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Jill Biden: Joe Got Women’s No-Touch Message ‘Loud and Clear’


Joe Biden got the message “loud and clear” from women who said he’d made them uncomfortable with public displays of affection, the former vice president’s wife, Jill Biden, said Wednesday.

In an interview on ABC’s “The View,” Jill Biden said “I think it’s so courageous for these women to come forward,” noting that she, too, in the past had been in situations in which a man made her feel uncomfortable — but didn’t say anything.

“Think things have moved forward in a positive way,” she said. “And Joe heard that message. He heard it loud and clear.”

“I think what you don’t realize is how many people approach Joe, men and women, looking for comfort or empathy,” she said. “But going forward, I think he’s gonna have to judge — be a better judge — of when people approach him, how he’s going to react. That he maybe shouldn’t approach them.”

Several women have called out the former vice president for making them feel uncomfortable by publicly touching them at political events in the past.

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