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University Provides ‘Therapy Donkeys’ To Students Ahead Of Finals


Authored by Jannifer Kabbany via The College Fix,

Move over goat yoga — the latest way for college students to de-stress before final exams is … therapy donkeys.

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That’s right. The State University of New York Plattsburgh recently brought in a small herd of miniature donkeys to help students cope with the anxiety and pressure that comes with typical end-of-semester responsibilities such as tests and massive 10-page papers that are due.

A video of the recent festivities at the SUNY campus showed students laughing, petting and playing with the little donkeys, with Ken Besaw of Thera-Pets telling a local ABC news affiliate: “Spend 10 minutes with them. You’ll chill right out.”

While therapy donkeys may sound unique, it actually taps into something of a trend.

Consider that “therapy llamas” made an appearance at Stanford University earlier this year as the school plugged its new wellness app.

What’s more, university officials frequently offer a variety of opportunities for students to de-stress before final exams each semester. Among the offerings last semester were therapy horses, coloring, massages and Fortnite tourneys.

Typically campuses host events called “de-stress fests” in the name of keeping students sane under pressure. Last week, the University of Nebraska Omaha offered a free round of putt-putt. Penn State had puzzles and “art therapy.” Sunrise yoga was on the menu at the University of Idaho. And Arizona State hosted demonstrations on how to make zen jars and succulents.

St. Charles Community College has Play-Doy on tap.

In one of the more unorthodox offerings, a tweet shows an apparent tarot card reading table at William Paterson University as part of a de-stress fest.

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  1. POS snowflakes can’t “grow-up” and handle stress? What are they going to do when they are working for “Big Corporate”, tell their boss they need to go hug an ass before the next big project?

    On the bright side, the landscape crew didn’t have to spend time on mowing that area.


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