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Hillary Clinton: GOP Must Choose ‘Rule of Law’ or ‘Rule of Trump’


Hillary Clinton says the Trump administration’s struggles with the U.S. House will show “whether it’s the rule of law or the rule of Trump” that the courts and Republicans obey.

Speaking at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire on Wednesday, the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate says Trump administration’s recent defiance of subpoenas and claim of executive authority in its power struggle with the U.S. House will lead to “big court fights.”

Those fights, Clinton says, will most likely find their way to the Supreme Court.

She says, “We’ll see whether it’s the rule of law or the rule of Trump that the Republicans in the Congress and in the courts are going to abide by.”

Clinton criticized the Trump administration’s recent escalation of tensions with Iran – saying she “can’t imagine a more dangerous situation than the one we’re in now.”

The former secretary of state said the Trump administration’s recent sanctions against Iran and the deployment of an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the Persian Gulf have only served to further erode relations between Washington and Tehran that started when the United States withdrew from the controversial, Obama-era nuclear deal.

“Now we have an administration that doesn’t believe in agreements,” Clinton said. “The Iranians have said, ‘If you’re not going to abide by agreements, neither are we, and we’re going to start enriching uranium.’”

She added, “I worry this is some decision on the part of this administration to provoke something.”

Clinton praised the nuclear deal negotiated during the Obama administration.

“To go from going from knowing the Iranians were developing a nuclear weapon to knowing they’re not gave me a huge sense of relief,” she said. “We were able to put a lid on that.”

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  1. This coming from the biggest criminal in politics! Takes a lot of nerve coming from an individual who by all rights should be in an orange numbered jumpsuit

    • Y es very true and look 5% of the USA still can not see the very strong crime she is wanting to keep pushing in our lives.

  2. I think someone is struggling with the law because Hillcapone should already be incarcerated. What does this country do with traitors??

  3. There has no such thing as “rule of law” since her black boy shit in the White House.
    That term has gone mainstream in the past 15 years or so, ie. “rule of law”. But it is a commie construct. The term itself is meaningless, yet it sounds like a grand idea. And the meaningless part had come true. There is a set of law for us deplorables and then no law for the elite, or maybe they just make up their laws as they go along.
    But all the while, they, the globalist elite can point to the “Rule of Law” and wave a flag and act like there is really something substantial left of this country. Since Reagan, each administration has cut and cracked a little more of our way of governing until we are now left with mostly a shell.

  4. Hillary Rotten Clinton’s mouth should Falll of her Face for making a comment like that ,talk about Law””” she should be in GITMO with her favorite Muslim who backs Islamic Terriosts wth everything from money to weapons ! She will never ever be President or will any of your family ! She will go down in History as the most embarrassing butt hurt loser and crook in Politics!!! She still can’t except even the Libs. didn’t want her as a President !!

  5. Hillary is so dumb she will be put in cuffs should have just faded away now she will have to be jailed with Comey, Brennen, Clapper, and half of the upper FBI

  6. You either listen to the Looney left, or follow the Right. It does no good to follow both. If you listen to one, you will be unable to follow the other. Make a decision
    And go with it. See where it leads and whether you find it believable and in line with your beliefs. But, never believe ALL you read.

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