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Consequences: From Transgenderism To Trans-Whateverism


Authored by Daniel Payne via The College Fix,

How is choosing your age different from choosing your sex? 

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A scholar in Finland recently proposed a novel new legal concept: The ability of people to decide their own age.

The academic notes the difference between “chronological age” (how long one has been alive), “biological age” (the physical quality of one’s body), and “emotional age” (the age one actually feels one is). The former one cannot change at all; the middle one can change through healthy living; but the lattermost one would be able to change simply at will, including legally, depending on how one feels.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. It is worth pointing out that the author of this theory seems both sincere and well-meaning, the frankly unbelievable proposition notwithstanding. But of course it rings very closely to the phenomenon of transgenderism, in which people are said to be able to choose their own “gender,” e.g. a man can choose to be a woman, and vice versa.

LGBT experts contacted by The College Fix would not comment on the similarities of the two phenomena – perhaps understandably. The silliness of choosing one’s own age is self-evident; but in acknowledging that, one must also note the cosmic absurdity of choosing one’s own sex. Both rely on a solipsistic and metaphysically untenable view of reality, namely that one can simply wish away concrete biological facts in favor of mere desire. Of course this is impossible, no matter the circumstances.

Yet this is what transgenderism has wrought: A world in which obvious truth is being increasingly abandoned in favor of deeply weird, antiscientific ideology. It is likely that we will continue to see more and more strange ideological propositions such as trans-ageism; these sorts of things will surely continue until people start rejecting them, up to and including transgenderism. But that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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    • And, very dangerous ones at that! They seek to destroy this Republic and enslave us all in a One World Government. What they do not realize is that when they succeed, they will then be eliminated by those in true power and control. They are merely expendable means to an end of us all.

  1. “The silliness of choosing one’s own age is self-evident; but in acknowledging that, one must also note the cosmic absurdity of choosing one’s own sex.”

    A great point that doesn’t stop at transgenderism alone: When a mindset thinks itself the centre of the universe, Humanism reigns supreme and, if unencumbered by reason, all things are thought possible; the danger of such an unbridled philosophy is, as history has demonstrated, dangerous.

  2. What? in the name of all that is sane are these people drinking or smoking or eating? Where do they get the time for such inane pondering and who cares what they have to say about any of it at all and why would any adult admit that he/she had such childish thoughts.? Just the fact that they have admitted that they thought up this crap is reason enough to have them committed to some institution for the mentally ill.

  3. Why is this even being allowed? Some application’s such as job and information have a third option! Just stop the madness! We were allowed to pretend we were someone else as children in the backyard, now it’s time to grow up!

  4. The gender you were born with IS YOUR GENDER! No matter what you do to your body, your DNA tells the truth. You can’t change the facts just because they may not suit you at the moment.

    • you are cling to a false idea that you are the judge of others only god is our judge each person is made different by millions of years of diversity each person tells you who they are you have no right to oppress others to please your self

  5. Everyone is forgetting that one’s hormones play a big part in who one is. It is easy to claim you know how someone else feels about themselves or what is going on in someone else’s mind when in actuality you don’t really know. One can be born male or female, but it is the “set” of hormones one receives at birth that is a huge factor in how one perceives oneself. Absolutely no one has the same set of hormones. Just because one is born male or female doesn’t mean that each has received the exact same proportion of male or female hormones. No one receives ALL male or ALL female hormones. Else why do women grow a beard or mustache or men grow breasts? Before you make fun of someone else or state that you know they are wrong and can’t possibly know in their mind that they are not the gender they were named at birth – you ought to step back and consider that maybe you have made a snap judgement and should rethink what you believe.


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