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Top Mueller Report Takeaways So Far


Now that the redacted 448-page Mueller report has been released to the public, people on both sides of the aisle have been madly poring over the results of the special counsel’s 22-month Russia probe.

Prosecutors closely examined whether Donald Trump or members of his 2016 campaign conspired with Russia to release emails which were damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC, and/or any involvement with the Kremlin’s social media disinformation campaigns.

The investigation also covered whether Trump associates operated as unregistered Russian (and in one case Israeli) agents, and whether the infamous June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian attorney violated campaign finance laws as a “thing-of-value” offered by foreign governments, or crossed any other legal boundaries.

At the end of the day, Mueller and his team did not find that any Trump campaign associates were operating on behalf of a foreign government in connection with the 2016 election. Mueller did, however, find Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates guilty of crimes connected to their work for the Ukrainian government prior to their involvement with Trump.

There are a mountain of pages and footnotes to go through, but here are some takeaways so far:

  • Mueller was unable to establish that Trump committed any underlying crimes. 

“Unlike cases in which a subject engages in obstruction of justice to cover up a crime, the evidence we obtained did not establish that the president was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference,” the report reads.

  • Mueller considered pressing charges in connection with the Trump Tower meeting. 

The special counsel’s office considered prosecuting the Trump Tower meeting as a campaign-finance violation, however declined because they didn’t have “admissible evidence” likely to prove that Trump officials “wilfully” acted, or that the information offered by the Russians exceeded the threshold for prosecution.

Interestingly – the Mueller report completely omits the involvement of Fusion GPS in the Trump tower meeting – as the Russian attorney involved in it, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was a Fusion GPS associate and met with founder Glenn Simpson before and after the Trump Tower meeting.


Also noteworthy is that the Trump Tower meeting investigation “did not identify evidence connecting the events of June 9 & the GRU’s hack-and-dump operation.


  • Mueller looked at charging Trump aide George Papadopoulos as an agent of Israel.


  • Trump worried that the Special Counsel investigation would end his presidency. 

According to the Mueller report, when then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions let Trump know about the appointment of a special counsel, Trump replied: “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked,” adding “How could you allow this to happen, Jeff?”

Trump goes on to say: “Everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels it ruins your presidency. It takes years and years and I won’t be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

  • Former White House attorney Don McGahn threatened to resign.

McGahn was ready to hand in his resignation as White House counsel in June 2017 when Trump directed him to tell Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein that “Mueller has to go,” per the report.

“In response to that request, McGahn decided to quit because he did not want to participate in events that he described as akin to the Saturday Night Massacre,” during the Nixon administration. McGahn would stay on as White House counsel for for another 16 months.

More takeaways: 


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  1. Mark Levin was just on Fox & Friends a few minutes ago, and he pointed out that Vol 2 of the Mueller Report, is nothing but toilet paper (my words). Sources are not cited, and there’s no indication any of it contains sworn testimony, which could be used as evidence in a court of law.They indicate their disappointment in Trump’s written answers, because they weren’t able to use them as a perjury trap, the way they could have used his answers in a face to face interview. Unlike Vol 1, which is redacted because it contains grand jury and national security evidence, Vol 2 is hearsay, not admissible as evidence in a court or law. Not to mention the whole investigation was triggered by the “Dossier”, which was a lie, to begin with, making the whole investigation unnecessary and, probably, illegal, in the first place.

      • You’re obviously confused. Your reference should read CNN and MSNBC. Their combined viewership and ratings have been exceeded by those of FNC for 67 consecutive months. FNC is the most trusted and watched cable news source and it’s not even close. MAGA!

      • Of course you mean after CNN, MSNBC, ABC, AND NBC also known as the democratic news networks. I mean they have reported all along the absolute opposite of what the true story is, and each time they did a story you could almost see them salivating at the specter of Trump being guilty of something. Let’s see how well the outcome when the investigation turns to the true crime family, the Clinton’s. I wonder how all that will be reported

  2. The real investigation should begin ASAP and we will find out that the Democrats are the Colluders and Obstructers. They have prevented and obstructed President Trump from doing his Job for the Real American People!

    • Au contraire. The entire Mueller-Rosenstein episode was and is a total hoax and fabrication generated by the opposition in the personage of the DNC and HRC campaign. It had no legal basis from the get-go. The embarrassing data released from the DNC servers was an inside job, done by jump-drive transfer and not outside hacking as e-forensics have shown. The whole Russian hacking charade was developed to cover the DNC and HRC embarrassment for the insider release. Remember the DNC wouldn’t allow the FBI to examine their servers after the so-called “Russian hacking.”

      Personally, I hope the House Demo_rats aggressively pursue further investigations and impeachment. The negative fallout and blow-back will be HUGE. And, it will dramatically illustrate what unamerican political hacks and Socialists they really are. MAGA!

    • Tommy you are Very ignorant. Can you even fog a mirror. No prosecuted in any exonerated anyone for anything. It is totally binary, guilty or not guilty, Period. By the way, what were the charges? Have you seen any charges leveled on POTUS? No. You also can’t obstruct a non-criminal event, period.

      • Though I agree with your initial comments, your point about no possibility for Obstruction absent an underlying crime is incorrect. Scooter Libby was indicted and did prison time for both perjury & Obstruction of Justice in the Valery Plame affair years back. You’ll recall the leaker of her Security CIA Status, Richard Armitage, was not charged.

    • Millions of tax dollars spent on a Democratic directed investigation that turned up nothing illegal and Democrats just can’t handle it. The POS Democrats from California and New York can’t handle the fact they wasted countless millions on attorney fees for who know how many lawyers just to find no collusion and no charges for any Trump campaign personal. I would love to see the President file liable and slander lawsuits against those that started this and tried to destroy the President of the US.

  3. I should have thought of this earlier…my belief is that the report will remain inconclusive.
    Neither side can remain objective. Both serve to emphasize their personal subjective positions, for which by definition they have no awareness. Investigation after investigation will produce no
    objective information…it is all so useless, nay, worthless. One’s intyerpretation is as good as another’s Let’s get on with solving the nation’s existential problems, and start with immigration.

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