Home Politics MSNBC’s Joy Reid Suggests Cover-Up Underway With Mueller Report

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Suggests Cover-Up Underway With Mueller Report


MSNBC host Joy Reid suggested on Saturday that there may be a cover-up underway at the Justice Department now that the Mueller report has been submitted.

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Reid – who engaged in a cover-up campaign of her own when she flat out lied about writing homophobic blog posts between 2007 and 2009 – said that President Trump “essentially controls” Attorney General William Barr in what “feels like the seeds of a cover-up.

In short, Reid Barr – who has faithfully served some of Trump’s biggest establishment enemies for most of his  career, and is extremely good friends with special counsel Robert Mueller (who attended the weddings of two of Barr’s daughters) – is now involved in “the seeds of a cover-up.’


Let’s review Reid’s actual “cover-up” – when she said her website was the victim of a homophobic hacker who ‘inserted’ all those anti-gay comments to make her look bad; via the Huffington Post‘s Hayley Miller:

After screenshots appearing to capture dozens of her past homophobic blog posts were tweeted the previous week, Reid told Mediaite last Monday that she didn’t author the posts. According to her initial statement, “an unknown, external party accessed and manipulated material … to include offensive and hateful references.” Reid said that the newly revealed content “seems to be part of an effort to taint my character with false information.”

I can state unequivocally that it does not represent the original entries,” she said. “I hope that whoever corrupted the site recognizes the pain they have caused, not just to me, but to my family and communities that I care deeply about: LGBTQ, immigrants, people of color and other marginalized groups.”

But the hacking claims fell apart under scrutiny from several media outlets. Documents and statements provided to HuffPost by Reid’s hired cybersecurity consultant, Jonathan Nichols, failed to prove Reid’s blog had been hacked or that the disputed posts were in fact fraudulent. 

Reid issued an apology for her old posts, which included photoshopped image of Sen. John McCain’s head over the Virginia Tech gunman -who the establishment left began to venerate ever since they found out he hated Trump.

And Saturday’s Transcript:

“That’s the challenge. Unlike the independent counsel, which that statute was allowed to expire after Bill Clinton, which can be a runaway thing of its own — but at least that’s controlled by Congress. In this — which you know it will leak, if it got to Congress it comes out that day. But the fact that this investigation takes place within the Justice Department, which Donald Trump essentially controls and he got rid of the problem Jeff Sessions, who the one decent thing that he did was recuse himself. This guy is not recused, it feels like the seeds of a cover-up are here.” 

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  1. This female chimp, Reid, as ugly a woman can be, is actually talking about her own deeds, etc.,
    We call that in Spanish:
    “Un burro hablando de orejas”
    “A Jackass talking about ears”

  2. The departed one John McCain is probably burning in hell because he was also another Liar !!
    He is no Hero to me but an ass kisser to The Hanoi, No. Vietnam Leader, etc.,

      • Trump never said anything about mccain that wasn’t true!! I was there in the mid ’60’s and saw everything.. Even the destruction of the USS Forestall .. 08/68.. HE caused it!! !! A N D R E EEE

      • Its real sad, after all the things found out about Hilary and friends setting this all up, that you would still have the gall to text anything at all. Face the facts, the party you have been supporting has commited the worse crimes in our countries history. They used their positions to try and pull off the biggest scam and got caught and they are going to pay for it. While I believe Trump does say things that may not be true, he did not try and destroy anyone like this. Your hate is misdirected and need to start thinking of the American people, like yourself and take a real hard look at what really happened.

  3. You Stupid Beotch the only Cover-Up there has ever been is with HRC, the DNC, and the FBI. You disgusting bunch of Hags need to find another line of work, that program is unwatchable.

  4. Think about it, Everything the left has done in an attempt to remove president Trump from office has exploded in their faces, often times it has had the boomarang effect, think Mueller report. Even with the limited knowledge that we know at this point we know that the only collusion with Russia was between Hillary, DNC, and Barrack Obama’s corrupt to the core appointed intelligence heads and the Russians. We also have learned (James Clapper on CNN) that Barrack Obama KNEW that the dossier was bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign yet told his intelligence heads to push the narrative. We also now know that Obama LIED we he claimed he was unaware of Hillary’s illegal server, there is concrete evidence that he communicated with Hillary on the illegal server using an assumed name. Seeing that we also know that Hillary has SAP information on her server that was hacked by many foreign governments it’s not a stretch to assume that both Obama and Hillary exchanged classified material on the unsecured server. The penalty for treason is still the death sentence !!!!

  5. Joy, grow up. No cover up just your conspiracy theory. If you want cover up look at the democrats, Virginia govenor, his AG Hillary, Omar, Cortez just to name a few. From anti semitism, tax evasion, bigotry, racists and sexists. But do not look there when we hate Trump. I will not have coffee with Trump ever due to his personality. But I do not accuse someone of something without proof. You need to start looking at real issues and bring those items in to the media instead of made up stuff. Now defy the radical norm and be a real reporter.

  6. So MSNBC complains about a cover up how about the Mueller investigation not speaking to Hillary or any democrat that had knowledge of or fingerprints on the russia hoax like fusion GPS and the FBI and others!

  7. I guess someone let this fool out of her cage.

    William Barr is NOT the United States Postal Service; he’s not in the business of delivering packages to another branch of government.

    Also, the Attorney General is required by law to make sure that no one who has not been accused of a crime in the report has their name leaked out to anyone. That includes to Congress. If she doesn’t believe that, then she needs to read the specific guidelines of the Department of Justice (sic).

    Since this “investigation” was conducted by the Department of Justice (sic), it must follow ALL of that department’s guidelines, rules, and regulations, even the ones they already violated. Why should they violate more rules? They are not subject to the rules of Congress on this; it’s called, Separation of Powers. Congress wasn’t the entity conducting this Muller investigation; the most they could do was talk about it, but they couldn’t enforce any rules about it.

    I am satisfied to read what comes out when it comes out. But it’s not the press’ duty to determine what is and isn’t a cover-up–especially since they did their best to protect Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit from being exposed to any of the crimes committed by her and her associates since the time she was Secretary of State. The press has also covered for the illustrious and felonious James Comey and his activities while FBI Director. They have also covered for his associates in their sloppy, premeditated handling of von Pantsuit’s criminal activities in advance of her campaign for President. They have covered up for all of von Pantsuit’s associates during the campaign, including a Ukrainian official now under investigation in his country for aiding and abetting her campaign for President! But I guess collusion with Ukrainians is acceptable in a political campaign; it’s just that speaking with Russians is not.

    Now I will bring some Joy to the rest of my day, knowing that I won’t have to read any more stupid pronouncements of that woman.

  8. These idiots need to be stopped. I hope to dear God that the true Patriots in this country stand up all over America and say enough is enough. You all have wasted enough of the tax payer’s money and must think Americans are the dumbest people on earth. You all are pathetic and need to be reminded that you may be on screen all the time; however we know the worthless human beings that ever existed. The news media is a waste of time because they want to destroy America and Americans. Hell has a special place for all of you. May God himself kick in that dark fire. That includes Pelosi, Mueller, Schumer, Ilan, Tlaib, Cortez. Actually you should all be thrown out of our country!! Oh, b the way, take your Communist friend with you!!!

  9. Can’t accept the election, can’t accept there own investigation. These people(demonrats) DO NOT BELONG IN A POSITION TO RUN THIS COUNTRY! We let BULLDYKES like this think they can tell us how to think? Why would ANYONE even hire this POS!!

  10. Where is her brain or does she even have one? These same people kicked, threatened, screamed and threw a bloody fit when they thought that Mueller was going to be fired. Well he wasn’t fired, the investigation went forward, and STILL the Liberal left are not happy. They so wanted to invent or find even the LEAST LITTLE thing because they don’t like Trump and are still mad because they didn’t get their way and elect one of the biggest criminals that they could have put into office, Hillary. WE THE PEOPLE spoke then and WE are speaking now – JUST GET OVER IT.

    I would hate to live my life with all the collusion theories and everything that they currently cry about. That would certainly have to be one miserable life.

    • Muellers entire crew as made up of, predominantly, Democrats. All during the investigation, the “media” and Democrats were wringing their hands and salivating that Plresident Trump was going o be indicted. They kept putting forth the lie that President Trump was going to fire Mueller, which the President denied! He want,Ed the investigation to continue because he knew that he had done nothing wrong. Now that the investigation is complete, the nitwits are still complaining because it did not end as they wished. Now, I want to see a complete investigation of the DNC, Hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Kerry, et. al. for all of the felonies that they committed. Let’s appoint a Special Prosecutor right now, have him contact Judicial Watch and request all of the documents that they have been fighting for through FOI lawsuits, and secured. There is enough EVIDENCE in those documents to incarcerate most of the Democrat leadership. Let’s get this done before the 2020 elections so the American people can see how they have been hoodwinked by these criminals!

  11. Can’t accept the election, can’t accept there own investigation. These people(demonrats) DO NOT BELONG IN A POSITION TO RUN THIS COUNTRY! We let BULL-YKES like this think they can tell us how to think? Why would ANYONE even hire this POS!!

  12. Geeze ! In this day and age people are so obsessed that this was a given that those “unbiased” in politics and media will NEVER be satisfied with the results – constantly dividing and fanning the fires for ratings, recognition, and MONEY ! Drop it already and let the country “heal” a bit n/f go forward
    and live out lives. If 1000000 people accept it and 1 doesn’t that will be the ONE that gets the attention. Get over it, let it go, and start living your lives and stop ruining other people’s. If you all
    had any class I’d tell you where to go, except when do you tell someone to go who doesn’t believe in anything but things of the world ?

  13. The worst thing about these really stupid accusations like Reids is the stupid morons that believe them. They are the dumb-asses that vote for the Hillary Clinton’s and the Hussein Obama’s.

  14. Knew it was coming, just didn’t know what idiot libtard would do it. So the cover up queen did it, now watch it bloom. The leftist loons are the gift that keeps on destroying.
    Lord, save us from the lunatic left.

  15. The liberals and democrats never stop do they with their outlandish lies,plus Reid would not still be on the air if she were not a black female liberal after her old posts were revealed.

  16. There is a cover up allright, it’s covering up the lying, criminal activity of people like this Joy, and Michelle and Cortez, None of these people should be allowed to speak to a human being, they are all terrible people.

  17. The Hillary & DNC scam was for the people…and the democrat party news media swallowed Hillary’s scam hook, line & sinker…geez they are pathetic

  18. We would like to see Abrams and Reid beside each other because they are cuts from the same rag cloth! It was so predictable that they would come up with something on this Mueller report because he couldn’t find anything in two years of investigation on the President! Now the mostly Black Libs are trying desperately to find anything to get rid of Mr. Trump! We suggest that we need new investigations on the investigators immediately and the President should exercise his Rights to do that because they will never accept any exoneration of any Republican!

  19. Yea, Sure. You would have to scream cover-up. 90% of the media has convicted the Trump campaign and Presidency with collusion with Russia. Now that the report is complete and no other indictments, questioning or arrests are to be made, it therefore must be a cover-up. You dumb bitch. Stop this non-sense, stop your gossip, start being the journalist and news casters you claim to be but more importantly–stop your lying to The American People! I always believed and still do that The Dept. of Justice has been investigating the wrong people. It’s time to get on the right track and MAKE AMERICA believe AGAIN in our judicial system. TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA.

  20. What do you expect from MSNBC. On Monday, Morning Joe and his grinning gal will say the same thing. Senator Shumer has already given his spiel; he wanted the report to go to Congress first so that the Democrats could alter it before it was released to the public. As one of those damned Russians who voted for Trump, I say drop it.

  21. Cover up under way per Reid, dem wit propagandista? Surely since there was no collusion proven. However, there is no law against collusion Reid. Dem wits who thrived for two years, salivating via the hype of the propaganda machines that there would be something to justify removing a duly elected president from office. And the whole two years was indeed a witch hunt.

    Sick of the hypocrisy of the left. IN the witch hunt by Mueller and the dog pack all they truly exposed were their unlawful attempts to force people to lie and collude with their tainted investigation. Now it is time to hold the bad actors behind those lies to obtain their whole investigation accountable. The whole thing was based on lies. This was a criminal conspiracy of the highest order, time to hold the deep state, Hillary, and the rest accountable. Investigate since there are known illegal actions by the deep state, then extent further to the politicians and political donors behind it all. I have no doubt that will include Hillary and Bozo along with many more within the establishment.

  22. One tactic always seems to hold true in criminal proceedings and politics. When caught with your pants down….lie, lie, lie! The only difference is that in court when the gavel falls it’s all over.

  23. Joy is a militant black who doesn’t have the sense God gave a jackass..MSNBC has the most biased reporters on the planet and would never ever admit the truth about anything

  24. We Do Not Have A Word For That Kind Of Wing Nut But I’m Sure One of The Left Will Come Up With One After All We Once Had 2 Words For Sex Type Now ( I think it was Ohio State U. that spent 3 years & $49,755,950.oo on a grant {read that part as your TAX dollars} for that ”Study”) We Have 1097 Words For Sex Type . . . Then Too In California If You Miss Call Some One You Can Now Be Charged For It & Do 3 Years In Jail, Say Thank You, Governor ”Moon Beam” . . . ( that part I read back last Holloween & I think, it was in the Berkley Bee they pushed hard to get Moon Beam to sign off on the bill to make it law . . . what got me to read it was they where ripping (again) the idea of having Students with CCWP’s at the campus > > > Screw Them I’m ARMED They can die the Shiza Head that thinks I’m going to be easy will be dead ( my E ~ 4 means something just ask the Vet or GI you know )

    • “Then Too In California If You Miss Call Some One You Can Now Be Charged For It & Do 3 Years In Jail, Say Thank You, Governor ”Moon Beam” ”

      Here is a solution for FREE medical treatment of the old and infirm, call a transvestite by their birth sex, plead guilty and go to jail.
      Would this be especially attractive to someone who has no living relatives?

  25. Funny when the FBI refused to say that Hillary Clinton should be indicted for her e-mails that should have been on a secure system, there was no cry of “cover-up” from the liberals. How two faced can they get? Apparently, very two faced. Seems that they do this all the time.

  26. LOL, The batshit crazy democratic communists are going to all jump off a high roof if this report
    shows ther violations of law…… burn you bastards, burn!

  27. Bernie has completely lost his mind along with the others , WE WANT THE WHOLE REPORT TO COME OUT SO WE CAN SEE MOST OF THE EVIL THAT HE UNCOVERED. And we want to see it before anyone else does , before they can change things in it to benefit them (which they will probably try to do) . We want the original out for all to see.

  28. Stupid female neanderthal doesn’t even understand the “mule” is NOT any kind of “cover-up” guy for the President, or Conservatives in general – -HE IS “bought and paid for” by her own DNC!

  29. Joy Reid was the invited speaker at a major event at Trinity Washington University under the banner of MSNBC.


  31. Let the REAL investigations begin!

    We want to see all the REAL criminals investigated.. the DEMOCRATS who conspired to cover up Hillary’s REAL crimes & the rest of the Democrats who conspired to take down President Trump in the largest political coup in American history.

    The Democrats’ coup was like something straight out of a 3rd world Communist country! It was like something you would see in a James Bond movie, not in real life in real time in the USA.

  32. She is just another dumb ass DEMOCRAT that does not belong in Congress along with Maxine Waters, and other Democratic Congress People who have lost there minds and some of the Senators i.e Chucky the Dumb ass Schumer and Salwell , I forgot Dumb ass Adam Shit. How could anybody vote Democrat after this display the last 2 and half years of lies and using politics as a weapon to get rid of President Trump. Trump in 2020 and watch the Democrats go insane it will be fun!!!


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