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Hunt For Blue November: Democrats Would Sooner Destroy America Than Lose To Trump In 2020


Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

With the likelihood of a Democratic candidate ousting Trump in 2020 looking like mission impossible, the party is resorting to a number of desperate and even dangerous tactics to steal as many voters as possible.

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Perhaps the best way to gauge the desperation that has overrun the Democratic camp like kudzu in June is the frenzy that has greeted the arrival of Beto O’Rourke, the former lawmaker who recently announced his candidacy for the 2020 election. If the Liberals believed in God, their response to Beto’s arrival would rank up there with the Second Coming of Christ himself, entering stage left on a skateboard, hair trailing behind with a hint of hope and gunge polluting the air.

Perhaps in other less delusional periods of American history, Beto the marionette, who gesticulates as if his strings were being yanked by an epileptic after a tasing, would be seen for what he is. Exactly what that might be is hard to nail down, but it is certainly not presidential material. Yet the fact that so many Democrats and media have worked themselves into collective hysteria over this guy, whose most notable career moves to date are marrying an heiress, writing exceptionally bad poetry and losing to Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race, speaks volumes as to how shallow the Democratic bench is, where a host of other unlikely players include Elizabeth ‘Pocohantas’ Warren and Bernie ‘the multi-millionaire Socialist’ Sanders. Then there is Joe Biden, 76, who didn’t need a leaker to spill the beans on his apparent intentions to run. He did it quite nicely all by himself. But one needn’t focus on the Lefts dismal presidential choices; there are many other places to find examples of Democratic decline and degeneration.

The Hunt for Blue November

If ever there was a perfect symbol of the political schizophrenia dividing the nation straight down its frontal lobe, it’s the yet-to-be-built wall on the Mexico border.

For law and order Republicans, the image of illegal immigrants gate-crashing America’s border is noxious to every tenet of conservative thinking, which has little patience for freeloaders, line cutters and ultra-violent criminals. Ironically, Democrats once-upon-a-time also looked upon the arrival of undocumented immigrants with an equal amount of wariness and alarm, until they realized that the invasion translated nicely into future voters. Then, concerns about a criminal element overrunning the country vanished as Republicans were labeled the racists and fear mongers for having the audacity to defend the border. Now there is even talk among Democrats to give these illegals Social Security!


Now that Trump has declared a national emergency and the Pentagon has found the pocket change to plug the border leak, the Democrats have plumbed the democratic depths for new ways to win over voters. And since they have no platform to speak of, aside from Trump bashing, they must resort to unsavory methods. One creative method for robbing the ballot involves ‘robbing the cradle,’ that is, reducing the voting age from 18 to 16 years old. Yes, allow adolescents who are too young to legally drink alcohol, buy smokes and fight in wars to participate in such discussions. Sounds like a genius plan. Although the measure was defeated in the House it shows which way the political winds are blowing. The Democrats understand that the minds of the youth, thanks to the liberal indoctrination they’ve been receiving gratuitously at public schools across the nation, have been for all intent and purposes “captured,” as Nancy Pelosi nicely described it.

Another effort to capture voters involves a direct attack on the one document Democrats seem to loathe the most, the Constitution, and specifically the 12th Amendment, which mandates that the Electoral College determines the outcome of presidential elections. Their desire to change the structure of the process is understandable since both former Vice President Al Gore and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both lost presidential elections despite having won the popular vote.

The Democrats wish to ignore the purpose of the Electoral College, which the Founding Fathers instituted as a means to prevent the country from being overrun by ‘mob rule,’ which it has successfully accomplished since first being implemented in the 1804 election. Without the system in place, the so-called ‘fly-over states’ would disappear from the political radar, while all of the attention would fall on the large urban areas and heavily populated states. Regardless of these considerations, which date back to ancient times and the Greeks, who understood a thing or two about mob rule and tyranny, the Democrats have endorsed the so-called National Popular Vote Compact, which has already been signed by 12 states and the District of Columbia, representing 181 Electoral College electors.

Some may argue on this point that the Supreme Court, especially considering its increasing conservative slant, would never allow such a motion to slide. Well, the Liberals have a plan to circumvent that little irritant as well. They will simply pack the Supreme Court with more justices. In other words, mob rule. Problem solved.

“The Kavanaugh court is a partisan operation, and democracy simply cannot function when stolen courts operate as political shills,” Brian Fallon, director of Demand Justice and a former Hillary Clinton press secretary, told Politico.

“We are thrilled to… undo the politicization of the judiciary.”

Especially when that ‘politicization’ does not favor the left.

And here is where the whole notion of ‘mob rule’ stands out in stark contrast with the original intentions of Americas Founders. Despite their purported concern about foreign entities, namely Russia, tarnishing the squeaky clean US political machine, the Democrats are totally fine with illegal aliens participating in the election process. Nothing speaks ‘mob rule’ more than that decision, which shows exactly how far the Democrats are willing to subvert the political process, not to mention the rule of law, in order to extend their cultural and political control over the country. These unhinged efforts, which have absolutely nothing in common with democratic principles, must be stopped for the sake of the Republic.

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  1. As this headline says, The DumboRATS are more interested in their own Party then they are in AMERICA and the AMERICSN PEOPLE. They will spend many more millions until either they GET TRUMP or THEY RUIN AMERICA. They are like a little kid throwing temper tantrums, they will not stop until they get what they want. Or they are put in their place and punished. The only way to stop them is to have a RED HOT 2020 ELECTION AND GET THEM OUT OF COMGRESS AND KEEP THEM OUT OH THE WHITE HOUSE. it is up to the PATRIOTIC AMERICAN PEOPLE. This is no longer DumboRAT VS REPUBLICAN, IT IS THE AMERICA WE KNOW AND LOVE OR SOCIALISM.

    • Right! The headline really says it all, except for their quest for power and control over the entire world, a goal they share with Communists and Muslims.

  2. Dems are now people without souls………………….really sad………….they are willing to totally ruin America by going Socialist Communist rather than lose to our Great President Trump……AGAIN~
    They have sold their souls to the Devil………Obama corrupted every agency in our gov’t and tried to destroy everything good about our country…and made all our colleges just Indoctrination and Programing vehicles for Communism……….God stepped in and gave us President Donald Trump to make America Great Again……………..and he is doing it. God Bless America and keep us Free.

  3. The democrat hopefuls are a sorry lot, dumbest of the lot. Where do they find these slime balls. Oh, I forgot that Pelosi was involved. I suggest that all republicans make sure they vote and don’t think that liberals won’t vote for someone like Beto or some other moron even worse than him. They will.
    They would even vote for some moron that worries about farting cows, some of the hopefuls ARE farting cows.

  4. No matter what I say Hillary didn’t win the popular vote. With all the corruption that goes on in our elections who knows how many votes she really received. Bill Clinton never got the popular vote and the election results were fine as long as he won. I never thought I would see the day that the Representatives in Washington would care more about their party winning elections than doing their jobs to protect America and it’s citizens. The Democratic party is gone folks. They can now be called the socialist party. And that should scare the hell out of all of us. That is why they are coming after our guns. God Blessed us with President Trump. I know he is rough around the edges but he is the only one that could bring America back to Greatness. And I know some people say America was never great but it was. We cannot let the socialist win. And unless the election process in this Country gets straightened out they might just win. And that is the first thing our Republican Representatives needs to work on. Of course, there are so many Republicans that hate Trump or they have no back bone to stand up for America. God help us. They don’t even stand up and support the wall being built even with the drugs, rapists, murderers, sex traffickers, gangs coming into our Country. They are bringing diseases into this Country. I never ever want to feel the pain of losing a child, husband, father, mother…etc. to the violence and pain that some of these victims had to go through before dying. And they just don’t care. We see who they voted into office, 2 muslims and a loud mouth idiot. It can get worse people. More muslims could be in Washington. Hell, they hate the Jewish people and Jews helped them get elected. How smart are they? Sorry for rambling on I just get upset because of the ignorance of some of the people in our Country and in Washington. They want a socialist Country and I want a Free and Proud Country.

    • “No matter what I say Hillary didn’t win the popular vote.” How absolutely right you are with that ans all your “..ramblings.” Democrat voter fraud is overwhelmingly rampant, and has been since I was a kid in the 50’s. It’s how Kennedy got elected. Then when he countered the Deep State to reveal some truth, they assassinated him, and replaced him with one of their own who couldn’t stand the kitchen heat. But now, it’s even worse. Massive voting reform is needed to MAGA.

  5. The Electoral College is fundamentally racist. Southern Black Americans are effectively disenfranchised for the Presidential vote because in the Southern States there will never be an Elector voted in by Democrats. Thus Southern Black Americans and Democrats in the Southern States will never have a vote that counts in the Presidential election. Their Presidential vote is essentially meaningless. Without the Electoral College their votes would count in the Presidential election.

    Republicans have the same problem in States where there is never enough Republican votes to elect an Electoral College Elector. Their votes will never count in the Presidential election. For example, Republicans in Massachusetts will never have a vote that counts in the Presidential election.

    • The electoral college is not the least bit racist. Only you are.
      The electoral college just makes sure that all 50 states, not just 2 or 3 coastal states, have a say in presidential elections. Plain and simple.

  6. I was a registered Democrat for 54 years. No longer! Problem I see right now, there are too many RINOs in the Republican party. Vote them out!!

  7. I soon will be 80 and I ever .never seen such hatred toward a duily elected president..
    The way those democratic senators disrespected judge kavanagh was equally horrible…make America great again and thank you president trump

  8. Trump must win……
    This country will be screwed under demorat
    rule. It’s possible it could lead to a civil conflict
    if Democrats win. Sorry so simple, the Democrats are freaky humans.


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