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With RussiaGate Over Where’s Hillary?


Authored by Tom Luongo,

During most of the RussiaGate investigation against Donald Trump I kept saying that all roads lead to Hillary Clinton.

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Anyone with three working brain cells knew this, including ‘Miss’ Maddow, whose tears of disappointment are particularly delicious.

Robert Mueller’s investigation was designed from the beginning to create something out of nothing. It did this admirably.

It was so effective it paralyzed the country for more than two years, just like Europe has been held hostage by Brexit. And all of this because, in the end, the elites I call The Davos Crowd refused to accept that the people no longer believed their lies about the benefits of their neoliberal, globalist agenda.

Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the Presidency was to be their apotheosis along with the Brexit vote. These were meant to lay to rest, once and for all time, the vaguely libertarian notion that people should rule themselves and not be ruled by philosopher kings in some distant land.

Hillary’s failure was enormous. And the RussiaGate gambit to destroy Trump served a laundry list of purposes to cover it:


  1. Undermine his legitimacy before he even takes office.
  2. Accuse him of what Hillary actually did: collude with Russians and Ukrainians to effect the outcome of the election
  3. Paralyze Trump on his foreign policy desires to scale back the Empire
  4. Give aid and comfort to hurting progressives and radicalize them further undermining our political system
  5. Polarize the electorate over the false choice of Trump’s guilt.
  6. Paralyze the Dept. of Justice and Congress so that they would not uncover the massive corruption in the intelligence agencies in the U.S. and the U.K.
  7. Isolate Trump and take away every ally or potential ally he could have by turning them against him through prosecutor overreach.

Hillary should have been thrown to the wolves after she failed. When you fail the people she failed and cost them the money she cost them, you lose more than just your funding. What this tells you is that Hillary has so much dirt on everyone involved, once this thing started everyone went along with it lest she burn them down as well.

Burnin’ Down da House

Hillary is the epitome of envy. Envy is the destructive sin of coveting someone else’s life so much they are obsessed with destroying it. It’s the sin of Cain

She envies what Trump has, the Presidency.

And she was willing to tear it down to keep him from having it no matter how much damage it would do. She’s worse than the Joker from The Dark Knight.

Because while the Joker is unfathomable to someone with a conscience there’s little stopping us from excising him from the community completely., even though Batman refuses.

Hillary hates us for who we are and what we won’t give her. And that animus drove her to blackmail the world while putting on the face of its savior.

And that’s what makes what comes next so obvious to me. RussiaGate was never a sustainable narrative. It was ludicrous from the beginning. And now that it has ended with a whimper there are a lot of angry, confused and scared people out there.

Mueller thought all he had to do was lean on corrupt people and threaten them with everything. They would turn on Trump. He would resign in disgrace from the public outcry.

It didn’t work. In the end Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Roger Stone all held their ground or perjured themselves into the whole thing falling apart.

Andrew Weissman’s resignation last month was your tell there was nothing. Mueller would pursue this to the limit of his personal reputation and no further.

Just like so many other politicians.

Vote Your Pocketbook

With respect to Brexit I’ve been convinced that it would come down to reputations.

Would the British MP’s vote against their own personal best interests to do the bidding of the EU?

Would Theresa May eventually realize her historical reputation would be destroyed if she caves to Brussels and betrays Brexit in the end?

Always bet on the fecklessness of politicians. They will always act selfishly when put to the test. While leading RussiaGate, Mueller was always headed here if he couldn’t get someone to betray Trump.

And now his report is in. There are no new indictments. And by doing so he is saving his reputation for the future. And that is your biggest tell that Hillary’s blackmail is now worthless.

They don’t fear her anymore because RussiaGate outed her as the architect. Anything else she has is irrelevant in the face of trying to oust a sitting president from power.

The progressives that were convinced of Trump’s treason are bereft; their false hope stripped away like standing in front of a sandblaster. They will be raw, angry and looking for blood after they get over their denial.

Everyone else who was blackmailed into going along with this lunacy will begin cutting deals to save their skins. The outrage over this will not end. Trump will be President when he stands for re-election.

The Wolves Beckon

The Democrats do not have a chance against him as of right now. When he was caving on everything back in December it looked like he was done. That there was enough meat on the RussiaGate bones to make Nancy Pelosi brave.

Then she backed off on impeachment talk. Oops.

But the Democrats have a sincere problem. Their candidates have no solutions other than to embrace the crazy and go full Bolshevik. That is not a winning position.

Trump will kill them on ‘socialism.’

The Deep State and The Davos Crowd stand revealed and reviled.

If they don’t do something dramatic then the anger from the rest of the country will also be palpable come election time. Justice is not done simply by saying, “No evidence of collusion.”

It’s clear that RussiaGate is a failure of monumental proportions. Heads will have to roll. But who will be willing to fall on their sword at this point?

Comey? No. McCabe? No.

There is only one answer. And Obama’s people are still in place to protect him. I said last fall that “Hillary would indict herself.” And I meant it. Eventually her blackmail and drive to burn it all down led to this moment.

The circumstances are different than I expected back then, Trump didn’t win the mid-terms. But the end result was always the same. If there is no collusion, if RussiaGate is a scam, then all roads lead back to Hillary as the sacrificial lamb.

Because the bigger project, the erection of a transnational superstate, is bigger than any one person. Hillary is expendable.

Lies are expensive to maintain. The truth is cheap to defend. Think of the billions in opportunity costs associated with this. Once the costs rise above the benefits, change happens fast.

If there is any hope of salvaging the center of this country for the Democrats, the ones that voted against Hillary in 2016, then there is no reason anymore not to indict Hillary as the architect of RussiaGate.

We all know it’s the truth. So, the cheapest way out of this mess for them is to give the MAGApedes what they want, Hillary.

And hope that is enough bread and circuses to distract from the real storm ahead of us.

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    • Yep, and “Remember Benghazi;” as much of this Inquisition was smoke screen to protect Hitlery and the Deep State from their crimes against the country.

  1. Excellent analysis of this fiasco!
    My only addition is how involved, because we know it to be true, was Barrack Hussein Obama in this mess? I do believe he played a very significant role in masterminding this investigation and used others, including Hillary, as pawns.

    • Really, how could Obama not know what was going on under the surface. His frat house inner circle was no doubt jumping for joy over what was being thrown at Trump prior to the election and before he took office. But the trail is getting uncomfortably close to Obama. Judicial Watch has been granted permission by the courts to interview some of Obama’s top advisers, Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes. Rice has to readdress some answers she gave to Congress under oath after more information has been released from closed door interviews with FBI officials. And now it’s been reported that Ben Rhodes is no where to be found…… It was not stated if he could be forced to be interviewed. But clearly he is the link to putting Obama directly in the loop.

      • Every single one of US, with even three brain cells “know” barry fraudbama was the world’s worst fraud, ever foisted on the USA – -all thanks to lying, conniving, cheating, etc., by nutty nan, from San Fran, as well as the lyingbitchofBenghazi, the DNC and an entire host of dimwit commies. Almost hate to say “Let the circus begin”; this time nail every one of them to the wall and then hang them from public lampposts on the Washington Mall, for all the world to witness!

  2. Lock her up–or better firing squad –Federal workers and Civilian Federal workers go to jail for far less–even the Mafia Mob goes to jail–Her money is not of value –treason is
    Remember who died in the middle east as she blamed the video –really it was her, Obama and the gang

  3. Now lets investigate the real conspirators and hand down justice as warranted. Giving false testimony. attempting to bare false witness a crime? How about lying to F.I.S.A. Judge in order to obtain a warrant under false witness? Bribery? Selling out your country for personal gain? Are any of these crimes? Destroying States documents after Congressional request? No. What would be done to me if I had done these things? Nothing? Does the law mean anything anymore? Is it not what one does,but who one knows? Or blows? Do we need to start from scratch? We need our Founding Fathers back. I don’t trust any of you bastards!

  4. they the demwits are wanting to see Trump’ tax returns, how about let’s look into the obumas,palosiface,scumbager,the indian faker,maxinesmadness, all these people had no other job but politics and they are all worth millions, and when they are found out of crooked deeds lock them up.


  6. If Ron Rockwell Hansen, a DIA operations officer until 2006, got arrested June 5 and pleaded guilty for attempting to sell national defense secrets to China and faces 15 years in prison under a plea deal. Why can the same be applied for Hillary and the Gang?

  7. Without Hussein Obama’s help , Crooked Hillary would never have made it to the Democratic candidate for President.
    The entire Clinton’s clan and Ibama administration executives should be tried for many criminal activities. They Hussein Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton should be tried for treason against our country. By helping and abating the Iranian régime with an infusion of billions of dollars and giving Russia 20% of our uranium production . This is beyond scandalous it’s high treason.

  8. Yep, “Remember Benghazi”. Much of this Inquisition was smoke screen to protect Hitlery and the Deep State from their crimes against the country.

  9. i hope to god the all corrupt bunch of hipacritical democrats will face prison time for what they have done to this country and our freedoms

    • I think that is much of what a lot of American’s are thinking, if one Party can be investigated, so shall the Dem’s in the way they have destroyed and divided American’s and have stolen tax payers money to fill their own pockets, it’s a disgrace and the American people should stand up and hold the Dem Party accountable for their past actions against the people of America and against the Gov’t of The United States. It’s ashamed that the people that elect these people to office take care of themselves than to the people that elected them, traitors to the people. I hope the people who elected them will stand up and correct themselves and the situation. God Bless America and The President of The United States, President Trump.

  10. I want to see who has the guts to prosecute the dirty little butt wipe. Her whole family should be prosecuted. It would be nice to see them rotting in jail.


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