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Pope Joins Soros In Funding Immigrant Caravan Invasion Of US Southern Border


In a move that many have interpreted as a shot across the bow of President Trump, Pope Francis has upped his globalist-leaning interventionism by donating $500,000 to help Central American migrants stranded in Mexico as they try to reach America.

The money is from church collections from around the world and is intended to help 75,000 people who arrived in Mexico to find passage to America.

RT reports that The Catholic Church’s Peter’s Pence Fund said in a statement that aid to migrants by governments and private individuals has dropped as global media coverage of the crisis decreased.

“All these people were stranded, unable to enter the United States, without a home or livelihood,” Peter’s Pence said. 

“The Catholic Church hosts thousands of them in hotels within the dioceses or religious congregations, providing basic necessities, from housing to clothing.”

Many have interpreted this move as retaliation after Trump cut all aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador last month, accusing the Central American countries of not doing “a thing for us.”

But not everyone sees the Pope’s intervention that way…

Pope Francis recently spoke out against governments that build walls to keep out migrants, saying: “Those who build walls will become prisoners of the walls they put up.”

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  1. I keep waiting to hear that Trump had the Marshall’s Service or maybe some special op team pick up the entire soros family and toss them in Gitmo…now if Popey wants to play commie and mess with America, lets toss that POS into Gitmo as well.

    Just sayin’ but i began learning about what soros was all about when “W” was running for his second term. Soros spent $25 million to try and keep Bushie from winning. And I began telling everyone I know about soros and today, I am surprised as hell that the SOB commie is still sucking free air.

    If Trump or anyone else was really serious about busting the deep state / globalist elite / shadow government…whatever ya want to call it, then one way of doing that is to raid them all at once and pick up maybe 75% of them and toss them into any or all of the various prisons the cia keeps around the world. Use the captured ones for bait and then get most of the rest and then snuff all of them.

    The world will thank whoever takes care of this cancer.

    • “The world will thank whoever takes care of this cancer.”

      Disruptive cancer is an apt description when, for an outstanding example, one considers the Bible instructs the idea that we must leave to Caesar (temporal government) his domain and leave to God (celestial government) his domain, so it leaves us dumbstruck that a supposed leader of the Catholic church interferes into temporal, political affairs. Pope Francis is definitely out of order in acting so strongly as a demagogue and more like the bouncer he once was.

      • If we are really in the End Times, it wouldn’t surprise me that Pope Francis will become the False Prophet. Looks like he has an agenda like the Progressives, Socialist and Dems to bring down America and “unify” the world. I never understood why so many give heed and creedence to a man and men instead of to Christ. As Christians, we go straight to him, not a priest etc.

    • I agree. Here’s a thought: why doesn’t the pope go meet the caravan dressed in regular clothes so they don’t know he’s the pope. Let him see what’s invading our country. Pope ain’t got the guts for that! Besides, what business does he have in American business? What. Is he Russia now?

    • Heaven has WALLS. Hell has open borders. Jorge Bergoglio isn’t Pope. He and Soros like their father Satan seek the destruction of humanity through enslavement and then annihilation.

  2. Yes, the world definitely would rejoice to be free of the insidious dark satanic collection of shitfaced pukes

  3. Looks like satan has moved into the position of the pope. A sad state of affairs for the catholics around the world.

  4. I will quit paying my tithes. My tithes are not meant to support law breakers. I’ll be glad when this Pope is gone.

    • Tithes are meant for God, 1/10 th. We are to be good stewards of our finances. God will deal with anyone who corruptly uses His funds.
      I understand your anger, though.

  5. With this pope approving the killing of babies, covering up sex with minors, joining against Christians with the cult that their quran approves of beheading those that dont agree with their cult, stoning women and women being low class people could this pope be the false prophet so described in the bible? He has socialistic dictatorial views and has joined with the muslem cult to make one world religion as also described in the bible. Just food for thought.

  6. i have said before that this pope is a communist and head of the mafia. why don’t he send buses and ships to take them to rome and let them inside his guarded compound.

  7. George Soros , Should not be allowed into our Country He is a lowlife War Criminal Who is not even wanted His own Country! He should have Prosecuted as such after WWll. The Pope has more to worry about with the Catholic Church and its sick Clergy. Let all the illegals into Vatican City, You Socialist Hypocrite

  8. Hi Bob Jones: My thoughts exactly, however, he should insist that George Soros get on a slow boat to Italy and hopefully, they refuse it and send them all them all to Russia. plus not a penny more to Catholic Church or charity.

  9. There is a lot of good the church can do with that money instead of playing politics because the pope hates trump, If America goes belly up because we can’t fund all of these give away programs the pope might find himself living under a bridge instead of living in luxury when the donations dry up . Soros is evil and now the pope is in bed with the devil but he is using church donations to fund his romance with Soros . Would the pope be so welcoming if they were to show up on his door step and ask him to give them shelter under his roof . Where is the pope’s Generosity toward Americans when there are so many of God’s children homeless and without food every day or is the money just for the unlawful invaders that want to cross into another country illegally .

  10. Petrus Romanus…he has some nerve mentioning walls when he lives Behind one of the tallest…thirty feet I believe. This communist along with traitor Soros, and the UN need to stay out of our business. Socialism is the nwo, people.

  11. I am a catholic, but since the Pope is sending money to the illegals, MY MONEY that I have donated to the church, it will now stop. NO MORE DONATIONS to the catholic church. The pope needs to stay out of politics and especially stay out of undermining America. We don’t need this pope and because of his actions, they don’t need me or my money, and this is growing where I live.

  12. It is time for Trump to use the Patriot Act and eliminate the Soros menace to America. Take Soros out of circulation and put him in Gitmo.

  13. Time to defrock this Pope as he is a detriment to the Catholic Church & part of the New World Order. Also tear the walls down around the Vatican & get rid of the guards!

  14. R.P. Agree & Catholic also. He is a disgrace to the Vatican & religions of all Christian denominations. Will put a note in my next collection envelope “No more money in the collection basket”!

  15. Pope Francis is amazing joining a know anti christian SOB, by the name of george Soros, the DEVIL INCARNATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INSTEAD OF JOINING THE DEVIL, WHY DON’T YOU SEND YOUR $500,000 OF THE WORLD CATHOLIC’S MONEY TO THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE RUNNING FROM. YOU SIR ARE A DISGRACE TO THE CATHOLICS AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M ALMOST ASHAMED TO SAY THAT i AM A CATHOLIC

  16. Talk about religious interference in international affairs, this is a blatant violation of all that the Church should stand for. Helping people to enter any country, ILLEGALLY, is telling these people that man’s laws are not to be followed, I wonder how much “Old George (Marxist/globalist) Soros” is paying for this endorsement? I do not see any help going to fix the conditions in these peoples’ home countries so they (the ones who legitimately want to flee poverty) can have a decent life at home? Then there are the many cartel and gang implants in the “caravans,” not to mention the influx of ME Jihadists who have been getting their training in different Latin American countries, so they can come into the US to set up their terror cells. Georg Soros is a perfect example of a rich Socialist who thinks he can get away with anything he wishes, and now the Pope had joined with him in a definite UNHOLY ALLIANCE.

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