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Student Charged Over Attack at ‘Men Are Not Women’ Speech


A University of Missouri-Kansas City student is facing charges after he sprayed a substance toward conservative political commentator Michael Knowles during a speech.

Knowles was giving a speech titled “Men are Not Women” on the Missouri-Kansas City campus Thursday when protesters disrupted the event. Authorities said that during the disruption, student Gerard Dabu used a water gun to spray a substance at Knowles, who was not injured. Police tackled and subdued Dabu with a stun gun near the stage.

Chancellor Mauli Agrawal said in a letter to the campus Friday that police reacted that way because they didn’t know if the substance was dangerous. Tests later determined it was lavender oil and other non-toxic household liquids.

Dabu was charged Friday in municipal court in Kansas City with assault and other violations.

Knowles is a conservative contributor to The Daily Wire and published a book titled “Reasons to Vote For Democrats” with blank pages.

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  1. Charge this punk with everything legally possible. I am tired of these gutless twits attacking conservative speakers with impunity. Lets sent this piece of trash to a prison where he will learn manners.

  2. Unless your Chelsea Manning, a.k.a, Bradley.
    Was asked earlier whether or not Jullian Assange was hero/criminal? Answered, I don’t know, I have seen no evidence either way? But that he is certainly entitled to a sex change.

  3. The physical assault is completely understandable. Dabu’s whole world is based on his need to believe in a fantasy. He represents a growing group of people who really cannot tolerate the suggestion that their fantasy is not real. Suggesting the slightest alternative belief to zealots is like lighting a fuse. Dabu’s belief is that gender is a frame of mind – a thought or a feeling that can change instantaneously. This fantasy attempts to replace customs lasting thousands of years but provides no one with salutary benefits. The only benefit claimed is by transgenders who want to have access to the other gender’s shower rooms, bathrooms and locker rooms. But proclamations of being a girl do not, by themselves, depress testosterone production. So, if the rest of us submit wholly to the transgender fantasy, seriously negative results are inevitable. The only unknown is how common these negative results will be. Ironically, one possible explanation for Dabu’s actions is that he knows (at some level of knowledge) that his fantasy is not real and must expend significant mental energy every time some naysayer reminds him of reality.

  4. Pardon me… the police reacted “only because they did not know what the substance was”…………. They reacted right whether they knew what the substance was or not. What right does this creep have to throw anything on another because he will not allow that person to speak what he believes. Perhaps the this Chancellor needs to have a revue of peoples right to speak.. have a difference of opinion with out being assaulted. It is about time that these “college” students.. paid protesters grow up.. Understand the constitution.. the Bill of Rights … Hopefully these snowflakes will melt. Along with a few manners.

  5. If you didn’t want to hear what he was going to say WHY SHOW UP ???? you people in college are not learning anything but hate. You all need to take a good look on the mirror and see if you like what you see. Because of I were you I WOULDN’T !!!!!!

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