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Florida House Passes GOP Immigration ‘Sanctuary’ Ban Bill


The Florida House has passed a high-profile Republican bill requiring local law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and banning so-called “sanctuary city” policies that shield immigrants who are arrested.

The GOP-led House voted 69-47 along party lines Wednesday for the measure, sending it over to the Senate where a similar bill is pending.

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Florida doesn’t currently have any formal “sanctuary cities” like those in other states. The bill sponsored by GOP Rep. Cord Byrd of Jacksonville Beach would require local authorities to honor federal immigration detainer requests that can lead to a person’s deportation.

The bill prompted the American Civil Liberties Union to warn immigrants against traveling to Florida and triggered protests around the state. Democrats failed in attempts to weaken the bill or create exceptions.

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  1. Good for them. Sanctuary cities are traitor cities and all those who support them are traitors. Every politician who supports sanctuary cities should be held responsible for all crimes committed by illegal immigrants and should go to prison for those crimes.

    • Sanctuary cities and states and the Fed. gov’t is illegal because it was not put on the ballot to vote on, yes or no.

  2. Federal Funding should be cancelled to all states that support sanctuary cities.
    Our tax payers dollars should not support illegals!!!!!

  3. Finally a state has the guts to stand up and support what the people have been asking for. There should be NO Sanctuary Cities or States. If you are in this country illegally then you should expect to get deported.

  4. What is strange to me is that E. warren is ready to spend $640 Billion to relieve college students of their obligation to pay back student loans but the house democrats refuse to spend $8 Billion for a wall to protect this country.

  5. President Trump should followup on his threat to relocate the illegals that have no place to stay at the border to the sanctuary states and cities preferably California. Set up a tent city by Cher’s house, Pelosi’s mansion, Water’s house, Schiff’s place and the list goes on. The sooner the better and by the way, the Federal Government will NOT be responsible for the costs associated with these illegals. As a matter of fact, we the people are tired of paying for these illegals and all aid from the feds to the sanctuary states should be withheld. As Larry the Cable Guy says, ‘Git ‘er done”.

    • Now, THAT’S The Best Plan I’ve heard since hearing President Trump wanted to send them all to Sanctuary Cities & Areas Only..You see what happened, They All the Total Hypocrites pretty much said..”Not In My City or My Neighborhood”..as did Cher as did De Bozo of NY..I’ll Sue..Well We the Legal, Law Abiding CITIZENS of the United States Needs to SUE Every DEM, Left & Fake “R” who Supports Sanctuaries & Illegal Immigration & Blocks All Attempts to Secure OUR Borders! Also, there are Those TRAITORS who are Attempting to Legislate giving Rights to Illegals, to Vote to receive More Drivers Licenses so More Can Vote..Even attempting to Make it “LEGAL” For ILL-legals to Vote..Can’t Make this Cr– Up..Not to forget, they also want to Throw out the Electoral College..Of course..

  6. Governor Kemp? It is time for Georgia to step up to the plate and pass a similar bill. When can we expect this to happen?

  7. Illegals sneeking into Florida is nothing new to the people of Florida. They have had people coming from Cuba by the boat loads for lots of years. I might say that these people from Cuba are much better people than those crossing our border with Mexico. I think the Democrats are enticing illegals from Central America with money to get their votes, big reason that the Democrats don’t want the wall. The drug cartels are also lining some of these Democrats pockets for trying to stop the building of the wall. The rest of the Democrats are just too stupid to realize we need the wall. The Democrats are now just talking but in time there will be a war and the Democrats don’t have guns.

  8. Wonderful. Not completed and signed into law yet. Still has to pass the senate, both bills be reconciled and pass and be signed by the governor. But what has the United States of America come to when you have to pass a law saying that our law enforcement officials must follow the law including federal law?

  9. Just, where did sanctuary “cities” get the authority to become safe havens for criminals or illegal tresspassers? Whers the peoples voice on this ? I thought ONLY CHURCHES WERE ALLOWED TO GIVE SANCTUARY! When did it become a cities responcability? STOP THIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY OF “SANCTUARY CITY” it does not exist! This is a LIE! Wake up people!

  10. Now everyone needs to be sure that the local Sheriifs who actually control the jails, are cooperating. It is the Sheriffs decision so check with your local Sheriff on where he stands on this issue. As citizens, check on how many fed requests are made in your area and how many are fulfilled.

  11. Proud to be from Florida and Proud of our Governor for bringing in this bill, It’s sad that we must pass a law that says law enforcement MUST follow the law. I wish we could now make our Local County Sheriff do the same.


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