ about the DOJ Inspector General’s ongoing investigation into FBI/DOJ conduct surrounding the 2016 election.

Baker made clear that he wanted to speak “as openly as I possibly can” about the origin of the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump – “to reassure the American people that it was done for lawful, legitimate reasons, and was apolitical,” according to the Washington Examiner‘s Jerry Dunleavy.

Things are getting hot in DC and it’s only May…

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    • You said it. Many Trump supporters went bankrupt during Mueller investigation but nothing came out of it and now, let us reverse the situation… people who really are corrupt trying to ruin the Trump administration should be fully investigated and sent to jail if found guilty….after they spent their whole savings trying to defend themselves. They ruined General Flynn and now it is their turn.

  1. The rats are starting the leave the ship of the criminal and ILLEGAL obama administration ! Slowly but surely the truth is coming out ! As the saying goes ” You can run but you cannot hide from the Truth” !

  2. The entire administration of the past 8 years needs to be put on trial so the whole world will know how corrupt Obama and his entourage were. These traitors went after President TRUMP because they knew he could not be bought and he truly cares for his country. They want to destroy him and his family at any cost along with the help of the leftist news media. And now after all this shit the Demobums want to nominate the idiot and extremely low IQ moron Biden to lead this nation. I ask myself is this great country that desperate to elect yet again the traitors of the past 8 years?? How much did his drug addicted son make out of Ukraine and China with the help of his old and ignoramus daddy!!–GOD HELP THIS NATION IF HE IS ELECTED!!

    • He doesn’t stand a chance against President Trump. The President took on a lot of people plus the media and still knocked them all out and to this day his crowds are still 30000 plus strong. He will get 125.000.000 million votes in 2020

  3. Mr. Comey, sir, You, from the start already Slimmed The FBI and The DOJ, by going along with Mrs. HRC and The DNC in pushing That Fabricated Bunch of Lies = The Steele Dossier! You need to either suture or Duck Tape Your Pie Hole And Face The US Constitutional Music, you and Mrs. HRC and The DNC Have Been Weighed, Have Been Measured And Have Been Found Wanting = GUILTY!!!

  4. I would LOVE to see HildaBitch hanging high with those kankles justa kicking at the end of a short rope! That’s what the treasonous skank deserves!! AAAA, what a wonderful dream!!

  5. Baker says he “doubted the dossier’s veracity from the beginning”?! Funny, I never heard any reports of you saying so over the last two plus years! Baker almost certainly had a hand in cooking the entire phony “dossier” strategy up, along with obama’s friends in the Kremlin.

  6. At this point ALL of those involved were either complicit or totally unaware of what was going on right under their noses (totally stupid). Take your pick.

  7. None of the politicians like Trump. Why? Because he’s an outsider and will not go along with all the BS that the politicians concoct when they are not in public view. They are all corrupt and when in the public eye they act like they are against each other. When no cameras are around they huddle together and discuss their wealth and how to stay elected. Trump stopped all that. This, they all hate him. The media is obviously complicit in all this also. Trump better get re-elected as I hope the American people are not stupid and vote for any demobrat.

  8. All the rats are scurrying. Like the rats that they are. Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strock, Baker, Obama, Hillary…

  9. Truly amazing how all the slime have the same story it is a shame they did not have the story 2+ years ago when the story was invented created by the slime that was Obama and his departments of government created by the swamp and the politicians the swore vengeance on the man that defeated Hillary

  10. But of course he is jumping ship! The rats always jump ship when the ships going down. Never fails the big rats always jump first!
    It’s amazing if the tables were reversed the corrupt Democrats would have Republicans either already in prison or served the death penalty!
    For some unseen reason the corrupt investigators are left in place to create more havoc and escape being convicted of their known corrupt efforts in the known coup of over throwing our President!
    To keep on keeping on. I am sure it’s at the continued expense of tax payers! Additionally the cost of horrific amounts of money being wasted on the crap hole border problem. Taxpayers money has been robbed from us for decades. But never spent to fund those that worked hard and with every pay check was forced to pay into systems they would never be benefitted from. Instead trillions so freely given away to those that do not deserve. Illegals, bailouts, lran and every Muslim country. The list goes on and on. It continues to date.
    A person was planted in the highest office in our Country that there is no proof whatsoever as to his true identity.. He was NEVER properly vetted to even run for president!. Rules state candidates must send the required documentation to the Secretary of State in the 50 States. It is the job of that Secretary of State to validate the documentation in properly vetting candidates. Then the name can appear on the ballot.
    However this poser Obama paid millions to OBSTRUCT HIS TRUE INDENTITY FROM THE SECRETARY OF EACH STATE.
    INSTEAD Nancy Pelosi and her now known corrupt DNC took the job from the offices of each 50 Secretary of State assumed this self elected authority to properly vet candidate poser Obama with out the proper documentation to validate him.
    Then without properly vetting poser Obama Dirty Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt DNC sent a “letter to all 50 Secretary of State stating they vetted the candidate. Letter did not include the required documentation but for some unknown reason none denied the letter. None reached back demanding the required documentation. None denied the letter stating outside sources are not allowed according to the rules to vet a candidate.
    Oddly the ineligible vetting letters were taken at face value. Going against all the rules for this candidate only allowing a complete stranger run for President!
    Additionally to further obstruct his identity he knowingly uses another man’s Social security number! If sact he has used several others numbers in the past. He attended a very radical Ameri cc an hating church to obstruct his Muslim cult. This so he could deceive and be called a ‘Christian!
    With all this it’s clear this poser Obama the Muslim was a shoe in allowing this Muslim to be planted in the Whitehouse. He was slick enough to know it was too soon for a Muslim to be voted in office on the heels of 911 so the fake Christian vein was created. It’s all within the teachings of the Qu’ran. To lie, cheat, distort, deceive, infiltrate and any trick to ensure Sharia Law is ushered in. Islam you will convert or be put to death says the Qu’ran. No exceptions. Read it your self. I have. Freighting. Complete world domination is their agenda. They are taught to say and do anything to gain trust and control. Sound familiar?
    To create non stop havoc sounding familiar? Once the corrupt obstructed poser was planted and it stuck the gates were wide open for others to be allowed to slide in like say Omar a known Muslim, Talib butt buddy to Omar and Muslim as well. Harris makes a threefer! To round out th master of crapola Kotex Coetez! These American hating Muslims are being groomed. If Americans dont wake up one of these will be the “wrap” plant president that will take America down.
    Sounds awful! But its been done once who is Obama? Where was he born? Why did his cousin say he was Kenyan born the night he was “elected”????
    Americans should be demanding the answers to the two questions! And never allow another to run for office again without being properly vetted and the required documentation validated properly and not by corrupt outside ineligible sources.
    Think people what does he have that warrants the flat out known obstructions n HE paid for???
    MAGA 2020 and beyond!

    • Amen. His own brother also confirms his birthplace as Kenya. Corrupt Obummer—born in Kenya and lied his sorry self all the way to the White House!!!! Way to go Barry baby!!!!


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