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New Zealand PM Vows Gun Control After Christchurch Mosque Shooting


Gun control is coming to New Zealand in response to the Christchurch mosque terror attack, according to the nation’s prime minister.

“While work is being done as to the chain of events that lead to both the holding of this gun license and the possession of these weapons, I can tell you one thing right now. Our gun laws will change,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said during a news conference Saturday.

“There were five guns used by the primary perpetrator. There were two semi-automatic weapons and two shotguns. The offender was in possession of a gun license. I’m advised this was acquired in November of 2017. A lever-action firearm was also found.”

“It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack,” Ardern added.

Despite the deadly shooting by a white supremacist which killed 49 people, gun crime in New Zealand is notably low, admitted CNN:

…estimates put the number [of gun owners] at about 1.2 million, according to New Zealand Police. This figure equates to about one gun for every three people — a rate that is considered high when compared with Australia, which has 3.15 million guns, approximately one for every eight people.

That said, gun-inflicted fatalities remain relatively low in New Zealand. The number of gun homicides per year in the decade up to 2015 was in the dozens, according to figures compiled by the University of Sydney. This equated to an annual rate of about one death per 100,000 people — in contrast to the United States, which had 12 deaths per 100,000 people in 2017.

Rather than blame the individual who committed the horrific crime, the mainstream media and leftist governments are keen to shift blame to firearms themselves, which the “eco-fascist” terrorist admitted in a 74-page manifesto he used specifically to divide the United States on the gun control debate.

The Mosque shooter’s manifesto is filled with contradictions typical of an insane person. Alex Jones takes this story head on and delivers his break down of the manifesto meant to be a window into the killer’s mind.

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  1. The typical ‘knee jerk’ reaction of a progressive liberal hack put in office by a dumbed down, apathetic electorate. 1 death per 100,000 people per year that are gun related is hardly an epidemic! Instead of blaming the guns, maybe take a closer look at the people issuing gun permits. I know that’s not a ‘progressive’ idea, but rather a conservative realistic approach that would require something called thinking; a concept that seems to have been ‘swept under the rug’. The NWO is pushing hard for their ‘wet dream’ of a one world government and they are playing ‘dominoes’ with the smaller countries in an effort to lull them into an apathetic state and render them defenseless for the day when they will succumb to the ‘masters’ without resistance. The NWO ultimate goal is to bring down the big and powerful…..USA, Russia, China…..most specifically the USA! Our Representative Republic, a country ‘ruled’ by WE THE PEOPLE, defined by our great Constitution is a sovereign country like none the world has ever known! Because of this system, we enjoy great wealth and are the envy of the world. People from all over the world clamor at our doorstep to gain entry, but there is no clamoring to leave! Go figure! Unfortunately, in the last 50 to 75 years, our scrutiny and vetting of people who enter our country has become very porous and corrupt. When human traffickers and drug cartels can pay politicians to ‘look the other way’ while all manner of human debris and garbage enters our country, things can only go wrong…..and ‘boy, have they ever’! Today, in the good old USA, we have a corrupt political system that no longer represents the people, but enriches themselves at WE THE PEOPLE’S expense. We have a corrupt legal system, a corrupt legislative system……in other words, corruption abounds. Greed is like a disease and all these people want is more and more of the people’s money and property. They know if they can gain total power over the people they can probably have it all. The one thing that stands in their way is an armed society and that is the reason there is always the push to disarm the people and confiscate all weapons….
    at that point they would then take total control. Assuming that we have a government with those intentions, and I certainly believe we do, it’s not really hard to understand why the government constantly is looking for ways to take the weapons and guns away from the people. They know that the people will resist so they have to take away their ability to resist. 50 years ago a mass shooting was almost never heard of, but today it’s quite common……..what changed? The move toward a new world order or one world government has not been moving as fast as the powers-that-be would like so they’ve intensified the pressure to make that move happen quicker and one of the ways they’re doing it is instigating these mass shootings. Notice after one of those, the first thing mentioned is gun control. That should tell you volumes!! Wahe up America! Wake up New Zealand! Wake up world!! We’re under attack!!!

  2. Never mind TYPICAL, ROCK HEAD STUPID is the fact.

    PM Jacinda Ardern your way off base, in fact, you did not touch 3rd now go back to 3rd & get schooled . . . Your a fool in typical no think you are about to do as Australia did. You stated 5 guns 2 semi~auto, 2 shotguns but then you stated a lever action was found, I say found where? In the shooter’s car? Because if it was then it was not used it is NOT part of the Investigation, so find out or if you don’t then chargers are being falsely charged & can bust the court case where the DA & state will lose because lies where used to try the prosecution . . .

    You called it a ”Terrorist Attack” . . . Has any Terrorist group stepped up to the plate via video to a NEWS outlet & on said video stated it was them? . . . If not then you have to take that off the table & not allow the jury to have that in mind when they state the sentence or it can come back as a mistrial & will be tossed & they walk free . . . You & everyone else cannot say anything that will lead the jury, or court in any way for the very same reasons . . . The total in court has to be on your DA’s work & clean police full lab work only given to your DA & the lawyer of the defense, any leak will force the court to also call a mistrial . . .

    You stated you will put up new gun laws . . . That will be foolish look when Columbine happened America, Colorado, Jefferson County, Lakewood combined already had 9,765,385 laws on the books NO one of the BTAF, US Marshals, State Police, CBI, Sheriffs, Police did a dam thing yet all had paperwork of the gun sells, parents, took videos of the threats to the police & sheriff they did nothing. Go look at the NEWS videos of that day, we had police & sheriffs from 9 places Denver Lake wood, 3 Counties, the State & others you will see 1,153 uniformed officers of the law all stand around with there heads up their ass for 6 hours, Gi’s they are NOT ! . . . In Florida, the very same thing happened in spite of the first 9,765,385 laws & the new 4,855,215 new laws put on the books after Columbine 14,620,600 laws & again NOTHING then to add spice to it all 3 cops first on the call all stood around with there head up their butts, Just Like Columbine, GI’s they are not ! . . . Ballpark it you need 5 former GI’ for every 100 children armed as they wish but be ready to pay $8750 x 26 = $227,500.oo in pay after all they are way already trained + Bond + Range time & expenses of + liability + Insurance & do not put them in some hokie security uniform that looks like Barney Fife or fat old man joe at the bank for they are elite GI’s that come when the brown stuff hits the fan . . . Face the naked truth NO GUN zones are Tin Duck Shooting Galleries at the Fair winners do not get the 5-foot tall Stuffed Puppie ! . . . Don’t be stupid as AMERICA is under the JACK ASS PARTY don’t add more unfunctional gun laws use what you already have . . . Keep in mind Australia’s total gun ban & crime shot off like a rocket to the moon 5.375 times higher than before, it has settled but is still 3.65 times higher than before . . .


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