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CNN Contributor Insanely Claims Unborn Babies Aren’t Even Human


On CNN’s “Primetime with Chris Cuomo” on Monday night, a segment on the legality of state-level fetal heartbeat bills quickly spiraled into a chaotic debate about whether unborn children should be considered human beings. CNN contributor and erstwhile New York City Democratic politician Christine Quinn said, “When a woman is pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her.”

When guest Rick Santorum asked CNN Host Chris Cuomo if he disagreed “that at the moment of conception that a child is human and alive?” Cumono replied that means it’s “viable.” When Santorum asked, “Is it biologically a human life?” Quinn shouted, “No!”

Cuomo and Quinn teamed up in pushing back on Santorum as he articulated what science tells us about unborn humans. At every stage of human life — as an embryo, a fetus, or after five weeks of age when his or her heartbeat can be detected by an ultrasound — an unborn child has his or her own unique DNA.

He or she has a unique genetic code, blood type, sex, and race, all which can differ from his or her mother and father’s. This unique individual is developed inside a women’s body, but is not part of a women’s body, and cannot be regulated as the mother’s property, Santorum argued.

“Her body is always her property,” Cuomo said, missing the point entirely.

“When a women is pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her. It is part of her body,” Quinn said. “This is about a women having full agency and control of her body…and making decisions about what is part of her body with medical professionals.”

The right to abortion is just that — the right to kill unborn humans. But pro-abortionists like Quinn and Cuomo find it easier to argue that they are fighting for “reproductive rights” (even though pro-lifers are not objecting to any woman’s right to reproduce) or that fetuses are not humans but “clumps of cells.” Just as with slave owners and eugenicists before them, it’s easier for pro-abortionists to advocate for murder after they’ve dehumanized the lives they want to end.

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  1. Another theory is that some embyios never make the magical transition to being human. She is excellent evidence validating this theory.

    • A baby in a woman’s womb never has the woman’s blood run through his:her veins. The fathers blood runs through the babies body.
      That baby is not part of the woman’s body. It is murder if anyone kills that baby.
      Read the Bible and see how wrong you are.

  2. Liberals are very good at denial. They are able to take the lie that at conception the baby is not a human being and that killing that ‘thing’ that is part of the woman’s body is not infanticide. It seems that to believers of this lie, that removing that ‘thing’ is tantamount to removing an appendix.
    For the sanity of these men and women who believe this lie, it would be best if they never find out that what they so eagerly and willingly killed is a human being!
    However, these men and women will be made painfully aware of the truth once they face the Creator!

  3. Well STUPID FREAKING IDIOTS, if the conceived baby in not human than how in the hell does it grow in size, organs (that murders sell), move and have a heart beat??? Tell me that genius MURDER ! YOU ARE ALL MENTALLY DEFICIENT MURDERS!!!👹

  4. The democrats claim that “science matters” and yet they ignore science when it suits them. A baby is not a part of a woman’s body – it has different DNA than the mother, ergo it cannot be considered a part of her body – that is simple science.

  5. A woman “lays an egg” it is no longer a part of her but it has her genetic pattern. The woman accepts a mans sperm, voluntarily or involuntarily. Spermatozoon cell and egg combine to form a living creature .if that creature attaches to woman’s uterine wall it is a saprophyte, a separate organism that has potential of developing into identifiable human being within days. Arms legs head body and heartbeat detectable in weeks. If that embry ..a human embry grows to term baby it remains a human, attached to but separate from the mother uterus. It is attached for nutrition , O2 etc. the baby is independent of the mother. If that baby somehow is jeprodizing the mothers heath it becomes a parasite but is still a human . That baby even as embryo has instinct to survive. That baby instinctively knows when threatened. Be it drugs, smoke, aCORK SCREW to the head.which is killing a human being that was relying on another human, it’s mother, to protect him/her.

  6. “Selfish” sex, leads to “MURDER”!

    Conceived by a human!
    Inside a human!
    “IS” a human!!
    That’s how human babies are made!!
    Even a F’ing Moron knows that!

    MURDER! Plain and simple!

  7. Vaginas are owned by Females designed
    For “making Families”!
    KUNTS are owned by WHORES who cares
    About Nothing but sex!!
    That’s why it’s so easy for them to murder
    Their unwanted child just because they are
    too fucking Horny to control themselves!!

  8. Plant, animal, human, all living things are clumps of cells. And as Quinn is just a ‘clump of cells’ herself, by her own reasoning, she should have no problem with lying on a table being ripped apart with forceps, or having a hole punched through her skull to vacuum out her brain.

  9. Anyone who claims that their embryo is not human has just admitted to having sexual relations with an animal. This is unlawful in most, if not all, states. The exception would be if the woman was abducted by aliens and had sex with one or more of them. Maybe whoever made this claim did not have, as my grandmother often said, ‘… the sense that God gave a goose.”


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