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ABC: Herman Cain to Abandon Fed Reserve Nomination

UNITED STATES – APRIL 16: Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain waits to speak during his Revolution on the Hill Tax Day Rally in Washington on MOnday, April 16, 2012. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Facing a steep uphill battle in the Senate, Herman Cain is expected to withdraw from a possible post on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, according to a new report.

ABC News reported Thursday evening Cain will make his decision known in the coming days.

Cain ran for president in 2012 and served as chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City from 1995-1996. He also worked as the chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza from 1986-1996. Democrats — and even some Republicans — have questioned Cain’s qualifications to serve on the Federal Reserve Board.

Earlier Thursday, a fourth Republican — Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D. — said he would not vote for Cain. Without any votes from Democrats and independents, Cain’s nomination would fall short in the Senate.

Sens. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Cory Gardner, R-Colo., were also opposed to Cain serving in the role.

President Donald Trump has not officially nominated Cain, but he was planning to.

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  1. Darn!
    Another QUALIFIED man for a government position eliminated by foolish corrupt liberal progressive democrat socialists and RINOs!

    • Before Donald J Trump was Elected President…..I Predicted..That It would Be The Traitors In The GOP Who would Hurt Him The Most The ‘N
      eocons’. (Paul Ryan,Murkowski,Susan Collins,Romney,Lindsey Graham And Others) Which…has come to pass.

    • That is right. They do not want anyone they can NOT control. They are SCARED OF THOSE THAT CAN MAKE DECISIONS FOR THE BETTERMENT OF America,
      Demos as well as Republicans

  2. Oh God!
    You have raised Godly Leaders for America and the World. This is one of them!
    Speak to Him if He is your choice for this position!

    God Bless America!

  3. I thought President Trump was going to eleminate the Federal Reserve!! What has happened? Herman Cain is an Honorable man…Hate to see him go!! Shame the Dems are running every good person off from our Government & it is replaced with NON-American thinking people that want to destroy OUR COUNTRY!! SAD…..


    This Is Not 7 Traitors In The Left Bi And Dept Of Injustice. This Is An Entire Political Party Betraying The Country. The Communist Democrat Party Has Declared War On The American People. Their God, Their Country, Their Kids. Especially The Kids Being Replaced By Communist Oriented Foreigners. The Unborn Americans Are Being Slaughtered In Democrat Communist Chop Shops And Extra Dope For The Teens Is On The Way. Mexican Cartel Leaders Will Soon Take Up Residence In The USA To Be Closer To The Factories And Forests They Are Building For Growth. Eventually 20% Of The Nation Will Either Be In Rehab Or Walking Dead.

    This Did Not Happen Yesterday. This Is Death By A Thousand Joints. Look At Puerto Rico One Out Of 7 Puerto Ricans Are Heroin Addicts.
    The So Called Sophisticates Joke About Getting High Until They Die. The Democrat Communist Party Is The Party Of Death To America. The Divorce Rate Is Way Up And The OD Rate Will Make The Stock Market Blush. Look At The Ex Sneaker Of The House Boener. He Is A Wall Street Drug Pusher Now. The Market Can’t Wait To See Weed On The Commodity Exchange.

    Conservative Sites Hype Weed Wacker Stocks. Make A Fortune And Try Not To Miss Your Kid Brother’s Funeral. Obama Freed 5900 Drug Dealers Saying Their Crime Was Harmless. He Never Went To The Morgue On A Friday Night To See A Father Identify His 22 Year Old Son.

    He Also Put 5900 Illegal Guns Minimum On The Street. Dealers Need Firepower To Protect Their Goods. But The Democrats Don’t Want Illegal Guns. They Want To Kick In The Door Of An 80 Year Old Vet Who Was Singled Out To Be Made A Communist Example Of. Drop A Communist Dime And Say He Has Guns And He Is Acting Erratically.

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    Bill Ayers Told Obama 20% Of The American Population Will Never Surrender And Has To Be Liquidated. Now We Have Caravans Of Invaders Using Al Queda Tactics. Push The Women And Children In Front Of You Then Attack. It Only Takes One Spark To Ignite A Political Explosion.

    Jimmy From Brooklyn An Expert On Communism Says, When The Communists Win They Win And When They Lose They Win. The Greatest Enemy Of Communism Is Religion. Religions Feed The Conscience And When A Baby Outside The Womb Is Having Her Neck Broken That Rotten Feeling In Your Gut Is Your Conscience Telling You This Is Evil Beyond Imagination.

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    The Wives And Kids Were Consigned To A Life Of Poverty And Shame. All Benefits Lost And Their Bread Winner Is In Leavenworth On Suicide Watch.

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    Nukes Do That You Know.

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    Today’s Lesson Is No Charge. Don’t Learn It The Hard Way. Spirit Of America Party Radio Show On You Tube. Abutom.

  5. “Democrats — and even some Republicans….” Yeah! and what experience do the politicians have to be elected to the Senate and House. Oh! I forget – they keep being re-elected with the same old experience > ignore the U. S. Constitution and pass legislation NOT connected to any enumerated power in Art I, Sec 8.

  6. Men and women, who are practical, full of common sense and not Keynesian idiocy need not apply! But if you’re a Democratic Marxist Socialist Communist or a cooperating collaborator like all Rinos, then the Swamp can find a place for you in a unconstitutional bankers old boys club! Mitt Romney is really just a “snow cone” who can change flavors depending on your choice of syrup!I pray for the day that Utah voters, finally, replace him with someone who has real conservative conviction instead of a panderer. You should use as an example, the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • Yes, Dan, I’m not black but I thought Cain was an excellent choice for President until the left railroaded him with false accusations……That;s how rotten the dems are. They will destroy anyone who gets in their way..or try too.

  7. Eliminate all lawyers from consideration for political office. If we have common ordinary people serving a lot of the bickering and partisanship will be eliminated. There are so many aaa netting type lawyers in congress that common reasoning has been reen replaced by greed, self service and arrogance.

  8. Romney, Murkowski and Gardner (and Pelosi, Schumer, Mad Maxi, et al) are so full of hate for Trump that they would vote against their own mothers if Trump were to nominate them! This has got to stop…they don’t care about this country, they don’t care about the American people, they don’t care about anything but their obsessive hatred for Trump and their desire to take him down, no matter the cost!

  9. There should not even be A FED Reserve–they are corrupt and not federal at all–just a corp that gets $ from taxpayers as a charity–get rid of all bureaucrats and cut the congress salaries to 1/4 of what they get and no expense accounts–use all that $ to pay down the debt and make those idiots get another part-time job in a donut shop or mcdoomalds or star-ucks

  10. Herman is the man. The list of stupid RINOs keeps popping up. They need to be deported to Iran where they could join with the ‘Idiolas’.

  11. Dr. Richard. (Thank to Abu tom) The National debt is fraudulent, a nothing that we do not owe to anyone least of all ourselves. It is rather the Fed that owes us. It is payable in kind, that is, at best, in fiat, by any debt note, by the magic of a ledger entry at pennies on the dollar. All such notes in circulation will be instantly converted, by decree, into debt free US Notes. The backing will be the only thing of real value we have ever had – no, not gold or siver, but our National production. Gold is by far the worst backing for a currency, notice it is easily stolen & co-oped by the elite who love to hoard it & steal it after they sell it to you. Believe me, thus is exactly what we are fighting right now: the money changers are fighting for their lives.

  12. Problem is the American people lost a good person for the job. It America thatlost not Herman Caine. We can’t seem to get the good guys in for the Rinos siding with the Democrats. Swamp wins again

  13. Abu Tom— love your post! You are 100% spot on.
    God bless you!! America is in trouble! Democrats
    trying to destroy us! Pray for Mr Trump to be
    Re-elected by a landslide! Democrats must be
    Defeated!! They are pure poison! Not all , but a lot
    Of loud mouth soreheads ! God help us!!
    God bless you for all you said!!

  14. I;ve always said it. Herman Cain should have been the first black president, not Obama the Muslim. The democrat party pulled a Clarence Thomas on him…..

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