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Saudi Savagery: Kingdom Beheads 16-Year-Old For Sending Whatsapp Message


The controversy over Saudi Crown Prince MbS’s alleged orchestration of the murder of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi has largely subsided since the government insider-turned-critic walked into the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul in early October and never walked out. But a new controversy is brewing over one of the kingdom’s most controversial practices: Its mass-beheadings of men convicted of ‘terrorism’ charges, typically members of the Shiite minority living in the eastern part of the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has long practiced execution by beheading. But this year, the mass extermination of 37 of mostly Shiite men this week provoked condemnation from the UN and other human rights organizations, as several teenage boys were executed for crimes as seemingly petty a sending Whatsapp messages about government demonstrations.

One particularly disturbing case was recounted in the UK’s The Sun tabloid. Abdulkareem al-Hawaj was just just 16 when he was arrested. Just a schoolboy at the time, he was detained and accused of being a “terrorist” for sending texts online about an anti-government demonstration.

Before making his ‘confession’, Abdulkareem, a Shiite Muslim who was 21 at the time of his execution, was reportedly brutally tortured. With his hands chained above his head, he was beaten and electrocuted. Amnesty International denounced his trial as a farce, since he was denied access to proper defense counsel.

Police also reportedly threatened to kill his family if he didn’t confess to his crimes.

Abdulkareem al-Hawaj

But Abdulkareem wasn’t the only man executed this week over seemingly minor offenses committed when he was a teenager. Mujtaba al-Sweikat, was a teenager who was set to begin his studies at Western Michigan University when he was arrested for attending an anti-government protest.

Then just 17 years old, Sweikat was badly beaten after his arrest, including being repeatedly bludgeoned on the soles of his feet, before he “confessed” to crimes against the state.


Human rights organizations said he was tortured and convicted during a “sham trial.” His university tried to intervene, insisting that he had ‘great promise’, but the government ignored their protests.

Harriet McCulloch, deputy director of Reprieve, a human rights organization, insisted both young men were killed for sharing information about a peaceful anti-government protest.

“Many things can be used to justify a death sentence in Mohammed Bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia, including ‘disobedience against the King,'”

“preparing banners with anti-state slogans” and “incitement via social media” are also offenses that potentially carry the weight of death.

“Mujtaba al-Sweikat and Abdulkarim al-Hawaj were teenagers sharing information about peaceful protests on their mobile phones. Saudi Arabia’s western allies must act now, to prevent any more young people being killed for exercising their right to freedom of expression.”

Another young man, Munir al-Adam, was just 23, when he was arrested in 2012 at a government checkpoint. During his interrogation, his feet were so badly beaten that he was forced to crawl for days. After losing hearing in one of his ears, he was rendered completely deaf after the horrific torture.

He told a judge that he agreed to sign the confession because he was exhausted by the brutal and relentless torture.

The 37 murders were carried out in Riyadh, the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina, central Qassim province and in the Eastern Province, the home of the Shiite minority. After being beheaded, one of the men was reportedly crucified, and his body was put on display as a message to other would-be dissidents.

That message? This is what could happen to you and your loved ones if you dare speak out against the crown.

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  1. The same Saudi crown prince that Barry soroto bowed to.
    The article states that the young men’s “basic human rights” were violated. When are the wacky libtards going to get it through their thick mindless heads that in countries like Saudi THERE ARE NO BASIC HUNAN RIGHTS. In the Muslim world the leader is it and no one has any liberties. And that is the CULT that people like Obama and the leaders of Germany and France and England are allowing to move in and start raking over. Time to renew the commitment of the medieval CRUSADES.

    • Leftists have the same low mentality. They like that threats and intimidation can be used to silence anyone who disagrees with them, it’s the same methods they are using here to try and silence conservatives who support Trump and MAGA. Sand coons and leftists alike are the spawn of satan and should be purged from the face of the earth – which is exactly what GOD will do soon enough – the pain and suffering that Christians suffer on earth is nothing when compared to the rewards they will receive in Heaven.

    • Totally agree n this is why i cant stand these demrats. They get into office raise n control our tax dollars n then go n give millions n billions to Europe n muslim COUNTRIES. Damn them to hell! They are so corrupt n crooked n I’ll nvr vote for them again. I LIKE HAVING A PRESIDENT THAT ONLY PAYS HIMSELF 1 DOLLAR A DAY N THEN CONTRIBUTES ALL THAT HE MAKES TO WORTHY CHARITIES. THATS THE PRESIDENT I WANT PLUS HE NEEDS TO DO A GOOD JOB AS WELL.

  2. Why are we supporting this Regime? We do not need their oil or their support. Let them Drink and Bathe in their oil. Why are we supporting these Barbaric Regimes?

    • I agree with your question, I believe the reason we are a so called allies of this cruel, sadistic, Godless country is strictly political . We don’t want to see countries who we now see as at least friendly to us left to fall into the hands of the Russians, Iranians and Turkey to name a few countries who could use Saudi oil revenue and most importantly send the whole Middle East into a total upset that could drag Europe and other nations into a huge war.

  3. A scathing report against a supposed allies of the United States, the crown prince and the Saudi government, for beheading young muslim men….

    Yet, you’d never see this same reporter writing such a scathing report against muslim religious leaders or against muslim governments for the beheading of Christians, and other non-muslims, around the world. It would just be “some people did something….”

  4. These savages are STILL living in the 6th and 7th century and pissed off with the Crusades that tried to eliminate their barbaric ideology scribed by a pedophile from hell. Since our “protective” federal overseers can’t see past their arm pits and pen all kinds of useless crap, all we can do is ammo up and get ready to protect our family and property. After all, the local ‘authorities’ are only minutes away while our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms is only seconds away. That’s just my take on the situation. Not sorry if I offended all of the cupcakes and snowflakes and bought-and-paid for wussified corrupt politicians.

  5. How dare they punish people for having thoughts different than the leaders? Who do they think they are – students at Cal Berkely?

  6. Hey, maybe we can bring this peace loving action to America in defense of Trump. He can line up all the Democrats, RINO’s, Muslims and snowflakes all at once. Oh, and don’t forget all the illegals too.
    This is a spoof but don’t think for one minute the other side (liberal anti-Americans) would love to just do that to us conservatives in a heartbeat.

  7. Such is the “religion” of peace, in reality a godless, barbarous political system. Leave them all in the Middle East to practice their savage deeds. Muslims have no place in any society that purports to be civilized.


  9. F’N LIBTARDS are using the same tactics by if you don’t do what i say then we will destroy you.

  10. The torture and death of a young man who says something against the government in Saudi, should NOT BE EXECUTED. BUT THE BARBARIC muslims HAVE NOT changed in, FOREVER. NEVER WILL. The problem in USA, liberals and demos see nothing wrong with this. If an Islamic presence keeps growing in this country, especially in states where they are embedded, this behavior will carry over into our lives. The idea that any Islamic areas in this country, MINN., MICH, will stop other people from coming through or into that area, is a danger we can NOT allow to exist. IF the cult says, we WILL get a large, overwhelming presence and will move in to power. We will use your own laws against you to get them changed, DONE! We will get into your schools, change to our way by complaining of threaten lawsuits, We will get into your government, places of law making, to REALLY GET YOU AMERICANS TO REMOVE LAWS TO OUR BENEFIT. THIS is ridiculous, change to the WORSE CONDITIONS. The dems and libs want them here, WHY?? Pick one place their countries are, that are not in constant turmoil??? Or other people, not islamic, being killed all the time!!!!!!!

  11. Sounds like it’s time to take the crown prince into custody and give him a life sentence at hard labor, with NO possibility of parole; since that country is so fond of beheadings, makes you wonder if they would give msg the same punishment they dish out to others. Since his papa does nothing to stop him, that makes the king guilty of atrocities as well. Perhaps the “unglued nations” could get the International Criminal Court to mete out some justice there.

  12. Such reports are always hard to read as we judge these by our standards – not theirs. We tend to forget that we can condemn such actions – but that these go on insides their own borders. It is still
    their culture, their government and we cn say that we don’t condone such actions. I guess some of
    our people forget that if we allow islamic laws to be used to judge Americans it is possible that this
    can happen in America. It is proof however of of the Middle East being a rough area of the world where nations like this are not atypical. But I also understand sometimes that OUR actions to over-
    throw those we consider dictators and tyrants has not had a much better track record. Because once those people are removed we get to se what they were keeping under control. Once we re-
    more these people and insist that “democracy” prevail – it typically hasn’t worked out well. We com
    plain about others wanting to influence our internal affairs – yet what is the difference we “WE” de
    mand changes from the outside. Nothing is ever perfect and I am certainly NOT condoning this, but
    it is their country. But the oil and get the heck out of their politics and let them kill each other if they want to and stop enforcing our views of others – with the idea that we can still comment that we don;t approve and if we don’t impose some types of sanctions from our side.

  13. Facebook censored me because I spoke up against Islam. I know that these creeps, if we allow it, want to take over, institute Sharia Law (I hope everybody know what that “Law” entails) all these churches in France that are being vandalized/destroyed is done by muslims, because they want mosques in their places. Islam is not a “religion” of peace, it is a cult of destruction. I have been to Saudi Arabia, and indeed, it is a shithole. People are forced to watch executions, which are held every week. Women are being stoned, they do throw gay people off roofs, and yes, they still crucify people. I say to my fellow Americans: we need to get rid of these parasites

  14. The real bad guys in the Middle East are the Wahhabis, who are the ruling party of Saudi Arabia.
    They became more powerful when King Faisal was killed by his wayward nephew, Faisal bin Musaid in 1975.
    With the Wahhabi influence, the Saudis have been responsible for 90% of the world’s terrorism.
    This includes Al Qaeda, Boko Hiram, ISIS and the 19 hijackers that flew planes into the Trade Center and Pentagon.
    Alastair Crooke, who used to be an M16 man said—-
    “You can’t understand ISIS if you don’t know the history of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia.”
    It is beyond me why this fact is not know by our media, politicians and Trump.

  15. Koran believing Muslims are animals (female castration, death if you try to convert, marry girls as young a six, cut off heads of people who disagree with them, bomb innocent people, etc.) and should be treated as such!

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