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CNN: Flynn Contacted Mueller Critic in Congress


President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn — while he was cooperating with Robert Mueller — contacted at least one member of Congress who was a critic of the special counsel, CNN reported.

Flynn tweeted direct messages to Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., encouraging him to “keep the pressure on,” CNN reported. 

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“You stay on top of what you’re doing. Your leadership is so vital for our country now. Keep the pressure on,” Flynn wrote in an April 3, 2018 message to Gaetz, which CNN said it had obtained.

That evening, Gaetz appeared on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” where he blasted the Justice Department.

“We’ve got to play a far stronger role in exposing the hypocrisy at the Department of Justice,” Gaetz said in that interview, The Hill reported.

“With no evidence of collusion, with no evidence of any crime whatsoever, they unleashed Bob Mueller to go investigate things that happened before Donald Trump was even contemplating running for president.” 

Flynn also messaged Gaetz last February GIFs of a bald eagle and an American flag without any text, according to CNN. 

Gaetz confirmed to the news outlet that he’d gotten messages but did not respond, adding he didn’t have a prior relationship with Flynn.?

Mueller’s report did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump illegally obstructed justice, but he did examine nearly a dozen episodes for potential obstruction, including efforts by the president to discourage cooperation.

The report reveals that after Flynn began cooperating with the government, an unidentified Trump lawyer left a message with Flynn’s attorneys reminding them that the president still had warm feelings for Flynn and asking for a “heads-up” if Flynn knew damaging information about the president.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  1. Gen Flynn you paid a high price for your loyalty to President Trump. But President Trump is the first President since Reagan and before that JFK with complete loyalty to America and of course JFK paid the ultimate price from the socialists. The socialists today represent the rebirth of Adolph Hitler and Nazism. I know you have paid a heavy price already but protecting America as in the military often calls for the ultimate price. We must protect President Trump at all costs so he can complete his mission to weed out the deep state and finally save America.

  2. Président Trump is our only hope to clean house.
    I pray that all Evil gets arrested and go to orison..
    Too many Venomous Snakes in Washington and other states, swirl in the same pool. Burn them all at once.
    The Good Shall Prevail.

  3. “Potential obstruction of justice”? What is next? “May have contemplated obstruction of justice”? Presumably a retroactive law against whatever it is will have to be passed to finally justify the utterly hopeless and futile waste of time and money of which Congress has been guilty.

  4. Apparently contacting a congressman while under investigation is being considered, what?, obstruction? Next will be individuals contacting their congressman to oppose or promote some aspect of a bill or law that may effect their lives as they see it? they will be obstructing some form of justice as perceived by the democratic congress or senate. Such as the families contacting their congressman to request POTUS to intervene in a case that, for all practical purposes, is providing a narrative that places an individual in a position of public demonization and / or liability falsely.


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