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John Kelly Said Trump’s Family Needs To Be “Dealt With”


John Kelly has had a few months to reflect on his tumultuous tenure as White House Chief of Staff. And though he’s apparently forgiven the president for the angry tweets and public rebukes, which helped fuel persistent rumors about his impending firing, the former general still holds a grudge against his former West Wing antagonist: Javanka.

Those who have been following the Trump administration drama since the beginning might remember that, after initially welcoming Kelly as a “steady hand” and “adult in the room” who would bring order to a chaotic West Wing, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump swiftly turned on the former general, and their months-long power struggle become fodder for endless anonymously sourced reports and reprisals.

That feud apparently left a bad taste in Kelly’s mouth that just won’t go away. Which is probably why, five months after being ‘liberated’ from the West Wing, Kelly felt comfortable publicly expressing his distaste for the two – in his own reserved way, not mentioning the couple by name – Trump Administration senior advisors during an interview with David Rubenstein on Bloomberg TV.

Kelly told Rubenstein that members of the Trump family serving in the administration needed to be “dealt with” – even if Kelly wasn’t the one to do it.

“They were an influence that has to be dealt with,” Kelly said Tuesday during an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “The David Rubenstein Show,” when asked whether it was complicated to have the president’s family working at the White House. “By no means do I mean Mrs. Trump – the first lady’s a wonderful person.”

The Marine general sat for the interview in Las Vegas, where he was attending Anthony Scaramucci’s SALT conference (ironic because one of the first things Kelly did after arriving in the West Wing was fire Scaramucci over an unhinged rant published in the New Yorker where Scaramucci accused Steve Bannon of trying to “suck his own c*ck”). And in what sounded suspiciously like ingratitude toward his host, Kelly said he had removed a few “very disruptive” people from the administration after arriving in the West Wing, and was struck by the “intense personal ambition” of some of his staffers.

Ultimately, Kelly believes he succeeded in implementing a processes and protocols that helped serve the president.


“I was able to staff a president the way I think a president should be staffed,” Kelly said, while conceding that the job was among the hardest he had ever held.

Kelly left the Trump administration at the end of last year, after nearly two tumultuous years leading the Department of Homeland Security and then the White House. His acting replacement, Mick Mulvaney, has criticized Kelly’s handling of the chief of staff job, saying the retired Marine Corps general often depressed morale by complaining about the difficulty of working for the president.

Kelly said he believed that by implementing regular processes to vet possible decisions, he was able to better serve Trump. Before his arrival at the White House, he said, the “right level of staff work wasn’t done” on certain policy issues, including a zero-tolerance immigration policy that led to family separations.

Kelly also defended his policy of limiting access to the Oval Office, saying he was simply trying to make sure Trump heard all sides of an issue before coming to a decision.

“It was never going to be a one-sided conversation,” Kelly said.

He also tersely offered his take on one of the most explosive moments of Trump’s presidency – when Trump said there were “good people on both sides” during the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville.

He was trying to say “that there were good people in the crowd.”

“Whether that was articulated properly, I don’t know,” Kelly said.

Watch the full interview below:

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    • ANN…exactly my thoughts ~ My dad was 34 yrs a military office & I have seen it all ~ He was the type of office that believed in respecting all members from the bottom up, which most higher offices seem to often get the idea that the world revolves around them!!

      Not that Kelly is not a good guy, but in the military or in the public business world, there should be a code where no one “airs their laundry” where it is totally not necessary ~ Trump and his family were all raised to assess the problems and get it done ~ Many times in the military some officers feel they need to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist ~ Mostly likely Kelly is still venting because his “relevance” may not have been valued at a level that he was accustom to in the days of where everyone “jumped” surrounding him??

    • I am a supporter of Donald Trump who very much agrees with John Kelly on this point. Whereas I believe Ivanka Trump is no doubt a lovely person in many respects she and Jared Kushner are disastrous as advisors in many respects. She is a NY liberal at heart, not to mention having formally turned her back on Jesus Christ and embracing Kaballah, which is Jewish mysticism. I pray for her safety, as Trump’s daughter, as well as Kushner. But they have way too much power and also extremely high security clearance. Kushner is way too out of balance in his support of Israel. He is also heavily tied financially to George Soros. And Kushner is not a smart guy; just privileged. The peace plan is not good at all if you look at the details I support Israel too, but things have started getting crazy in this regard. We have a lot of people in power who are dual America/Israeli citizens. We have people, including some Evangelical Christians, insisting right now that Trump help build what will be the Temple where the Antichrist will have his throne. God forbid!

      In addition to all that there is this move toward implementing the blasphemous Noahide Laws. I want go into details here. You need to do a thorough study. The implications are amazing. I read the other day about new laws in Florida that will forbid ANY criticism of anything done by the Israel government. I don’t remember if this was to be state wide or local. But I would caution you to remember that this is America. We are supposed to have free speech. The idea of forbidding criticism of any person or government is outrageous to me. And I am not anti-Israel.

      We are living in perilous times and deception is rampant. The Left is generally far, far worse. But don’t believe for one minute that there aren’t conservatives who are deceived themselves and passing on the deception. I recommend American Intelligence Media on YouTube as a place to subscribe for in depth truth. Their website is Aim4Truth. Very soon now we could lose all access to truth sites. So learn what you can now.l

    • Kelly wasn’t Any Real Help To Trump …Another One On His Own Political Agenda.. Mr Kelly You Should Know About Serving… Dan Bongino Can teach You A Thing Or Two.. When He Did Not Like what He was seeing from O-Bama..He Quietly Resigned…

    • Why do they always have to speak out? To me, it means he had a problem working with a woman with the authority to do more then say yes sir. Military men should stay in military related positions….the rest of us are not trained to obey on command.

      • I agree, Linda. I served in the Army and I know exactly how male soldiers saw female soldiers. We females got little to no respect.

  1. What many don’t understand (or refuse to understand) is that when Pres. Trump made the statement that “there were good people on both sides”, is that there WERE good people on both sides before the extremists on both sides got involved. The left is only trying to find another reason to call Pres. Trump a racist, which he is NOT! I am a lifelong, conservative Republican, who happens to be a southerner. I was born and reared in the deep south and would not want to live anywhere else. I’m an American, and believe that our history is what it is, and should not be erased, lest we forget and be doomed to repeat it. The whole thing about Charlottesville is that some wanted to tear down the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee and others wanted it to remain. It was the extremists on both sides who caused the riots, resulting in a young woman losing her life. Just because there are many of us who want the statues to remain, does NOT mean that we are extremists or hate people who “don’t look like us”. We are all of the human race. We didn’t have all these problems before Obama stirred up racial hatred. We had come a long way from the days of conflict, as we should all be “one people”, Americans, no matter what color. Obama did his best to divide us.

    • Disappointed in Kelly’s viewpoint of PresTrump & family….he quite possibly made the “Borader” more problematic.
      Obama was a non citizen commy who should have never been in “white” house!😎

    • Sandy T is right about all of this! Few have this realistic and veteran perspective. John Kelly was great as Chief of Staff. The political aspirations of some in Trumps family, certainly not the First Lady who I regard as probable the single best First Lady in U S history, but the West Wing element was and is wrong. Donald Trump Jr. is widely regarded as one of the best. The First Lady could actually be a Great President as she dies really have perspective and class. Tearing down statues of past heroes is SICK and unacceptable. Unfortunately the rural USA and the corrupt big cities are about to go to war. Robert E. Lee is who we need to help! Certainly NOT John Brown, the Terrorist! Half of them were hung in Harper’s Ferry, half in Lake Placid at the John Brown Farm. Where statues still stand….of a terrorist who had a greater role in turning the US and it’s states into enemies. Two percent if all American Makes died during that conflict. US Civil War 2 is heading our way! We better listen to John Kelly and those who want peace and bipartisan solutions. Meanwhile the DNC calls their headquarters the “War Room”! Labeled by those who have never served in many combat zones. Be careful what you ask for! Pogo in the comic strips declared, “We have met the enemy, and it is us!”
      We need to kick selfish politics and personal aspiration for power to the curb and save ourselves before all he’ll breaks loose!

    • Sandy, I agree with you wholeheartedly and I’m from the South of (Germany) too but I blame a very proud citizen of America as soon as I could after immigrating in 1966. The way I saw it, Obama has done more damage in race relations than any other President ever and we are seeing the results with BLM, Antifa and other cults wreaking havoc in our Society. This did not have to happen and Obama could have been a great President but he failed miserably. Now we even have White Privilege thrown around as if it is a real problem. My family has never been privileged, just the opposite. How many times have I been jumped over for promotions by an “affirmative action” Black? It has happened several times but my family has worked themselves up without assistance and now we have to pay for the caravans coming up from the South? I’m pretty sure that this will further divide us!

    • I would agree with SandyT. I am not a southerner but I am an American. I find it terribly disturbing how too many people these days, whilst preaching tolerance and diversity out one side of their mouths, then act with intolerance, both in word and deed, towards those things they dislike. Which in today’s modern American society seems to be: Christians, the idea or concept of American Exceptionalism, too much of our nations true history, and then generally, anyone else that disagrees with their viewpoint/ideology.

      We are a nation founded by, mainly, western Europeans, seeking a better life that included, often religious freedom. Certainly there were those among them that were also “swashbucklers” seeking fortune (and perhaps fame). Jumping to the Charlottesville incident – I find it intolerable that people want to remove statues that represent and mean so much to our nation and specific portions of our nation. I have done some somewhat deep study of the Civil War and from what I have learned, Robert E. Lee was without doubt one of the greatest military commanders these United States (and West Point) has ever produced. Not too mention that he was a Godly man, and a good, if not great, family man. Likewise, several of his commanding Generals and other officers were good men too (saying this does not mean they were perfect) – like General “Stonewall” Jackson…

      • I too thought Gen. John Kelly (ret.) a great chief of staff. And I don’t think his recent statement concerning certain Trump advisor, family members, is off-base either. Obviously I do not know Mr. Kushner nor Ivanka. But every time I see Kushner, the thought pops into my head that here’s a guy to watch. He just doesn’t imbue a sense of trust, at least to me. He looks like a schemer/plotter. And considering his father and family’s history certainly does nothing to dispel these misgivings.

  2. Sandy…glad to see that you mentioned Charlottesville in the correct way!! When the Dems have absolutely NOTHING they always revert to “racism” ~ Obama destroyed 60 yrs of positives in recreating racism as a TOOL ~ Trump meant that both sides of the Charlottesville issue was that there were also people [mostly locals] that were good people who were attending because they were opposed to seeing these historical statues destroyed ~

    Most of this “destroy history” is fueled & funded by radical socialist like George Soros ~ Just like when Pres Trump was addressing the “taking a knee” scheme when he said: “how would the players feel is “someone” said get these SOBs off the team or field [he was intending these to mean the team owners or coaches] ~ The Trump Organization employees more black lady executives than any other corporation of its size in the US ~ Just ask anyone that knows Trump on a very close personal level like Larry Elder or many of the black misiters, black business men like Herman Cain ~~

    Just stay focused because the Dems are going to try to use every slanderous trick in the book to try and denograte Trump, his family, cabinet members or anyone he has known since the 3rd grady, because they can’t run on anything that any of them have accomplished

  3. Kelley was a General he made decisions on his own and figures President Trump should do the same. When your a General you don’t have your adult child & her husband working with you let alone your wife! President Trump was/is a business man not a military officer and it appears his families input is important in his business decisions therefore this is why they are part of his administration. Kelley could never understand this!

  4. Kelly was better than Pete realizes. His comments are accurate. The truth hurts at times. However the DNC is trying to destroy America. Dealing with Kelly? He did the right thing. The invasion on our borders is real, and really must be dealt with. A questionnaire in fifty countries asked people do you want immigrants who are illegal entrants. No said all fifty. Islamic country stated they would “Kill Them” So there you have the build up. Where is this going. Trump is often more right than wrong. DNC radicals seem always to be for ruin of the USA. Opinions of us all matter. Unfortunately most want everything their way. But soon AI will take our jobs. And according to futuristic movies….then the humans will go…..think this is fantasy? If you are a long distance trucker you might see the hand writing on the wall!

  5. Some amongst us may actually believe that Obama was a communist and many also believe that he was ineligible to be president because ignorant racists drummed up the message amongst their fellows that he was not born in the United States. Others ranted that he was unqualified even though he most certainly was ( and infinitely more qualified than Donald Trump ). During his presidency racist cartoons and jokes appeared in right wing publications, media, FoxNews, and talk radio. The divide we see in our country stated with Obama’s election and is fueled every day since by our current moron-in-chief.
    Trump is our very first “FAKE’ president whose election clearly was the result of interference by the Russians which would also make him our first illegal president. His followers are the most gullible we have ever seen, people who will believe everything and anything Trump says or does regardless of the harm he brings to our country, our environment, our morals, our sense of right and wrong, our belief in democracy, the sanctity of the rule of law, our constitution, and our belief in ourselves to judge those that are hell bent in harming us and to remove them from any position of leadership.

    • I would ask you a few questions sir.
      1) In what specific regard, or areas, was/is Obama, “infinitely more qualified than Donald Trump,” to be President?
      2) Have you seen at all, all of the various cartoons and lampoons of the current President? Of Bush? Of Clinton? Of every President for the past 50 years?
      3) How specifically does the current President fuel racism in our nation, “every day”?
      4) a. How is Trump a “fake” President? b. Explain precisely how the Russians interfered to achieve this ‘coup’?
      5) What makes Trumps followers “gullible”? Are not all, who vote for a specific candidate, “gullible” to a certain extent? Or do you think there are Perfect Presidents who are akin to Gods?
      6) What harm has Trump ‘brought’ to our country, our sense of right and wrong, etc. etc.?
      I will tell you, I voted for Trump. Do I think he’s a great guy, a moral guy? Not particularly. But I can assure you sir, the main reason I voted for him, along with millions of my fellow Americans was because we didn’t want the evil Hillary Clinton as President. I have no doubt about her qualifications. But her lack of any sort of morality, true concern for America (we the people), and America’s ‘greatness’, coupled with her clear intent to mislead (just one example is the illegal private server she used to conduct government, tax-funded business on to specifically avoid outside scrutiny/traceability, etc.) and to work to financially benefit herself and a few others, are just a very few of the reasons that I, and millions, if not tens of millions, of my fellow citizens did not, and would not, vote for her. You can keep telling yourself that it was the RUSSIANS, the RUSSIANS all you want. It was not – and that is fact. Not, FAKE news. Did the Russians engage in election chicanery, of course. But they have done this in every one of our elections since the Cold War – in one form or another. Likewise, America has meddled in Russia’s elections too and her satellite states. To think otherwise is naivete writ large.

      I will be eagerly awaiting factual responses to my questions above.
      Thanks. Have a good day sir!

  6. It is just another thing of a person not getting their way, and oh let’s start tearing down the country. Who is really in for the everyday person favor? When Donald was voted into office I felt such pride in “OUR” country. Like a big relief just let loose. As soon as Obama put “his” name on a health care act, well that struck me as such a doctoral act where his power was over played. We need “OUR” country back.

  7. Is is timely that another left wing liberal rag would round up another former White House Staff member to get some negative press for the President. Seems that all we hear is this sort of vitriol from the left. They won’t tell you about the economy or the unemployment rate or the GDP rate or anything else that this present administration is doing. All they want is for the voters of this country to be propagandized with their lies and hate in hopes of changing the minds of voters. When this sort of trash it published, it just makes me more determined to vote for him. He has withstood all of the hatred and lies and continual attacks and continues to keep his promises. I hope that the 2020 election will be a huge landslide for the president and will quiet these left wing haters.

  8. John Kelly Said Trump’s Family Needs To Be “Dealt With”
    NO john kelly, it is you and all damned hateful deep state neverTRUMP minions

    that need to be deathful dealt with as immediately as possible!!!

  9. I am shocked that a General, of all people, would show disrespect for His Commanding Officer….not the military way…Our President is a businessman….Thank God…

    • I’m with you on that. And I never understood what’s wrong with running our country like a successful business instead of some kind of non profit social club like they’ve had in D.C. for years.

  10. Perhaps most won’t recall, when Kerry was running for president, he claimed to have been a SEAL. when that was proven to be a lie, he said, “Oh, people didn’t understand. I served in a PBR.” When that was proven to be a lie, he again changed his story by saying he served in another type of boat. Kerry claims to be some kind of hero. He did something like nine months in Vietnam. Six months of that was spent trying to make him, a commissioned officer, understand what his job was. The guy is a lying traitor. He’s been advising Iran, a sworn enemy of the U.S. on how to deal with us. They guy should be charged with treason, tried, found guilty and thrown into prison forever.

  11. First, a supposed respected military general, airing dirty laundry like this, and his own personal hatred of those two, seems highly inappropriate, and unbecoming of an officer, retired or otherwise. And secondly, to use such vitriolic statement such as “they have to be dealt with”, is laced with all kinds of innuendos, and clearly conveys his feelings towards them in a less than professional manner. Military individuals, especially generals, can be very harsh to deal with, due to their military lifestyle, so who knows whether his style, or simply his personality clashed with them. We’re getting one side of the story, from him, and since he’s willing to go on public record like this, with no reservations, definitely suggests he has a bone to pick with them, and he wants his pound of flesh. It’s human nature to want revenge. But actions definitely says a lot about what kind of person that person is. And at the moment, he’s not painting a very eloquent picture of himself, or his bias. Besides, it’s two of them that have issues with him, when you have two or more people that have issues with someone like this, it definitely points to issues with that person. He obviously feels he’s not the problem. But then again, that’s the defining characteristic of narcissistic individuals. They’ll tell you they’re NEVER the problem. I don’t know the guy, but he’s definitely not showing the best character at the moment, especially when this guy is a former general? Maybe the word “former” is much more telling in this case than the fact that he “was” a general.

  12. General Kelly, what you said was unwise and foolish. I can’t believe that a General said such things to undermine our President and his family. Then, again, maybe you said that on purpose. The political and media piranhas are attempting daily to take down our President and now his children. They harass our President at every turn. I thought you were a better man than this? I’m sick and tired of betrayers and haters of America. And by the way, what do you mean they have to be dealt with? And who is supposed to “deal” with them?

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