Home Politics “VETO!” – Trump Vows To Overrule Senate After Border Emergency Overturned

“VETO!” – Trump Vows To Overrule Senate After Border Emergency Overturned


Update: As expected, President Trump will veto the bill, as expressed in a one-word tweet on Thursday afternoon.


The Republican-led Senate has voted to block President Trump’s emergency declaration to allocate funding for a southern border wall by a margin of 59-41.

Trump has promised to issue the first veto of his presidency, which the Senate lacks a 2/3 majority to overturn.

I’ll do a veto. It’s not going to be overturned,” Trump told reporters on Thursday. “It’s a border security vote.

While Trump has framed the border crisis as a matter of national security, Democrats and some Republicans argue that his Feb. 15 national emergency to circumvent Congress over border wall funding is unconstitutional.

Twelve GOP senators broke with President Trump, joining Democrats to overturn the national emergency declared last month.

The vote on Thursday pit Mr Trump against some of the most prominent members of his own party and will force him to issue the first veto of his presidency if he wants to proceed with taking money from other federal agencies to fund wall construction.

In addition to some Senate Republicans who have bucked Mr Trump in the past like Maine’s Susan Collins and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, Thursday’s 59 to 41 vote saw a wider array of party stalwarts turn against the president, including Utah’s Mitt Romney.

In total, 12 Republicans voted for the measure, including Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Lamar Alexander. –FT

“This is not a vote against border security,” said Romney ahead of the vote. The Utah senator argued that he was concerned with the precedent which would be set by the White House using an executive order to move forward with a policy widely rejected by Congress, adding “For the executive branch to override a law passed by Congress would make it the ultimate power rather than a balancing power.”

The full list of Republicans who joined with Democrats against Trump, via Axios:

  • Lamar Alexander (Tenn.)
  • Roy Blunt (Mo.)
  • Susan Collins (Me.)
  • Mike Lee (Utah)
  • Jerry Moran (Kan.)
  • Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
  • Rand Paul (Ky.)
  • Rob Portman (Ohio)
  • Mitt Romney (Utah)
  • Marco Rubio (Fla.)
  • Patrick J. Toomey (Pa.)
  • Roger Wicker (Miss.)

Trump did not answer when reporters asked if there would be consequences for Republicans who went against him – however a White House official said that Trump wouldn’t forget when senators ask him to attend fundraisers or provide other help, according to NBC Bay Area.

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  1. I know that the congress people ignore the opinions of the people and never see the opinions of the public or just disregard them for the sake of their own political agenda instead of the security of the Nation but I am very disappointed with those who voted against National Security. Build the wall and protect our borders.

    • This will continue until we don’t have a country anymore – or at least one that we recognize anymore. These Senators MUST know that their actions have consequences!! We must work to primary as many of these as we can!

    • As am I! The Republican party is so fractured these days, it’s very frustrating. HISTORIC majority, the most pivotal key vote for Republicans, and we STILL had trouble getting anything done because of these RINOs and their hate for Trump. Had nothing to do with the border wall. We’re our own worst enemy. Even the RINOs are willing to let this country burn to the ground simply out of spite for Trump. Nevermind that key Dems just a few years ago were all for protecting the border, against illegal immigration, and agreed to 27 billion in funding for the wall! But now, not a dime?! Walls are “immoral”???? LOL I will never support any of these RINOs listed here after this, they’ve proven that they can’t be counted on to do the right thing. All of these people that are against the wall need to spend some time living there, even on some of the ranchers properties that they cross, leaving trash, and all kinds of crap. These people are breaking the law! And these people are duplicitous in their stupidity in promoting it to continue, and need to be held accountable.

  2. God tells us in His Word,” If you can’t follow the Laws of the land, how will you follow the Laws of God.” These are people crossing our boarders ILLEGALLY. It’s Congress’ RESPONSIBILITY to STOP them. Do YOUR JOB CONGRESS and STOP fixing everything on YOUR opinions. Put Jesus back in your life and in this nation …then WATCH how He will PROSPER this nation. Do you not KNOW, a nation divided will Not STAND ? A nation that REJECTS JESUS WILL colapse”THOSE are not my words …GOD SAID SO! Read your Bibles CONGRESS !

  3. To me border security is common sense. I can’t just walk into someone else’s backyard and demand they feed me, clothe me and house me. It doesn’t work that way. Governments are responsible to their own citizens, no matter if they were born their, or naturalized.
    I don’t get why the fools in Congress either don’t get it, or worse do not care.
    I am tired of political correctness. These people coming over, not all mind you are bringing in diseases that are resurging. Many criminals are coming across, and terrorists that want to harm the country. We cannot with a 22 trillion deficit afford this.
    What needs to happen is for each country to start taking care of their own, and not looking to the USA’S big tit to duck on. Time for other countries to look after their own, and for us to do the same. This globalism thing has not worked in my book- it is time to rescind most of it.
    In summing up, it is time to put a lid on all these people coming over. We can’t afford it, and I think it would be better that they stay home and fix their country instead of tearing ours apart.

    • AMEN as well! Ya, if these people don’t like their country, then they need to do something about it! They certainly seem to have the numbers! But of course, hard for people to do something against a tyrannical government when they have all the weapons, and the people have none. Most definitely a learning lesson to us that we need to fight heavily here for the 2nd amendment, because we might at some point need to rid this country of tyranny. God forbid that that ever happens, I definitely don’t wish for that at all!
      One another note, what kills me is that they let Obama rack up our debt more than double what it was, more than all the past presidents debt creation combined… yet they refuse to give Trump 6-8 billion for the wall with a 3 trillion budget, a measly drop in the bucket comparatively? So tired of our elected officials not doing the jobs they were elected for, and protecting American citizens, most of whom were born here! They’re more interested in protecting people that break the law every single day, and paying them! In some cases, they’re treating them better than our own citizens! Something VERY wrong with that! Where is the justice for US? When do WE the ACTUAL citizens of this country finally matter?!! At some point, we’re all going to say, enough is enough…

  4. After the elections I thought it would be a little better. Instead its worse and they have gotten so little done in 3 years. Before we had a gang of 8…Now its a gang of 12. Republicans have fought us tooth and nail and the left is just dingbatt crazy. Yet the republicans always manage to side with the dems. Ive just about had enough. We need to just fire everyone in Congress and hire the homeless. Maybe we will get something done and they will actually feel the need to earn their pay.

  5. Mr President you need to continue to stand tall and that’s why you’re defeating the deep state currently. They have always depended on Republicans and conservatives to be weak like McConnell and other Rinos in Congress. You need to take RINOs out behind the barn to give them a good whipping when you get the chance please. But be advised as they become more desperate they will act more desperately. Keep your guard up at all times. Please don’t be another JFK.

  6. Please President Trump..Veto!! We Cannot Afford to keep going in the Same Directions for Another Decade..We not only Cannot Afford it Financially, We shouldn’t be Forced To..Nor should We Continue to take those who are Only Running TO Not FROM Anything. These are the Dems Voters from the Intentional Invasion also for now a Solid Decade..It’s Blatantly Obvious for a Solid Decade, Ramped up Under Obama & His Administration, We’ve been Hit with Drained Resources that Effect US All.. Especially for Those of US who Pay Our OWN Bills, Food, Housing, Insurance, Transportation, Education & Health Care & some of Us who are Fortunate enough to “Afford” some form of “Security” that Now’s become a Necessity. Our Health has also been Severely Threatened in same Decade due to More Diseases that were Once Eradicated from Our Society & Our Nation are Again on the Rise..We had Our DR. who left his practice here years ago, about 6 or 7, after being Forced into Accepting Many More Patients for next to “Nothing” & had to move to a different area because he could Not “Afford” to keep his Practice. He was Our Dr for approx. 8 Years, he was One of the Great 1’s. He also informed us 6 to 7 years ago that WE had to be More Careful because Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria & Viruses were on the Rise & the CDC had Nothing to Fight or Cure what they could Not Identify. Now it’s Mumps, earlier last year it was Measles but for a Solid 10 years, there have been much worse Diseases that have Come In. If Insanity Is a Disease, Every Dem seems to be INFECTED. That + Delusion & Hypocrisy.

  7. They know we need to secure the border, this is strictly about control. If it was someone other than President trump, they would be all for it, at least the ones with brains. Some democrats agree we need the wall. Trump 2020

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