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CNN & MSNBC Caught Meddling In US Democracy


Authored by Joe Giambrone via Off-Guardian.org,

The bias is clearly to attack Bernie Sanders, the actual front runner, and prop up establishment hawk (and hack) Joe “Creepy Uncle” Biden.

CNN rigged a poll to censor out nearly everyone under 45 years of age. Based on this nonsensical false sampling they claim Biden is now in the lead.

MSNBC was caught making up false numbers to report, increasing Biden from an actual 25% approval to a magical 28%, just enough to edge out Bernie Sanders. But this is a fraud, deliberate journalistic malfeasance at the highest levels. How could such a thing happen?

How could it not? Comcast owns NBC.

Comcast executive to host Joe Biden fundraiser”
CBS News 24/04/19

MSNBC is also that bastion of journalistic integrity that hired an exposed CIA mole, Ken Dilanian, to feed its viewers propaganda about “national security.”

MSNBC also made hysterical, highly dangerous, and false claims about the Russians’ ability and intention to shut down America’s electrical grid, a completely false story that was retracted as soon as it went out by the Washington Post. This kind of unhinged war propaganda could lead the world straight to Armageddon.

Now, the parties truly “meddling in America’s democracy” should be very clear, although I can only scratch the surface here concerning the long history of media corruption and outright lies broadcast all the time.

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    • SO 6 more years of Donald. Then 8 more years of Donald Jr. Then 8 years of Ivanka Trump, then 8 years of Eric trump and By Then * years of BARRON TRUMP! so 38 more years of a booming economy, 9 all Conservative Judges, All Conservative 9th district court judges, by then everyone in AMERICA will be wearing MAGA hats! lol

    • Do you have these delusions very often, a**-kissing Trumpie. Trump will lose every state. We patriots and Christians will vote out this treasonous, corrupt, demented wannabe dictator.

      • Sara are you still here? What kind of Patriotic Christian believes in Open Borders and Abortions? Patriotic Christians are not Democrats or Socialist. They are Unpatriotic Atheists and you are among them.

  1. What amazes me is Bernie Sander’s popularity among the youth. This guy skews facts and has crazy unworkable ideas. Maybe the youth want everything free but guess what?; It isn’t and they will realize it when they begin paying the taxes under this man.

    • actually, he does not skew any facts, he just has some cures for our problems that sound impossible. The youth want personal identity back in society. not 1950 mentality. not modern slavery, not to live in debt. I think their wants are valid, enough of the hate and obstruction we have today, it is toxic. Increased taxes will be far less than we pay today for insurance and education, and every voter will have a voice. Thanks to Bernie, we are rid of super delegates. Fair trade is better than Tariffs wielded by a vengeful idiot.

  2. Nobody believes anything CNN or MSNBC puts out anymore and after 2016 polls showing Hilary ahead by a landslide nobody believes any polls anymore and this is the reason. Fake News CNN and MSNBC have been pulling these kinds of stunts for years. Ratings show nobody watches them anymore too.

    • she WAS ahead by 3 million votes- where were you? This time 16 states are giving their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote. More states will join in. That mistake will not happen again

      • Most of her majority vote came from CA and NY due to their greater populations, this is why the electoral college was put in place to begin with. I guess you are saying that people do not have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice. You’re saying that even if Pres. Trump wins the majority of the popular vote in the aforementioned states, that the state government doesn’t have to abide by the will of the people, but merely the will of the politicians. Doesn’t that go against the ‘majority rule’ you’re spouting about??. The most populous states are not supposed to rule the country, we are a country of 50 states all of whom have a voice in how the country is run.

        • And don’t forget, both states registered illegal aliens to vote.


  3. The DNC did not learn their lesson. Bernie is genuine, Biden, tho likable and a good person, has some bad baggage. Women are coming out this time thanks to draconian R legislation, and Biden has not such good sway with women. Bernie is now known by all partys and is strong even among Republicans against Trump. Yes, he is a little over the top, but Congress will temper his extremes. Unlike Trump, he will never want to be a dictator or exact vengence on americans .

  4. Whether Biden or Sanders wins, it will be a Pyrrhic victory! The survivor will meet President Trump to be given the coup de gras!

    • Trump, the only President who keeps his Promises.
      Economy the best in 50 years, and still the Democrats go for the Corrupt DNC. Trump is truly the best President America has seen since Reagan.

      • That is why these America haters hate him. They have delusions that if they can bring America down, everything will just be one big global Socialist utopia. Of course, they also seem to think that their Muslim friends, that they want to bring in thousands more of, will help rid them of those “evil” Jews and Christians, then leave them be. But, perhaps those like Sarah actually like the idea of having clitoral circumcisions and having to wear a burkha while being dominated by Muslim rape gangs, who knows?

  5. If it makes them all feel better by making false polls? They will all be crying again, making appointments with social workers, head-doctors and squeeze stress toys when the votes are counted.
    Just like before with 2016. You would think they would learn? But NO! Democrats try the same thing over and over expecting different results.

    • it wont work this time, half the Dems chose not to vote because Hill was such a bad choice foisted upon them. The DNC cheated Bernie and will never be trusted again

    • Sure, have them go see psychiatrists so they can be prescribed psychotropic drugs that make them want to go out and commit mass murders!!

  6. America is not a “Democracy.” That is a form of government where everyone of voting age has a say in every issue and is workable only for small groups. Plato said no more than 30 people. The internal frictions drive it to collapse.

    When Democrats wail about “our democracy” they are really talking about their party, which the reason they often fall into tears as they are losing power and that is what they are all about: Taking from us to give to people who will vote for their promises and then forget what they said and not hold them to one term if they do not deliver. It is just that simple. Come see us at: https://AdrianVance.blogspot.com We’re free and quick.

  7. The commenter who said “Millenials are the biggest voting bloc in 2020” does not know his dems. The biggest bloc in many of the battleground states will be the AADV (American Association of Dead Voters), followed by repeat voters ferried from polling place to polling place by the unions. Never underestimate the desire and ability of dems to steal an election!

  8. Gee, what a surprise!! We all knew that sooner or later the liberal loony left would start eating their own, their young and the weak and feeble.
    The really funny thing is, posting comments like this will not deter them from self-destruction!!

  9. Anybody who believes main stream media in the US should have their head examined. These medias have been pushing propaganda since Trump won and long before. If you want to know who to vote for, vote opposite whatever the medias are pushing. History tells us that whoever the media endorses is more than likely the bad guys. The bad guys always control the medias.

    • They have been lying for years. A network field reporter in Viet Nam wanted to get on tape an American GI torching a village hut. The GI didn’t have a lighter so the reporter got one from his cameraman. They filmed the GI lighting fire to a hut that was a mock-up in a “village” the us had built to train the soldiers in “hut to hut” searches. Walter Cronkite ran with it as a true story of a US soldier torching a real villagers hut. The network never corrected the story.

      When I was stationed at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C. in 1970/1971, the “peace loving” demonstrators, part of the John Kerry / Jane Fonda crowd, pulled a uniformed US soldier from his car and beat him to death. Never reported in ANY media outlet. After that we were ordered to wear civilian clothes to work.

  10. Liars Figures, Figures Liars. Something my Dad taught me years ago. You can make figures rosy or you can make them dismal or anything in between. But FACTS don’t lie, it’s how they are presented or not presented that paints the picture so therefore ‘Liars Figure and Figures Liars’ is a very worthy saying that has been around for millennials and millennials……. CNN and MSNBC are predisposed to lie and cheat their way in the news and present a front that benefits them and theirs…… That’s why the President calls them ‘FAKE NEWS’…. SAD

    • Dan, you are correct, but please get the “sayings” correct.
      LIARS FIGURE AND FIGURES LIE and this saying has been around for a millenium.

  11. junk news channels that should be digging for truth and justice no matter what political parties are involved are the puppets of the corrupt democrats and Rachel Maddow the man posing as a woman is one of the most corrupt . She reminds me of a man posing as an ugly woman that spreads lies all the time . The main stream media has let Russia use them for over 2 years now by pushing to hate trump instead of perusing the truth and the news media is too dumb to know that they have been had .

  12. Sara Palmer, where do you get your “alternate facts”? You must be one of the DNC “culls”. Okay, Barron is retarded and Trump is a slum-lord, at least according to you. Bernie is a doddering half-baked idiot that wouldn’t know capitalism if it slapped him in the face, according to me. He has lived off of other people ALL OF HIS LIFE!!! If you think socialism is so wonderful, just ask people in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and many many more countries how wonderful it is to starve, watch your family members be slaughtered and have loved ones disappear into a brutal and unforgiving prison system.

    “The youth want personal identity back in society.” Then they should get off of their social media butts and actually be social, and sociable, face to face. Don’t attack someone because they are wearing a hat you don’t like or because you disagree with them. Discussion is how problems and differences are worked out. Attacking and yelling at someone and stealing their hat is not going to solve, or change, anything.

    The youth do not want to live in modern slavery?? As opposed to what? Antique slavery? I don’t even know what you are talking about, there. The youth do not want to live in debt. How do you propose that they live debt free unless they live in their parents basement. Everyone is entitled to “buy” insurance. No one is entitled to have it given to them.

    The purpose of the Tariffs is to force other countries to deal with us FAIRLY, not like they have done in the past. It is called negotiations. You let your opponent know where the line is drawn and that there is a price to pay for stepping over the line. Then and only then will they, and other countries negotiate with you in a serious manner.

    Trump wants to exact revenge on the American people?

    Vengeful? Where? How? With whom? You need to abandon CNN and MSNBC. Their verbiage is inflammatory, and all it is, is hollow verbiage.

  13. CNN and MSNBC create more interference in US elections than the Russians ever did! They lie, cheat, and mislead the American people.Their hosts are not worthy to be in their jobs. Besides, the DNC and Hillary spent millions and millions to confuse voters while the Russians only spent thousands. Perhaps we should place restrictions upon Democrats like we have done to the Russians!

  14. CNN/MSNBC- “the Media” made a bad name for all out there trying to promote “news”… their licenses should be revoked, removed and considered ‘anti-everything’; even their ways of “proper” thinking power, money and falsehood corruption of the 1st Amendment abuse; for starts-This is going to be a great payback for ALL MEDIA–associates who scoop up after their crumbs of CNN/MSNBC…times-a-changing!
    Watching the house of cards fall from afar!!!!

  15. In spite of the Communist Propaganda (CNN) and the Drug Addict Delusional Fake News (MSLDS) Many to Most of the American Public see through this. President Trump has close to a 60% percent change to win a second term. Things in that time will get MUCH worse for the CDNC Party and Wicked Hillary with a lot of other associated with their Coup against the Presidency.

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