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Pelosi Supports Lowering Voting Age to 16

In this image from House Television video, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks Wednesday, June 14, 2017, on the House floor at the Capitol in Washington, as she talks about the shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice. (House Television via AP)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., says she would support lowering the national voting age to 16.

“I myself, personally, I’m not speaking for my caucus, I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16,” Pelosi told The Daily Caller after making her preference known at a Thursday news conference.

“I think it’s really important to capture kids when they’re in high school when they’re interested in all of this when they’re learning about government to be able to vote.”

The issue came up for debate last week in the House as an amendment — and failed — on the “For The People Act” that would overhaul U.S. election and campaign finance laws, The Daily Caller reported.

Since 2013, 13 states have proposed bills to lower the voting age, the news outlet reported. 

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  1. Age 16 kids these dat are so brainwashed that they cannot what happen in history, so many do not know what happen on the morning of December 7, 1941. And how many Americans died that day in a matter of a few hours, and that because the Socialism in our school under the guidance of so many democrats, our children Is believing that America starts all the war, but the truth is we did not start them but we sure the hell will defend our country by any means. Even though the muslim AOC has stated the Attack of 9/11 American asked for what happened.

    So tell me WHY THE HELL do we have Anti-American Camel butted muslims now sitting in congress?

    • 16 is far too young not to mention that our teachers are swaying the children to extreme left, so of course she would want this.

    • Twenty one is almost too young but should be the age for voting. Sixteen year olds are out drinking, partying and what ever and certainly not understanding the polictics of the USA. The Dumos have just lost their minds. Trump makes America great and Pelosi and her dumb bunch just keep make America worse. Please go home and retire but this Alexandra is another idiot who just does not get it. Help the USA.

    • Another stupid, non sensical proposal from the desperate to regain power hungry left! The United States of America will be taken down from within. The democrat party will single handedly do it. No need to fear North Korea, the Russians,China or ISIS – we should fear the progressive/democrats in govt. wake up America before it’s too late.

  2. Why sixteen? Why not any age can vote. Doesn’t matter if your court appointed parents wheel you there in a stroller. It is YOUR right to vote. F Democrats. FUSA.

  3. Voting age should not be lowered. If the young people are not old enough to defend the Nation, own property, have been able to finish high school and many other “adult only” privileges, they should not be permitted to vote. Voting is a right and a privilege and which requires reasoning abilities and knowledge that few of this age have attained

    • I agree. How far this Country has fallen. I’m referring to our government not the people who are struggling to make ends meet. Our Country is being run by DC and the big cities.
      Our government is a full fledged Communist Government. It’s time to do what Thomas Jefferson said is our right and duty when we are under the yoke of Tyranny.
      We need massive civil disobedience against this Communist Government. If they fire a shot then it’s on.

  4. This is insane. Are you kidding? You need your godame brains examined pelosi. We need to rid ourselves of these incompetent idiots that are ruining this country. No way should children be given the vote @ 16.

    • Randy, how do we do that? The elections will be rigged big time in 2020. If the Communist’s get their delegate in the White House they will turbo charge their goal of destroying America and all hope of turning this around Politically and Peaceably will have gone out the window. Only an armed confrontation could restore our Republic if we have the fortitude to do what our Founders did. I don’t think Americans would sacrifice all they had to do that. I really think that they will go along to get along to keep their status quo. Their will be 3% of Americans who will engage. That was how many Americans engaged the British. Not all Americans were on the Founders side.
      Tough times and decisions are ahead. Time is running out.

  5. 16? Really? Teenagers don’t even know to regularly use deodorant, change their underwear, or clean their rooms. They haven’t developed enough common sense or learned why the USA is a “Constitutional Republic”. Get a clue democrats!

  6. If the democrats Want the age, to purchase a gun, Raised to 21, then the age to Vote Does Not Need to be Lowered to the age of 16! At that age, a teenager is only concerned about what they will be doing on the weekend, Not who is going to Lead Our Country!! The Best Thing the democrats can do is to Stop Working Against Our President and Start Working With Each Other In Congress To Help Our Country, Not Continuing To Destroy It!! And Remove Those Muslims That Will Never Work FOR AMERICA!!!!

  7. Naturally Pelosi wants 16 y/o’s to vote….the left is starting to reap the benefit of brainwashing the next generation for votes….the same reason they want illegal immigrants here. It is all about the votes.


  8. I think that institutionalization while it’s fresh on our minds, is best for Nancy Pelosi, every other day, she shows signs of mental-health, problems!

  9. Just a few weeks ago the education “system” wanted to extend the high school years from 12 years to 13 years. Because they were not fully educated. They were unable to understand the real world. Then we have those that are in the colleges and universities who must have cry rooms. Safety areas away from those that might say somthing they do not agree with. At these same placed of “higher” learning the schools allow these snowflakes who disagree with someone to physically attack. These snowflakes are not equipped to manage their own lives let alone make decisions for this country.

  10. Richard is right on the money! The swamp definitely needs to be drained starting with Pelosi & her puppet Schummer! The sooner the better!

  11. I would expect the Brain Dead Pelosi to support lowering the voting age to 16 since she is just another LEFT WING LUNATIC WHO ONLY WORRIES ABOUT KEEPING HER POWER. THIS IS WHY WE NEED TERM LIMITS TO GET RID OF THE DemocRAT MORONS WHO WILL STAY IN OFFICE FOREVER UNLESS THEY DIE (Hopefully it is soon).
    What REALLY NEEDS TO HAPPEN IS TO PUT THE VOTING AGE BACK TO 21 OR EVEN 24 which is when a lot of Brain washed LIBERAL DemocRATS begin to have some COMMON SENSE.

  12. The DNC is a criminal-organization! When the entire party supports an ineligible candidate for POTUS, and allows HRC, and BHO, to rig their party’s Presidential nomination election, and the Obama Administration and the DOJ, tells the FBI not to investigate HRC’s blatant criminal acts, how can you see it any other way?

  13. Another idiotic move on her part, just to get votes from that age group,

    Get rid of the corrupt democrats, in congress. Pelosi as with others have been in congress to long.
    It’s time to rid our country of phony and liars.

  14. I think that Pelosi, Ocasio Cortez, Chuck, Water, Cuomo, Omar are against America and what represent. Their mantra GET TRUMP. They want open borders, killing babies, Sharia Law, Socialism, Sanctuary cities, now voting rights to children? I never hear so many stupid things as on the past 4 years against an elected President.

    Mr. Obama brought more than 10000 Muslims that know are trying to change our laws. under his guard our Ambassador was kill and desecrate by Muslim. Mrs. Clinton was guilty and nothing happened.

    America is doom, read and look on YOUTUBE what is happening in California. Beautiful cities now are with feces on the street, criminals are been harbored by Governors, Mayors, leftist politicians do not cooperate with ICE,
    they want the Second Amendment change.
    What is wrong mariguana being legalized. Driver License for illegals, welfare for drug addicts. That is what are country is becoming, thanks to the socialistic democrat party



  15. I wonder why we have an Oath Of Office, if it means nothing! The only time the DNC defends the Constitution is when it benefits them, every other day, they are trying to change it, or ignore it, while they try to take rights, protected by the Constitution, from the Citizens, who pay their salaries! If you are elected, and you swear an Oath to abide by the Constitution, and defend, the Constitution, you swear on the Bible! This is the United States of America, it doesn’t get bigger, or better, If you want to swear on the Koran, stay over there where your people live by it!

  16. PISLOSI better lay off that Jack Daniels………She has become nothing more than a plastered politician that has an alcoholic brain and a face that tells it all……

  17. Lowering the age to vote to 16. After liberal, Democrat teachers do their brainwashing on young adults you Democrats want their vote before they grow up realizing what dip-shits you really are. Hell, your probably handing out DNC pamplets to all those crossing the boarder. Making all kinds of promises you have no intentions of keeping. While your at it, why don’t you get their social security numbers right out of the womb? Not trying to give you any new ideas, but I’m sure you have already thought of it!
    I know some states require you to be 21 years of age to drink, but if one can tote a gun and defend their country at 18? They should be permitted to drink. I’m not advocating drinking, but if one can die for his/her Country then have a drink ,if you wish.

  18. Absolutely no… 16 years old is way too young to vote or drive a car. They do not know or understand the importance of what is good for our Country. It is a senseless request to even consider that as an option. Nancy P. is totally off her rocker even to suggest it. Socialism is living a Communist way of life. We need to fight for the next 2 years . Democrats are all gone made. More Americans need to get out and vote in 2020 we cannot allow what is happening before our own eyes. The murder of Newborn babies is as bad as the Holocaust. It makes me sick. Infanticide then the elderly. All democrats want what is wrong for our Country. Let us continue to MAGA not reverse it. Let us go foward . God Bless America.

  19. Does Treason, no longer come with a penalty? The DNC, and the Democrat Socialists of America, along with the Obama Administration, have committed Treason! When does that investigation begin? It won’t take long, I assure you! Then let’s talk about the real, racists in this Country, Obama’s mother taught him to hate, the white-race! When you bring in an individual who is ineligible to run for POTUS, their patriotism lies somewhere else! Obama certainly proved that! These polls that pop up daily on the internet, asking if you would support an Obama third term? No Way!! Obama is a criminal, he should run from the United States! If he stays much longer, he is going to be dealt with! Then there’s his war-crimes, the U.N. wants Obama for air-strikes inside Syria!

  20. Nancy, If you get your way and 16 year olds can vote? You should have your rights taken away. Starting with your right to speak. My father always said, “It’s best to be thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt”.

  21. Every time they open their mouths, the only thing you can hear is BATSHITCRAZY. So….why isnt our side in Congress fighting us. What do these people have on them that they refuse to work for their pay? Im for investigating every single one of them…from the outside. But then they probably already passed a law to say they are far above every law and every investigation from outside…..What could possibly go wrong, right? Oh that right…It has already.

  22. WE THE PEOPLE, are the bosses, WE pay politicians to do the will of the People! Today, the Politicians live like royalty, in gated communities, surrounded by walls! Imagine that the United States is a factory, the People own the factory, yet the People get up at 5:00 am the People drive to work in rain, sleet, and snow, they clock in, work 12 hours, and the employees work very little, and make 10-times more than the bosses!

  23. Of course Pelosi want’s 16 year olds to vote, anything to win, after all the democrats have been voting dead people for decades!

  24. Of COURSE the DEMOCOMMUNISTS want to lower the voting age. After all, by 16 years (or sooner) children have been fully INDOCTRINATED by CORRUPT “progressive teachers” to be “taught” how to be good little obedient COMMUNISTS, and that MUST vote for DEMOCOMMUNISTS because they are being ORDERED to do so. Kind of sounds like Union “officials” that come to you on your job, and try to order you to vote DEMOCOMMUNIST (or else)…
    This is very amusing, because in today’s world, most children can’t even decide what SEX they want to be, or what bathroom to use on any given day.

  25. Pelosi and the socialist party is so obvious here. They know 16-17 year olds are naive and impressionable and already have an anti authority bent because of thier parents and will be new Democrat votes in the future. Pelosi is planning the future of socialism in America. She is a despicable witch. The Republicans have failed miserably to expose the spider web of the socialist movement in America and that’s why they continue to survive on. Until the Republican party gets real backbone America stays at risk.

  26. If they get to vote at 16, then they should also be able to buy alcohol and cigarettes, join the military and get married without parental consent and be drafted when the draft comes back up and it will. Pelosi started this crap because she knows that 16 year old KIDS are not mature enough to research candidates, issues or bills in congress. In other words she thinks they are stupid impressionable kids and they can be swayed easliy to vote democrat just like illegal immigrants. They know they cannot win an election wihoiut resorting to election fraud, rigging elections, duping young voters, paying voters to vote democratic, lying and deceiving and murder if necessary. They have never been honest and rhey never abide by the laws set for them. They are destroying America with their stupid, reckless and insane plans to make America the new modern day Venezeula. They are traitors to Americans and they need to be thrown out of office for deceiving those who trusted them to represent them. The 12 GOP who voted against Trump’s wall, voted to not protect those who voted them into office. They lied to us. It is all about their agenda and nothing to do with us.

  27. I agree with Donna above and every other comment stated. This tells me that Miss Nancy is scared that Trump will win in 2020. This statement speaks volumes. So Conservatives where are you going to be when it is time to vote? Are you going to put an end to this ?????????

  28. When you are 16 you have two interests, being zit-faced and getting shitfaced. I f I could, I’d raise the voting age to 25 except those in the military ( 20 ) and require all who registered be required to pass a multiple choice 100 question exam in English only. Have to score an 80 to pass. Then, you have to take the same oath that new citizens take. Then you get a federal voter picture i.d. good in any state. You also swear you will only vote in one state in any election. Residency and registration would be left up to the states.

  29. 16 huh, hell they cant find their way home, i was 16 once and i was so stupid just like they are today, nancy is one crazy woman

  30. No, no and NO, – as a former teacher I can tell you that most 16 year olds in this day and age, don’t know history and don’t care! Most believe whoever gives them the easiest access to life styles that include drinking, drugging, premarital sex and NEVER EVER read a book or a legitimate news article or attend church or synagogue or temple regularly..In other words MOST (NOT ALL) of these kids today are RAISING themselves while mother and dad do their own thing which includes avoiding any real confrontation with their teens. That does NOT paint a picture for me of reliable voters for a country as wonderful as America!

  31. I can tell you that, Obama’s dream to have those Muslims in Congress starting off with Woman Beating Rep. Keith Ellison from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, now we have Rep. Rashida Harbi Tlaib’s Michigan’s 13th congressional district. These voting districts were packed with Radical Islamic Muslims who called themselves Poor Refugees. These Districts were even packed more when Obama came into Office, here by the Millions, sneaking them into our Military Bases until Eric Holder made sure they had voter power. Obama told the Nation what do you have to worry about (Poor Widows and Orphans) when it was Men each having 4 wives. (with the man head of the house, can draw welfare for all 4 wives and $400 for each child, plus get medicaid, food stamps and a Townhouse up to 5 bedrooms) Many have established Fake Day Care Centers, claiming they are full and getting money from the Government, sending Hundred of Millions back to North Africa Terrorist. All of this has gone on in Minnesota, a Obama supported operation with the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    While, none of them actually work, nor do they assimilate, while Saudi Arabia provides the money to build them Mosque where they practice their Religion of Islam and ignore our laws, never wanting to be a American, while trying to turn America into Islam. This is Obama’s true Dream which is the Islamization of the United States.

  32. 18 isn’t high enough these are kids more interested in music guys and girls party hardy 16 is not even old enough to date anymore very immature really voters need to be in 30-40 yr range seen that with the obama mess all your not so smart youngsters they don’t even check things out find out the truth before opening your mouth, if they can’t see what these crazy democratics socialist are trying to do destroy America the best in the world country take the CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN away so they have complete control, why do you think obama started this marijuana garbage get them high keep them high and we can take over before they know what hit them. It’s a gate way drug and we all know this.

  33. Voting at 16 is ludicrous! Pelosi explains that students of this age are learning about government and will be deeply interested in politics. The schools do not teach anything meaningful anymore. Will we allow 16 year old people to drink? The demoNAZIcrats are using every means the NAZI’s utlized to expand their organization. The demoNAZIcrats will be issuing Brown shirts next.

  34. It is not a country that has fallen into a deep cesspool of slime, but rather our politicians. It’s no longer about ask not what your country can do you what you can do for your country. The slimebalms want adolescents to vote so they can stack the deck against the opposing party. Why hell most adolescents don’t even know how to make a bed, Why hell you can write a book on what they don’t know. As for making sound judgment most cities have curfews for adolescents. So let’s sum this up liberals so everybody understands who I’m talking about Democrats. These are the same ones who want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote in our elections and how they want adolescents to be able to vote.

  35. 16 Year old’s don’t know a thing about the history of their own country or what is going on now in our country. Pelosi knows this and all she has to do is mention free this and that and they will vote her way.

  36. What a ridiculous idea!!! At 16 young people are not informed enough to know their what America is all about and how hard men fought for our freedom. They are prime candidates to follow the leader — that is why the Democrats are so gung ho to give them the vote. In today’s world even college students are not mature enough to think for themselves and cast a viable vote. America is going backwards in the maturity level of our children. Common Sense is a thing of the distant past, but it is such an important quality to have. Teachers should be teaching children how to use common sense instead of indoctrinating them to the liberal cause.

  37. 16 year old still a child, can not judge right or wrong. should raise voting age to 25 years old Pelosi must retarded or just need more votes.

  38. Yeah. 16 when they have been freshly molded by their socialist teachers to the Democrat way of thinking. At 16 some of them believe in the Easter bunny! I guess that means they can sign contracts, buy a car and set up house on their own? Go to Jail as Adults?

  39. Although I would concede an average child 16 years of age is smarter than Nancy Pelosi, I do not support letting 16 year old children vote…they are not grown up…if so, they should quit school and get a job and pay rent…just like every other grown up who votes does. My son at sixteen thought it was OK to take the wheels off his car and mount it on a railroad track and drive it!!!! I’d say that is a pretty good indication that his frontal lobe was not fully developed at 16..just like all average 16 year old children. This is also another indicator that Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats have lost their collective minds 🙁

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