Home Politics Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump Immigration Plan ‘Very Racist’

Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump Immigration Plan ‘Very Racist’


President Donald Trump is using immigration reform to “promote himself in a campaign” and that comes off as “very racist” to Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

“There should be comprehensive immigration reform and not immigration reform based on exciting and inciting those people who have negative thoughts about others coming across our border, and basically working to use that information to promote himself in a campaign,” Waters told CNN’s “New Day” host John Berman on Friday. “And I think some of that is very racist.

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“It is not keeping with what this country is supposed to be all about. It is not what our Statue of Liberty portends.”

Berman then asked Rep. Waters to specify what aspects of President Trump’s merit-base immigration proposal is “racist” in her view.

“This business about you must speak English, or we’re going to give you points for speaking English, and we don’t want poor people – we only want those people who are earning substantial wages already,” she responded. “All of those things are not keeping in step with the way that we treat human beings and even the fact – you know he used to talk about chain migration – when you were able to help others in the family come.

“He’s going to limit that, and I think that some of those policies are racist.”

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    • Waters is a greasy old turd 💩 who just hates President Trump no matter what he might propose to do that is any way favorable to the United States. If in fact we as a nation are going to be forced to allow individuals from other countries into our country, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving points to anyone that brings a sound skill set or business acumen that in-hanses our country. The turd 💩Waters hates that idea because, if the people that come here aren’t dirt poor they won’t need to live off the dole, which means they won’t need the Democrats to shove a ton of free aid and services so they can garner their votes by promoting the “free stuff” giveaway!
      The more individuals that come here with something more to offer than just a handout, it will end up being less of a detriment to the taxpayers of this country…..The Democrats historically don’t give a damn about how much it costs our nation or the people in it as long as they can buy the votes from whomever, so they can maintain political power to keep doing the same thing over and over under the guise of, “they care so much more about the poor”, (as long as they have the political power to propagate that myth)!!

    • Maxine is trying to be famous, by letting the Illegals come to America…She doesn’t care what to America at all..She is a racist and UnAmerican…

  1. How would Maxine Waters have any idea what is good for America? She has no clue except for fraud and making her daughter wealthy along with herself. That too is racism, because she doesn’t share with White people. Hows that for ya Maxine?

  2. Enough is enough we cannot keep supporting the world. If they can support themselves and are coming here to help the US then that is fine if not, Build their own country and stop depending on other countries.

  3. Calling someone a ‘racist’ indicates they are prejudice a particular race, in opposing illegal immigration, which race is being discriminated against?? This is similar to the so called ‘Muslim Ban’ when he wished to stop immigration from specific countries (everyone in those countries) which still left many majority Muslim countries to come here. It seems Democrats are long on emotional verbiage and short on actual facts.

  4. “A racist is this:noun
    a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one’s own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
    of or like racists or racism: racist policies; racist attitudes. ”
    Does this not describe perfectly Maxine Waters and all of the Black caucus to a tee? Most of the college brainwashing teaches this horrid lie. Without White Christians from America an England the Democrats would still own slaves.”A Democratic Inconvenient Truth” -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_a7dQXilCo

  5. Why yes Maxinsane Waters, you like foreign LOSERS you take them to your mansion and pay all their expenses. WE want people that will contribute to the country, not leech it dry like YOU do.
    What a POS you are.

  6. Since the Invaders are from Mexico and south, what do you expect?
    Not counting the terrorists with the nuke.

  7. Maxine Waters was brought up a racist and has expanded bigoted racism to all walks of life in the United States, and the world she lives in. In the process, she is destroying her own racial heritage!

  8. It it NOT our responsibility to allow any and everyone into our country! If we do that we are saying come on in the working people of America will support you. You DO NOT HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE!

  9. Maxine has the iq of a two year old, the only reason she gets elected is because the people who vote for her also has a iq of a two year old.

  10. I pray all these idiots would leave or be departed and live in these countries they love so much.America can not fall right nowTYhery want to start another revolution any way can cause they are delusion in thinking they have all they power.In reality they have none.the great decieveris controlling them.He is also known as satan,devil.

  11. What is interesting is the fact that President Trump has proposed several plans to fix our broken immigration system that the democrats have soundly denounced; but they have not proposed anything towards fixing immigration issues and want to remain status quo. Well folks, status quo ain’t working. The numbers that are entering our country from the southern border are staggering. If it continues at this rate, we will be overrun with people that are feeding out of the public trough having NEVER contributed one red cent to it. Time to cut off all this free stuff which makes them want to come here. Personally, I’m tired of paying for it. I worked over 50 years and contributed every year. Now I’m in danger of losing the benefits I paid for and it’s starting to piss me off. Send ’em all back.

  12. Howww can Anyy White person in this country NOT be sick to death of this Racism BS!!???? If a black like maxinsane goes out in the rain,She Blames getting Wet on Racism!Does she do ANYTHING to Improve this coountry at ALL(that she gets Paid for)???? Or does she get paid Only to try an get the potus impeached??It is BEYOND me how ANYBODY can vote for a party with walking sewers like This insect in it(And their All like her!)Biden is ahead of Trump in the polls in penn.Why Would Anyone want the WORST potus in Historys Vice president TO BE potus!???EVerythings Better Now with Trump,And you WANT to go BACK to THAT S…!!????Why not buy your classic Dream car(Trump)Enjoy it for 4 years,Then just pour a bag of sugar in the gas tank(biden)????I always hear people being interviewed on FOX say the American people arent stupid….BS their not,Half of this country are uninformed Morons!!Dont believe me??Look how many vote democrat(WRONG side of EVERYTHING!!) Semper Fi

  13. Yes, yes ,yes, Trump is a racist, Melania is a racist, the AG is a racist, Pence is a racist, Hannity is a racist all Republican supporters are racists, the hole world is a racist except Maxims and her gang, they are perfect , I dont know ehat woukd it be of humanity if it wasnt for her Pelosi. Schiff, Shumer and the rest of the demrats…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Maxim put back the money you stole from the midterm elections to give to your beloved daughter and stop talking shit.🤔🤔🤔

  14. I don’ usually reply to people like her in a extremely negative way as follows. BUT I am, as I’m sure others are, SO DAM TIRED OF THIS NIGGER BITCH RUNNING HER MOUTH ABOUT HOW ANYTHING WHITE IS A RACIST ISSUE. She is a racist bar none. Many black people are wonderful people to know and care about and are a pleasure to know and work with an work for. But I have had it with her.

  15. And the problem with blacks is that their culture sucks!!! Look how they raise their own. And they are the most violent race. They love to kill their own kind (Chicago) and almost all violent crimes against whites are from blacks, that 3 1/2 % of the black male from the age of 13 to 49 years old.

  16. To set the record straight, I hate all pieces of shit of any race!!! And Love all the good ones!! Just too many pieces of shit in this country and the world.

  17. Just Trying to watch bidens speech in penn..CANT Take ANYMOREEE!!Everything he says is OPPOSITE of Who hes talking about!!???obama was a Great potus! Are you KIDDING me!???obama was a Great UNITER???Trump is the Threat to America??If the DEMS have their way<They Will destroy America!All they have is CONTEMPT for this country!!Trump is a Racist Hater??All he does is Praise blacks!Did the prison reform!Record LOW Black unemployment!Hes Against ILLegal imm.And THAT makes him Hate hispanics!obama was in a Racist "Church"for 20 years(but Thats ok)ANYTHING he did was"ok"Threw cops under the bus in EVERY instance!What an Insane,Parody,Upside down country we live in.Hard to take the Bullshit from these cockroaches UGHH!

  18. From criminal max, that’s just too much! And half of what she said isn’t what Trump said anyway. She is one of the most illiterate and loudmouth criminals in the Dem party!

  19. I can’t help but wonder if her constituents ever get tired of her her shooting off her big mouth just to hear herself talk. If I were her I would be worried about what the Feds are going to find when they get into her campaign finance misuses.

  20. To become a citizen legally, the individual MUST SPEAK ENGLISH, MUST PASS A USA CIVICS EXAM, MUST BE EMPLOYABLE. Those are required in accordance with the immigration and naturalization rules for citizenship. I have worked with East Indians, Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, Pakistani, Honduran, El Salvadoran. Iranian and South African personnel that received their citizenship legally, They all stated they needed to speak English as part of the requirements and many interviews. So requiring all legal applicants to speak English is OK, just not illegal Mexican and Central Americans? That would be Racist?

  21. I hear what you say, but I do not understand what you mean. Please explain what you mean by racist. Is your idea of racism compatible with the Right to Freedom of Association, which is the flip side of the Right to Dis-association? If I do not want to associate with you for whatever reason, how is that wrong? As long as I do not engage in or incite physical violence against you, why is being racist wrong? Am I not allowed to have preferences? Am I not allowed to have freedom? Also, as a sovereign country, please explain why it is wrong to have a preference for immigrants who have abilities that can fill our shortage of skilled labor in the U.S. This is a real problem because most college graduates are deficient in skills that businesses and corporations need. Why is it wrong for us to have a preference for immigrants who already possess needed skills? I do not understand your position. Please explain.

  22. You Dont Need to hear her explain my friend,Idiots like her(and All dems and the left)Are like debating a 5 y/o on why its dangerous to play in the street,No Matter What Common sense FACTS you give,they will say, No its not omg.I gave up debating Morons a Long time ago,Im not ready for my head to explode yet!;)Semper Fi


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