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Warren Becomes First 2020 Candidate to Call for Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) became the first 2020 presidential candidate to call for the initiation of impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump on Friday, calling it the “constitutional duty” of Congress following the findings of the Robert Mueller report.

Warren sent out a series of tweets Friday afternoon saying the partially redacted Mueller report released Thursday had laid out the facts of Russian interference in the 2016 election and wrote Trump “obstructed the investigation into that attack.” There was no other recourse for his actions than impeachment, she said.

“To ignore a President’s repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior would inflict great and lasting damage on this country, and it would suggest that both the current and future Presidents would be free to abuse their power in similar ways,” she tweeted.

“The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty. That means the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States.”

Warren told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday that she read the full report and insisted it wasn’t anything personal regarding Trump, with whom she has clashed repeatedly.

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Democrats have been projecting obstruction onto President Trump, yet they are the ones responsible for obstructing the 2016 election.

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  1. They should stop this crap because Trump is fighting and doing a great job for the American people with jobs and other areas. But, the Democratic party are obstructioning and colluding against all the great work he has done. They just don’t want to allow him to do his work of the American people who voted for him. They just cannot get over he is helping everyone not like the Democratic party just wanted to destroy our country and be a third country that we don’t want.

    • The fake Indian should know the Impeachment process puts the senate in charge of conviction of the House charges if she openly states our President is guilt before a trial she is prejudging and must take her self off the trail. It’s the law, oh she is not required to obey the law, she’s a Senator.

    • SO TRUE!! May I add Elizabeth Warren is a know liar of all things personal and political which has benefited her professionally! Do the voters know that she and the Dems are counting on the voter’s IQ being so low they will not think to read the Muller Report? Illegal immigrants … the dems CANNOT WIN without the voters who cannot read, write, and speak English! They need these voters at all costs!

  2. Please do, LIEalotta, you clowns will in the House and fall short in the Senate. That will guarantee a Trump 2020! For those who think he should be for whatever you STUPID people think and were to actually get enough Rinos in the Senate to go along, remember how the last civil war was for you TRUE RACISTS, it will be worse this time. You WORTHLESS LOSERS don’t have anything to run on and this is IDIOTS grasping at straws.

  3. A big liar calling for impeachment because Trump called the investigation a fraud brought about by the racist, hate-filled Democrats. Warren lied for years about American Indian heritage. We don’t need this woman in our White House. The Democrats’ politics stinks. For two years they lied about Trump. Now they are angry at Mueller because he found nothing. Trump did not obstruct justice, he fired a crooked FBI Comey.

  4. All those who are calling for Trump to be impeached should be arrested for suspicion of arranging a coup d’é·tat to overthrow the U.S. Gov’t and former President Obama is probably the ring leader. Obama’s wife called herself the Forever First Lady. Only a dictator says that. And these goons are on his staff. Charge all of them with Treason.7

  5. As Warren sinks on her own campaign trail of tears, and decries Trump’s disloyalty to his country, I say didn’t the Mueller report absolve him of any disloyalty? You can tell when a candidate is third in the race – in her own state.

    • It appears that on the Right you must prove yourself innocent while if a lefty you are never charges, and if are Illegal you are aided and abetted by the left Two tier justice system banana republic stuff from the look of it.

      • Consider these two examples that demonstrate “equal treatment under the Law” (as required by the 14th Amendment. Lori Loughlin gets caught paying bribes to get her daughter into college. I hear that because she initially refused a plea deal, she now faces many years in prison. “Cackles” the Evil Witch (Clinton) is obviously guilty of espionage and TREASON (and a lot more besides that), and she gets what? Book deals!

  6. Warren, YOU are the one who should be removed from gvt. YOU are the liar, cheat, anti-american. YOU are a disgrace to this country. BTW, want to tell everyone why you became a democrat when in your 40s AFTER taking a job with Harvard? YOU are bought by political agendas. and don’t care about this country and it’s CITIZENS. Go back under the masshole rock you came from

  7. Hey Elizabeth who I dont even remember ur last name as soon as u gal and guy make a call for impeachment ur the ones that will be thrown in jail for trying to steal the the gov also u should learn something never go down that alley in vain because once u start u’ve got to take it all the way and u cronies are are wrong

  8. Elizabeth Warren belongs in PRISON. Her claims of being of “Indian” descent as a basis for abusing Harvard’s affirmative action policies is FRAUD. FRAUD is a FELONY (not to mention a High Crime and/or Misdemeanor! – which are grounds for Impeachment, if you ever did slime your way into the White House!) Hey, Lizzy, put that in your Peace Pipe and SMOKE IT!
    Also, you can take your “wealth asset tax” proposal and shove it up your butt!

    • Kevin, would you be subject to the “wealth tax’? Something about the way you state things makes me think you’re not a very classy guy. It’s hard for me to believe that anybody would pay you very much or buy anything from you.

  9. This crazy woman should know about impeachment because she was impeached from being a native american because she lied her entire life to gain from being a minority person. What gives this fake phony liar the right to judge anyone else and call for the president to be impeached when her entire life was living a lie

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