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Man Lights Himself On Fire Outside The White House


While most people see Friday as a day of celebration, with the weekend about to being, others are using it to light themselves on fire in front of the White House

That’s what happened on Friday afternoon at the White House, where according to press reports, someone reportedly set himself on fire outside the White House gates resulting in an immediate White House lockdown.

Even though the media has been told to go back inside, Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reports that about 30 Secret Service agents crossed from the White House to the driveway in front of West Wing for a briefing on the incident outside the gates.

She notes that helicopters are circling overhead as a light drizzle is falling, while the sound of emergency sirens fills the air as an ambulance arrives.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service twitter account said that “personnel are responding to a police/medical incident on Pennsylvania Ave. along the @WhiteHouse North Fence Line.”

White House press pool reporters are being shooed back inside the West Wing, though some are being escorted out southern exit

According to Bloomberg’s Shannon Pettypiece, the person on the ground, has been loaded onto a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. So far neither the identity nor the motivation of the man has been revealed.

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    • Stage 5 TDS-Trump Derangement Syndrome. Stage 4 was where Demwits were running their cars into vehicles with Trump stickers on them.

  1. According to photo, no signs of burns not even to his clothes or face, what little you can see the man is foreign maybe muslim, they always goes self-destructed like suicide bombers, but one cannot see any sign of anything burned on him. I guess he forgot the gasoline

  2. Can someone please tell me how the fire was put out? Seems to me if he lit himself on fire he wanted to. So why would you take away his will and put the fire out? I would of wished him well and gone on about my daily business..

  3. I would have let him burn to a crisp. He did it voluntarily, and it was his right. 1st amendment. Freedom of speech. Peaceful demonstration too. He wasn’t hurting anyone but himself.

  4. If this is what liberals are schooling their followers to do, it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that they don’t care about anything or anyone except empowering their party over the people.

  5. Did the liberal lies send this Dem into a Frenzy of self destruction? They really need to tone down their lies and rhetoric.

  6. One less wacko liberal (well, probably not. Will live somewhere off of taxpayer money the rest of his life with 24 hour nursing care) — America is better for it.

  7. BURN BABY BURN….. fake news… this guy looks like at best he burnt his Fingers playing with matches. Y-tube monks lighting themselves on fire… they do it right… this guy obviously didn’t really want to do it and was a Demo-Muslim seeking attention.

  8. You have to watch out for things like this happening , it could or might be an distraction to take you away from something else that is happening around you at that time. BE VERY ALERT OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS !!!!!!! , because you yourself could be in danger .

  9. First, if true its simply an irrational act to set oneself on fire to try and prove a rational point. That being said it still doesn’t justify all these mean spirited and ridiculous statements being lobbed out by the readers of this page. No I’m not a democrat nor a Republican or any party at all. What I am is a normal working class Texan wishing grownups would go back to acting like grownups. Fact is that until the name calling and childish Na Nana Na Na behavior stops and grownups go back to FACT based decisions it will only get worse. The main problem here folks isn’t Donald Trump or any of the other pathetic politicians (this means ALL politicians currently alive), its US. We are the power yet only weld it for our own selfish interest. Our founders knew this about humans (because human nature NEVER changes) and that is the reason they wrote the constitution as a limitation against human nature. If you can’t engage constructively don’t engage. Just my humble opinion.

  10. Obviously this man was either insane a democrat or both! Sad to waste your life for stupidity! But many left wingers are doing that these days!

  11. I sincerely hope that all DEMOCRATS folks this idiots lead! What is going on? These fucking Democrats have lost their damn minds! Nancy Pelosi is a crazy bitch! The law isn’t doing anything about the lawless DNC, so the people must! It is just ridiculous how the DNC has lost their minds!

  12. Follow, not Folks! I think the Democrats are the sickest people in the world! Obama was never eligible to be POTUS under the Constitution! George Soros must be forced out of America!

  13. Another idiot pulling a smollett.
    All for show, glory, a raise, attention, to push and agenda, etc.
    Probably paid for by the dems/libs/socialist/soros.

    Everyone shedding a tear for this imbecile ask yourself this:
    “If I was enough of a dumb shit to want to do this, how would I do it and make sure I wasn’t going to be put out??”
    Yup…Good old GASOLINE.
    You can get it on almost every street corner in America, it burns hot and FAST and there is NEVER a problem lighting it.

    So, as many have said, show me the burns, roaring flames and can of gas, this sjw used to show the world just how terrible Trump, America and all white, privileged real citizens are.

    Now if we can get the dems in the house to follow suit, but provide them each with 5 gals of gasoline. Instead of a that buck tooth tampon’s green new deal, lets have a Fire Sale!!

  14. Anyone want to bet? That this is one of those Islamic Lunatic’s? What? Is their religion teaching these poor people? It appear’s they have been lead to believe their GOD ALLAH is a GOD of HATE, BIAS and SELF DESTRUCTION. I do not want a GOD that insists on this horrific self-destructive behavior? DO YOU? Why not choose a GOD that promotes LOVE, PEACE and GOODWILL to ALL MANKIND/WOMANKIND? My Prayer’s for all the folks taught to believe in this Hateful Regime. You ALL can choose to walk away from this HATEFUL way of life? … Your in AMERICA NOW. YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE.

  15. So the 1960’s have returned. This fool must think himself a Buddist Monk . . . Here we see NO Burn of him or his clothing so he must be a Monk . . . After all the last time I had seen it the Monk was falling apart in at most 2 or 3 minutes & everyone for 3 blocks could smell cooking meat. That turned to burning meat soon … AND DEATH … NEXT time do it right & invite friends

  16. All you Trump haters will have your day when you stand before God and give account why you were so stupid to believe all thos lies you hear from the main stream media,who’s controlled by the devil himself.If you think the fires are hot down hear wait till your thrown in the lake of fire that will never go out.Quit being passive all you people and put your MAGA hat on and spread the good news while theirs still hope.🌋

  17. If only all of them would exterminate themselves this way. If this fool survives he will regret it the rest of his life. And likely blame PRESIDENT Trump or us Republicans.

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