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Reps Cummings, Waters, And Schiff Sign Secret MOUs To Target Trump


Via SaraCarter.com,

Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Elijah Cummings and Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters executed a secret Memorandum of Understanding to “target” President Trump and subpoena all his financial and banking records, according to a letter sent to Cummings from ranking committee member Rep. Jim Jordan.

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Further, Jordan’s letter indicates that other MOUs have apparently been signed and agreed to with House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Ca, who has promised to continue investigations into the president despite findings by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office that there was no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller’s 400 page report several weeks ago and the redacted version of the report is expected to be released by the DOJ this Thursday.

On Monday, Jordan sent a memorandum explaining his objections to the partisan behavior of Cummings and “unprecedented subpoena to Mazars USA LLP,” as reported by SaraACarter.com.

“We’d describe (the MOUs) as an agreement to conspire and coordinate their efforts to attack and investigate POTUS,” said a congressional official with knowledge of the MOUs.

“This is not how committee’s normally operate. Dems aren’t interested in legislating. Only attacking POTUS.”  

Jordan emphatically objected to the secret MOUs and excoriated Democrats who “did not consult with Republican Members of the Committee or allow Members to consider and debate the terms of your MOU before executing the MOU with Chairwoman Waters. You did not disclose the MOU’s existence to Members or the American people until after I raised the matter.”

In the letter Jordan asks Cummings to “provide greater transparency around your secretive conduct.”

Jordan also requested that Cummings answer specific questions about the MOUs.

“If you intend to continue to use the Committee’s limited resources to attack President Trump for political gain, I hope that you will at least be transparent about your actions,” said Jordan at the end of his letter.

“Your ability to function as a fair and unbiased finder of fact is now at grave risk. The Members of the Committee – and, more importantly, the American citizens we represent – deserve to know exactly how you are leading this Committee. I look forward to your detailed answers to these questions.”

Questions for Cummings


How many MOUs with committee chairpersons have you signed as Chairman since the beginning of the 116th Congress?

Would you provide the Committee with a detailed list of the other MOUs you have signed, including their dates, signatories, and topics?

Why did you not publicly disclose that you had signed MOUs with committee chairpersons?

Will you publicly disclose all the MOUs you have signed as Chairman since the beginning of the 116th Congress?

Why did you choose not to consult with any Republican Members before signing these MOUs?

Have you signed any MOUs as Chairman with any entities outside of the House Representatives relating to the Committee’s oversight or legislative work?

To the extent your MOUs create duties for the Committee that conflict with the Rules of the House of Representatives or the Rules of the Committee, which duties prevail?

The Rules of the Committee for the 116th Congress do not authorize the Chairman to bind the Committee through an MOU. Could you explain the specific authority that allows you to bind the Committee through an MOU without first obtaining approval through a vote of the Committee?

As I understand your MOU with Chairwoman Waters, you have committed to sharing Committee information with the Financial Services Committee. This provision of your MOU may conflict with Rules of the House of Representatives and the Committee’s whistleblower protocol, which requires the Committee to keep some Committee information confidential. Will you still protect the confidentiality of whistleblower information notwithstanding your apparent obligation to share it with the Financial Services Committee?

As I understand your MOU with Chairwoman Waters, you have agreed to consult with her before issuing a subpoena. Do you intend to consult with Chairwoman Waters before or after you consult with me, as required by Committee Rules? If I object to your proposed subpoena, do you intend to consult with Chairwoman Waters before or after the Committee votes, as you promised in the Committee’s organizing meeting?

As I understand your MOU with Chairwoman Waters, you have declined to include any provision protecting the Minority’s rights to documentary or testimonial information. Can you guarantee that Minority Members will have the same access to documentary or testimonial information under this MOU as we do in every other Committee inquiry?

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  1. Well you better NOT be using TAX dollars for your imbecilic witch hunt, especially after your Mueller investigation ALREADY exonerated the President. Any funds you use should come directly from your communist DNC, and your own pocket. What a puke you are, an anti-American, pro communist, piece of excrement, with a brain the size of Pissloosely’s, smaller than a walnut and slightly larger than a poppy seed. Help save this country, you can go to whatever s–t hole that needs another fool.

  2. It’s way past time for these seditious anti-american, anti constitution obstructionist traitors to be forcibly removed from office!! They have violated their oaths of office to uphold and honor our constitution!

  3. Sedition by the law makers against the American People. If you were on a ship in the US Navy, it would be mutiny. There must be impeachment trials against these hateful basturds.

  4. I think there should be immediate stop to this nonsense and the communist leftist theory, and they should be immediately removed from the office. this is unconstitutional behave from them, and against the rules. fly them to communist country to live if they don’t like freedom and liberty and capitalism. how about that?

  5. We are being fleeced by the dumocrats at every turn. The hatred they have for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, DONALD TRUMP, has now become a certifiable mental disorder that in a normal world would make them ineligible to hold office. America wake up, you are being lead by a group as dangerous as Jim Jones passing out poison laced Kool Aid.

    Who we know lied for sure… Bill, Hillary, Comey, Strozk, Page, Ohr, Brennan, the list of democrat conspirators against Trump is long and deeply imbedded in the government. Mueller got nothing from two years of intensive investigation by ruthless democrat leaning agents who were hell bent on finding something on Trump. Does that not say something about the insanity of the dumocrat’s unwilling to accept the Mueller findings?

  6. IMHO, Cumming, Schiff and Waters are conspiring a coup attempt of our Government and should be brought up on charges for Treason.

  7. This is straight TERRORIZEM They must be criminally charged and prisoned. We as Americans need to get these problems removed from of country.

  8. This situation is totally insane. They ought to be prosecuted, and tried for trying to overthrow the elected President of the United States. And if they are not found guilty, they should be thrown out of congress, and the salary pensions removed with no recourse on their part. This would solve many problems that persist in America today!!!

  9. A bunch of FOX News heads, Open you eyes, stop listening to the conspiracy theories. We are one country, and a great country it is. Trump is not a good President. No way No How.

  10. Hmmmm. Now, when any two or more people agree, for purposes other than the compliance with law, to attempt to undermine (regardless of how it is worded) the President of the United State, through the use of threats and repeated investigations which they should know would only discredit him but would prove nothing, don’t they call that a conspiracy? In this case, it is a conspiracy to undermine the Executive Branch of the federal government. When that happens in some other country, it is referred to as a “nonviolent” coup. One of the signers, Ms Waters, has suggested, no requested, that her followers confront and harass Trump supporters at every turn. That boarders on violence since, if any fool tries to harm myself or my family, while out in the public eye, they will meet with more than just a “get out of my way.”

  11. Haters, liars and racists collecting a federal paycheck for over 2 years now to accomplish zero with regards to helping America become strong and successful again after Obama’s 8 years of failures . The only idea they have is let the country fall apart as long as they get to hate trump and get paid well to do it . Adam schiff is the most sneaky lying scoundrel that ever walked this planet and his worth to america is about the same as a lizard that crawls thru the dust because for 2 years now this moron has told us he has proof that Trump colluded with Russia AND STILL HAS NOT SHOWN THE PROOF ( LIAR LIAR ) Maxine Waters ( old leather face ) could scare the stripes off of a zebra with that mean and hateful attitude and she is advocating for people to get in other peoples faces so i guess she will be known for the new road rage . Hate and lies is all the democrats have in their pocket and i have never seen a group of non productive human beings as these knuckle head trump haters

  12. They are all a bunch of losers! Schiff has mental issues. You can see it in his eyes and the way he moves his head from side to side. Maxine Waters is dumber than a stump and Cummings, well, never has anything of importance to say.

    The democrats are totally hosed. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are two old farts who need to be voted OUT.


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