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Facebook Defends Calls For Trump Assassination


A woman’s account has been suspended by Facebook for demanding the platform ban users calling for President Trump’s assassination.

“Do any of you remember a day when talking about assassinating the President resulted in getting arrested?” Marjorie Greene wrote Sunday, who included a screenshot of users calling for Trump’s murder.

Do any of you remember a day when talking about assassinating the President resulted in getting arrested? As in…

Posted by Marjorie Taylor Greene on Sunday, May 5, 2019

Rather than delete or address the individuals inciting violence against the president, Facebook issued a 3-day suspension notice to Greene after she brought attention to the left’s incitements of violence.

Without elaborating, Facebook’s notice said Greene violated its community standards and therefore will be blocked for 3 days, and that she’d be locked out for a week if she continued.

No action has been taken against these individuals who actually have violated Facebook’s community guidelines.

“They say impeach Trump, I say assassinate Trump,” said one user.

“Someone please assassinate Trump I promise you won’t get in as much trouble as you think shit you might even get away with it,” wrote another user.

This incident highlights the simple fact that Facebook has no intention of fighting “hate” or making its platform safer and more inclusive for everybody.

Facebook’s censorship program is instead meant to suppress and ultimately eradicate conservative viewpoints, whether they violate its community guidelines or not.

Its permanent banning of Paul Joseph Watson is proof positive of that fact — no video or article he’s made has ever called for violence on any level.

Big Tech has been caught using moderators to flag and censor images of conservatives online. Raheem Kassam joins attorney Robert Barnes and Alex Jones via Skype to expose this Orwellian tactics now being used against patriots.

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    • Facebook seems to love those that want killing……What a shame that liberals have proven that they all have empty heads………Those empty headed LIBS will be the 1st ones to holler “HELP” when a killer, rapist, robber knocks down their front door…….DO NOT ASSIST tho, as they are nothing more than egotistical AH’s…………

    • I also can attest to facebook’s efforts to silence any conservative or Republican on FB, as I just came off of a two week blackout and suspension for trying to use FB to educate fellow Americans about American history, political science and the corrupt and unconstitutional Democrat Progressive opposition party that was formed in 1828 by Andrew Jackson and that has been the primary source for our divided government ever since. I never used abusive language or threatened anyone unless they were afraid of the truth and history.

      • Hell, I’m in the middle of a 30-day suspension for saying Muslims are a culture stagnant in the 7th century and armed with 21st-century weapons. You better believe FB is nowhere near impartial, nor are its so-called “community standards”. It’s OK with FB to call for the assassination of the President, but dare to tell the truth about Muslims, and the clap us in irons. Too bad there isn’t an alternative to FB where freedom of speech exists.

        • But just dare say anything about those darling Muslim children chanting about chopping American and Jewish heads off, while being “educated” FREE in American schools, and the “You have violated FB ‘Standards” card raises its head, and zap, you’re suspended for 30 days; or suggest that Rashida and Ilhan Omar be kicked off the US Congress, same results;

      • I have been banned for good because I said that that if Washington wasn’t going to do something about the Omar who hates America and Jewish people then we the true Americans need to do something, and thats all I said, so the disabled my account completely, oh well, I have found other sites that are a lot better and you can say exactly what you want, try Spreely.com

  1. Temporarily blocked? They need to reopen insane asylums and put these people away who want to hurt others. These people are possessed evil doers. A danger to society and America!

  2. Maybe a thousand people should also call for Mark Zuckerberg’s assassination?
    What is good for the goose, is good for the ganther……
    This is not the true “me” who is talking because I abhor violence in all its forms, but facebook is coming to be the expression of evil!

  3. Just give us the names and addresses of the scum that want to assinate the President,Then forget about it.

  4. this shows how slimy the Trump haters are as she couldn’t start or complete a sentence without the F_ _ _ word Real class……I have always been told that the Republican Party is above the Democratic Party in CLASS and was probably just talk, well read the comment again?????

  5. Let’s put aside the people who called for Presidents Trumps assignation for a moment and just look at facebook and their refusal to take down the post or block those who put it up.
    I believe it would be correct if the Secret Service showed up at jeff zuckerberg’s home and office and take him in for questioning, he is supporting those who are calling for the assassination of a President of the United states of America.

    • That is exactly wjat USED to happen if you subjourned a death threat against the POTUS. This is the “new world” where it is fine and OK to talk about assassinating the POTUS, but it is heracy if you are called a word you do not like. Selective standards, to say the least. Liberals used to be noble in thought and deed, but the Liberals of today are stupid, disgusting, immoral, without conscience and have no clear sense of right and wrong. Their sense of right or wrong is based on their perception of the moment. I would love to find ONE liberal who could actually thisk intelligently and rationally. I have not seen one of tjose in many, MANY years!

      • It’s OK if the POTUS they want to blow away is Trump. But say the same thing about Obama or Clinton and see how FB reacts.

  6. Threatening the president is against the law and everyone who does should be locked up. They worry about gun owners why don’t they worry about these phsychos?

  7. Make America great again, you’d think any American would like the sound of that but obviously we have too many anti Americans people with evil and misery in their hearts. One post is from some idiot that has embraced the global warming, climate change lie (taxation) thinking she can help to save the planet with her little outcry. Pathetic. Others are brainwashed liberals,socialist,Marxist and God hating Muslims set out to destroy our nation that was built on Jewdayo and Christian beliefs and individual freedom making us the magnet and envy of the world. Non thinking majorities full of learned hate and envy enjoying a victim statice for a proposed gained statice. These morons can’t explain in a sensible way any facts that has lead to their hate of trump, willful ignorance of the prosperity avalible to them. They just hate.

    • They aren’t smart enough to hate, they are just lemmings blindly following Chhucky cheese ball Schumer and Nannie Piglousy. The only difference I see between Chucky and a circus clown … Chucky wears smaller shoes.

  8. It is time for the FBI to step in and help Facebook police their platform. If that doesn’t work then shut the damn thing down! This cannot be allowed in our nation. Liberals promoting assassination need to be imprisoned or executed for tyranny! If the politicians are involved they should be sent to Gitmo!


  10. The solution to this problem with Facebook, is to call for over 50% of all Facebook users to delete
    and remove themselves from Facebook. By doing this you will send out a message loud and clear, that Zuckerberg and all his commie cohorts will not control or try to control this country, and send a clear message to the Dem’s and radical left that we will not continue to let them ruin this country. I have one thing to say and that is MAGA and re-elect TRUMP as he is the first and only President who
    has done what he said he would do, and that is lower taxes, create jobs, and stand up to the do nothing Dem’s in congress. Our last President was the biggest looser ever, even worse than Carter, and I must say one thing Jimmy Carter was top notch compared to BHO.

  11. This is such a travesty. Calls to assassinate the president of the United States has always been a crime, and nobody should hide behind our First Amendment, “Freedom of Speech” by calling this vile act to happen. If someone is stating in their post on Facebook that the calling for the assassination of a sitting president is unconscionable and downright wrong, then somebody at Facebook needs to give an explanation to the FBI and the Secret Service, as well as to the American people, how a criminal act can be said on FB but a person calling out such a crime saying that it is wrong can be punished by FB yet the real criminals go free from any suspensions or termination of their right to be on FB? This is why so many of us have turned away from Facebook and the commies who run that company.

  12. I used to read the book of Revelation years ago, with a doubt as to its credulity, because the attitude and character of the people alive when that all takes place was so unbelievable. I’ve seen, however, that just during my generation two groups of the young become absolute self righteous, narcissistic jerks, along with being woosies and pussies. They’ve come to be known as “snowflakes” because their fortitude lasts as long as a snowflake on a warm asphalt road in Arizona. They are totally devoid of the strength and spirit of the pioneers who built this country and when confronted by real man-hood or woman-hood, they start to cry like little babies who’ve had their rattle taken from them. Now I know why a whole world full of these socialist indoctrinated weaklings will follow the future leader known as the Antichrist. I actually feel sorry for them.

      • You nailed it navy man. The stage is being set for the ANTICHRIST. Wake up and accept JESUS AS SAVIOR before it’s too late

  13. These people are nuts! Facebook please do the right thing and stop printing these lunatics posts!
    They are the dangerous ones, not Trump! They must be part of the Democratic liberal morons club!

  14. The people that made these comments should go to prison and Facebook should be shut down permantely. M.Z. should be stripped of all his wealth and put in prison for having a terrorist supporting site.

  15. Why do people have to get on Facebook or any other media and use ugly, foul, vulgar language? Some of them cannot complete a sentence without throwing in a vulgar word or more. Is this the way they have a conversation with other people? This is unbelievable. No wonder kids these days are so foul mouths. If Facebook had an ounce of decency about it, it would never run this garbage on their site.

    • Yes, that is how they have conversations. Go to a place like Starbucks where snowflakes gather and just listen for a while. it will be a real eye-opener for you.

  16. Anyone who demands that someone should be assassinated is absolutely insane and should be locked up. The liberals have become delinquents who want everything their way and will do ANYTHING to achieve their wants: lie, cheat, falsely accuse, even murder babies. DEMOCRATS are the enemies of America.

    • Hate to say this cause I don’t want Gov’t meddling in anything but It’s time to regulate Facebook, Google, Twitter like public utilities. Dangerously bias.

  17. Call your senators and congressman and demand they do their job and make an example out of these communist who think they can hide behind free speech.

  18. Put these radical leftists in jail for threatening the president’s life, and that is for all presidents, not just one party or another. We have to stamp this idea out immediately for all our presidents sakes. The radical left needs to know that we are through putting up with their nonsense BS! Get tough with them even more than they could imagine. Make it a felony arrest!

  19. Wait a minute! The ass hole morons that work at face book regularly censor criticism of Democrats and antifa yet they let presidential assasination discussion go! What the hell is wrong with those morons brains? Sounds like proof they do not have brains. Those morons at Facebook probably believe women only make 72% of what men make too. Hey Facebook dumb shits the women sitting next to you makes more money per hours and works fewer hours. Your a stupid li real moron.

  20. I’m really surprised that the secret service isn’t already at faceboook headquarters, asking for all info on those people – and why are they allowing those posts.
    I remember when “assassinate the president” was caught by NSA on email, and over airwaves, guess it’s no longer a thing…
    Maybe the IG &AG should STILL be looking to see if some of THOSE folks are part of this deep-state coup thing.
    Lady “repeatedly posts things that aren’t allowed ” by calling attention to people breaking the law on faceboook.
    – But faceboook thinks it’s perfectly fine to mention assassinating our president now…
    This county’s turning into a real pile of carp, and these “social” sites and the liberal media are making it all happen.

  21. I got out of Facebook because of the two faced stance they always take. They back the dumacrats scumbags in everything, especially hate speech. There is no persons who spit out hate than Maxine waters, sheila Jackson Lee, all these so called comedians, and wantabe, actors, with their filthy dumacrats mouths. How anyone calling themselves Christians stay with Facebook is beyond me. If all Christians would boycott them ,it would make a huge difference in how Facebook would asses their users. THINK ABOUT IT, IT MIGHT JUST WORK.

  22. What needs to happen is an all out protest against facebook to stop/drop your accounts of a media source that discriminates against anything conservative including allowance of posts calling for an assassination of a sitting president. Let me tell you that if this was Obama all those people who would have posted this crap would be in a federal prison. Please drop your accounts. We don’t need this crap.

  23. Anyone want to be the next billionaire? Please, will someone develop a type of “FaceBook” and “Twitter” social media for REAL Americans? One that also censors… but censors all ant-American, vulgar, and/or riotous postings from bed-wetters. We must shutdown these totally brainless and uneducated people from pushing their idiotic agendas using social and mainstream news medias. It is the true “Americans” that have the power in this Nation, not the liberal news media and FaceBook. It is PAST TIME that we showed it.

  24. Facebook should be ashamed of not taking down or condemning posts that say to assassinate the President. No morals here. They’re also acting like Pravda in censoring conservatives.

  25. Funny how these pig ignorant retards are all for assassinateing Trump, never heard anybody suggesting the assassination of CLINTON, BUSH and OBUMMER or the rest of the despicable democrats yet these corrupt assholes robbed and stared the American people in the face whilst lining their own pockets with illegal money. All I can say is that the people who support these TRAITORS are equally as bad as they are. No wonder the country was going down the pan, when the likes of all the DIRTY COPS in the CIA and FBI try to take down Trump with LYING PROPAGANDA it is time to take them all down and imprison them all for life.

  26. Perhaps the Facebook Folks, need to experience what that side of things feel like, starting with Mr. Z and board of directors.
    Social media needs to be looked at from ALL angles desperately. It is having a very negative effect on society in many areas of ALL OUR LIVES, WHETHER OR NOT YOU USE IT. Look at what it is effecting in this country, almost every important aspect of our lives, they are involved in and guiding our decisions by the info or lack of info they put out to the public.
    For God’s sake pay attention to them and their direction and think for yourself, gather as much info as possible to make ANY DECISION affecting you or your country’s’ well being.

  27. WOW– No further proof of the perniciousness of Facebook is required. That they condone people calling for the president to be assassinated is incontrovertible evidence of their criminal malevolence. Already they have contributed to the erosion of privacy in American life– their blatant bias in favoring so-called “liberal” or “progressive” viewpoints and suppressing expression of conservative opinions is longstanding– and now they, by refusing to block what is essentially exhortation to murder, show their unremitting hostility to lawfulness and basic civic morality.


  28. Facebook should be dissolved and completely put out of business and it’s owners and managers investigated and jailed for allowing this trash. Also, ban everyone associated with the running of this NAZI media from ever being able to start another company resembling facebook. Also monitor their bank accounts closely. These anti-American freaks absolutely need to be shut down forever.

  29. Facetrash is going down as is gargle and twit -er–new internet will soon make them obsolete–it is already here –the masses are the asses do not know of it yet –it is great –imagine you will be able to post –screw you on those idiot sites thru the new platform and they will not be able to censor or remove it–

  30. Why doesnt the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT go after facebook for promoting Trumps Assassination? And if the FEDS wont do it, then why doesnt trump sue facebook civilly? And how about all these people who have been blocked from facebook…why dont they find a lawyer who wants to make a name for himself and file a class action lawsuit against this media for censorship?

  31. Yep. What is a treasonous act for conservatives is okay for liberals. I too cannot imagine how the government would have reacted to calling for obama’s assassination then or now.

  32. This is just completely horrible and anti-American. It sucks, swallows and then blows chunks. Shame on those people!

  33. Facebook should be put out of business. Talking about assassinating the President is illegal and these people should go to jail. Taking them off Facebook for a couple of days is a joke.

  34. A Trump assassination could cause a civil war, and many millions could die. Infantile temper tantrums may have serious consequences, whether you want them or not. We should think and not let our emotions run wild. We should be worthy of being human, of being the rational animal.

  35. Here’s a questions for FaceBook. If I said, for example only, “Pancy Nelosi needs to be assassinated!”, would that get me booted from FaceBook for 3 days or for good? Or if I used that wording to make reference to any of the presidential hopefuls? There are irrational individuals on both sides, left and right, so, would you lean as hard on the individual on the left as you would if this statement came from the right? The fact is that it shouldn’t matter which side this statement comes from, left or right! This statement has the potential to flame higher than imagined! No matter which side this comes from, if this message is seen, read or inferred, it should be dealt with equally.

  36. Why in the hell are any of you using, supporting (yes you are by your use and membership), condoning by your use (complicity) and then bitching that “facebook, it’s founder, supporters, sponsors or libertard users are hypocrites, unfair, etc”???

    If this site and suckerberg are so bad, why in the world would you allow them to be a huge part of your daily life?
    It would be the same as liberal dumb asses bitching and complaining about Chik fil A being unfair, discriminatory, anti-liberal/socialist/lgtbxyzabc but then going there 3 times a day or more to eat. Just for the record I 100% support Chik fil A!!

    Tell facebook and suckershit to FUC* OFF in the best possible way and canx your membership. Reclaim your life, identity and self respect.

    While you’re at it, cancel your netfuks account. Any company that would beg for and hire odummass and his silverback for MILLIONS, as well as his idiot national security adviser susan rice, should be run out of business and existence.
    I, however, guarentee there are atleast 40% on this message board who are still sending money in to netfux, monthly, to pay odummy…you know the kenyan who was president for 8 years and now is raking in taxpayer money in pension and benefits and openly working to undermine our President…Donald TRUMP!!

    Wake up people, you’ve been drinking the left’s cool-aid and fooled into apathetically funding their agenda by believing you can’t live without the shit products, services and companies they’ve duped you into buying and then needing…that’s the reality they fooled you into continually buying…both intellectually and monetarily.

  37. How is it facebook has a monopoly on this arena of social media? Where is the conservative version of facebook? Someone once said such an outlet would just be a place for we conservatives to preach to the choir. So? That is perfectly fine. The choir won’t know what’s going on if the material they need to hear is constantly being censored. And there are so many thousands who are joining the #walkaway movement that in no time our site would soar ahead in user-ship.

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