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Comey Blasts Barr And Rosenstein; Discusses Post-Presidency Trump Indictment


Former FBI Director James Comey – who oversaw a spying and potential entrapment operation on the Trump campaign, is now doing “CNN Town Hall” events as the Obama-era intelligence community’s conduct comes under increased scrutiny post-Mueller report.

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Sitting down with CNN‘s Anderson Cooper on Thursday, Comey slammed everyone from outgoing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to current Attorney General William Barr, to his favorite President – Donald John Trump, pushing hard on the obstruction narrative now that Trump has been cleared of conspiring with Russia during the 2016 US election.

And considering that Barr assembled a DOJ team to conduct an investigation into the Obama intel community’s conduct during the 2016 US election, Barr’s credibility must be impugned in order for potentially guilty actors to try and win in the court of public opinion. 

While initially praising Barr – noting that his distinguished career had initially earned him the benefit of the doubt, Comey said that the AG’s recent behavior has been “less than honorable.”

“I think he acted in a way that’s less than honorable in the way he described it in writing and described it during a press conference – and continues to talk as if he’s the president’s lawyer. That is not the Attorney General’s job.” Barr has “lost most of his reputation with the way he has conducted himself,” Comey added.

On Barr’s characterization of the FBI sending several undercover operatives to infiltrate and surveil the Trump campaign as ‘spying’ – Comey sugested that the Attorney General simply adopted Trump’s language, and said he found that it was “really disappointing.”

Is former Director of National Intelligence and CNN contributor, James Clapper, also adopting Trump’s language when he said this week that what the Obama administration did to the Trump campaign “meets the dictionary definition of spying”? 

Or the CIA’s ex-counterintelligence chief, James Olson, who said “I’d call that spying.” But we digress.

Comey moved on to outgoing Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who he said was “not a person of strong character.” 

[People like Rosenstein] start telling themselves a story to justify their being trapped which is “yeah he’s awful but the country needs me”—Republicans are doing this in Congress—“Yeah it’s awful but if I speak I’ll get defeated and this nation needs me here right now” and so they start to make little compromises to stay on the team: Echo [Trump’s] words. Use the term spying. Talk about collusion, or just be silent, thinking “that’s what I need to do to survive” and in the process, [Trump] has eaten their soul. –James Comey

Trump is ‘Not above the law’ 

Comey said that he thinks President Trump has likely committed crimes that could be cause for indictment upon the end of his presidency, and that were he not president, he would have probably already been indicted.

“Yes. agree. No doubt,” said the former FBI Director whose family ‘passionately‘ supported Hillary Clinton, adding that whether Trump could be indicted in 2021 or 2025 when he is out of office is something the Justice Department “will have to take a serious look at.”

When asked whether Trump acted with corrupt intent to obstruct an ongoing investigation, Comey replied: “It sure looks that way.”

Comey also brushed off the suggestion that the president by definition cannot obstruct justice by exercising legitimate constitutional powers to run the executive branch, saying: “The president is not above the law.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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    • Comey should be locked up and the key thrown away. He is a traitor to the US. Needs to shut his trap and stay off the TV. Some of these people think they are above the law like Comey. I guess if he keeps his trap going , he will believe himself

  1. Mr. Comey, sir, you and your Obstructionist PLCSID Friends started this ANTI_US Constitutional Act, most likely in the late Spring of 2016 AD, when your Extremely Biased Friends Bought That Fabricated and Unverified Steele Dossier!

  2. Mr. Comey, traitor, you seem to believe that you are above the Law! You are not and we pray that your goose will be cooked very soon. The more you are out there, the more you implicate yourself! You need to go to the Big House and your fines should be so large that your comfortable lifestyle will be done if you ever get out! The President has not engaged in any Collusion or Obstruction as you accuse because that is something you and your FBI and the DNC did themselves. That’s right out of the Liberal playbook!! Alinsky comes to mind…….

  3. Funny –asshole wimp comey talking to funny eyes Albino chicken coop-er—-I once fought 9 guys at one time and did not lose–I could whoop both these assholes in 2 minutes

  4. Cumalloverhim should be Mussolinied. ALL the scum involved in this Russian BS coupe attempt
    in ALL walks of life in USA should be executed. Starting with Obola and working outward and down (including media’s)…

  5. Comey is a loser and will be up on treason charges. The way he is acting he must think he did nothing wrong against the CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS.!!!!! This is what comes down to liberal thinking./ socialism/

  6. Hey I heard many people talking about personally taking our lives back forming large enough teams to be effective but not to big or we will loose our stealth advantage ,,Soo many Traitorous,, Corrupt and greedy people and the smokescreen media needs to be made accountable,we can take out the television easily ,,You give the real news or you don’t get the right to tell it we can do polls on the medias as well,,, ! ,,, who wants to listen to lies and the suicide rate is increasing,,, ! maybe when a few loved ones who are close to media or media anchors children I don’t think I would show up to work at See n n,,,, if my daughter was so depressed Because of their job ,, she killed herself and it is taking Hundreds of teens because,our world is in such turmoil,,,,, kids are not out ridding bikes ,or chasing girls they’re ,,Watching Backward Politics And terror the whole country is stressed and Depressed,, This was all a true story Thank you for your patience !

  7. DC NEEDS AN ENEMA BREAK DOWN THE DAM Government servants or employees are not above the law ! ,, Power should not be seen as an end unto itself ,,all the wrong people have all the Dangerous wealth ,,,We will not go Quietly and I sure hope There are a lot more of the right people, Praying For this country other than myself and those I love ,,,, Have a bright one in the morning !

  8. Comey is in the hot seat. He is trying to weasel himself out of this one, just like a kid who was caught doing something by his parents. When there is no way out, start wild stories, blame the other person (s). Just another childish endeavor.

  9. The Mueller report stated that there are NO further indictments forthcoming. NO sealed documents.
    Sealed indictments are used in the case of a sitting President, to be unsealed when he/she leaves office. There are NONE of those. Comey’s claim that Trump was not indicted because of DOJ policy not to indict sitting Presidents is specious and spurious. “Can you smell that? It’s the smell of mendacity in the room”- Burl Ives as “Big Daddy” in Cat on a hot tin roof”.


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