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AOC Slams Capitalism As “Irredeemable” System


With the first vote on her Green New Deal resolution looming in the Senate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared at the South by Southwest festival in Austin – a bastion of deep-blue politics in an otherwise red state – to share her “politics of optimism” with an audience of tech industry marketing mavens and social media “influencers”.

During an hour-long interview with The Intercept’s political editor Briahna Gray, Ocasio-Cortez expounded on the many (in her view) flaws of capitalism, which she once again confused with crony capitalism, the racist underpinnings of FDRs New Deal, abolishing ICE, incrementalism and the ‘moderate mindset’.

On the subject of capitalism, AOC warned that America is grappling with the consequences of putting “profits over everything else in our society” for so long, and that the capitalist system, as it stands, is “irredeemable.” Though, apparently, the irony of bashing capitalism at a bougie tech-industry financed marketing orgy was lost on her.

“Capitalism is an ideology of capital – the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit…so to me capitalism is irredeemable,” she said.

Speaking on the subject of her Green New Deal, Ocasio-Cortez said she hopes to take care of minority communities and places like Flint, Michigan, first, because these groups were left behind by the original New Deal – the one passed by FDR.

While most Americans see the New Deal as the progenitor of welfare programs that benefit millions of White and minority Americans, Ocasio-Cortez said that the law was, in fact, deeply racist, because of something called “red-lining.”

“The New Deal was an extremely economically racist policy that drew little red lines around black and brown communities and it invested in white America.”

“It allowed white Americans access to home loans that black Americans didn’t have access to, giving them access to the greatest source of intergenerational wealth.”

AOC might be on to something, but she neglected to mention that the New Deal’s minimum wage laws resulted in 500,000 Black Americans losing their jobs, according to the Cato institute.

In one of the most bizarre claims made at her talk, Ocasio-Cortez accused ICE of injecting immigrant children with anti-psychotics during their raids.

“I don’t think that an agency that repeatedly and systematically violates human rights can be reformed…I think it needs to be abolished,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

But some of her most scathing rhetoric was saved for self-professed “moderates”. While millions of Americans prefer an incremental approach, Ocasio-Cortez defended her ideas as really not all that radical (though many of her critics would disagree).

Why would people want to settle for “10% better than garbage”.

AOC said she doesn’t understand moderates, and why they seem so willing to settle for a system that’s just ‘meh’.

“I think all of these things sound radical compared to where we are,” she concluded, “but where we are is not a good thing. And this idea of like, ten percent better than garbage, it shouldn’t be what we settle for.”

Headlines about her talk helped to distract from the far more negative recent news flow about AOC and her campaign, which is being investigated for possibly violating numerous campaign finance laws.

But on a more lighthearted note, at least she made a new friend.



    • Yes, she does, but how many of our people who want things free will support her. With Nancy Pelosi wanting to let illegals vote, this is getting to be a big problem. Why is AOC wanting to change the USA, when her parents must have thought they would be better her. Send AOC and all illegals home.

      • The truth is that many of the people in this country do not understand that she is an idiot and the reason for that is that they are just like her.

        This woman-child has no clue that she is living in the midst of the greatest human experiment ever devised by man in the history of mankind and she is so profoundly ignorant that she actually believes she knows a better way. Hard to wrap your mind around that depth of ignorance.

        • So true! Americans today have NO IDEA how good they have it compared to the rest of the World. If they went and experienced it, they would SUDDENLY be GRATEFUL for their home country and everything they have. Socialized medicine, where people lie on the floors of buildings waiting for hours to get in to be put on a blood soaked bed to see a barely trained medical something or other, is not a part of their lives. If they keep this up, that’s what they will get. Rampant poverty, corruption everywhere by the leaders, no food, no AC, rare to even own a refrigerator. Yes, this is reality in MANY so called advanced countries around this World, all of them with Socialist systems. In Romania, you can’t climb a building high enough to get away from the massive amount of roaming, barking dogs in the street. They can’t take care of themselves, let alone animals. Be grateful you live in the most beautiful, abundant, and kindest society on the planet, and quit trying to ruin it, and give it away!!!

    • True! Here is how she can ” redeem and end this terrible wrong for me at least.
      160,000 a year her salary + 885,000 they say she has already grafted= 1, 045,000 divided by 2 ( half for me and 1/2 for her= 522,500 each less my income of 14,124 = 508,376 remaining to be shared 50/50 = 254,188 divide that by 12 mo you Ms Cortez owe me 21,188.33 cents a month ! exactly when can I expect your first payment cause I sure do need it!

    • Yes Diana, She needs to shut her trap, and go to some other country that we don’t feed,
      and maybe they will feed her. That woman is a nut case, and whoever voted for her are just as nuts!

    • In the Bible Jesus promoted Capitalism. Parable of the good steward Mathew: 25 -14-30
      Luke 19-11-27 Socialist governments only take care of the Elite

  1. This young woman going mind using capitalism to steal money, ride in cars, wear expensive clothes, and use people but she maintains it is terrible for everyone else. What a hypocritical idiot.

  2. Amazing how smart she has become with all her 29 years of experience. Geez! I cannot believe the media has taken to this dimwit hook, line and sinker.

    • The media in this country has proven that they will wallow in horse manure all day every day and that is exactly what they are doing with her.

      • The media and the Democratic Party support her for the same reasons that industrialists, the press and common Germans supported Adolf Hitler during his rise to power. They were positive they could control him. That didn’t seem to work all that well, did it?

  3. For all it’s “flaws”, capitalism is the only thing that actually works. I’m sure the people in Venezuela would be happy to get 10% more than garbage right now. Even the “socialist” countries of Europe actually have mostly capitalist economies, otherwise they would have collapsed long ago. Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    • Your balanced view makes sense to me. There are a lot of flows with capitalism AND socialism because there are a lot of flaws in the human beings who operate within these systems.

  4. Democrats, Hollywood, socialists, football players, etc. dispise the white race, capitalism but certainly have and are enjoying the rewards of capitalism. Why do these people not give capitalism’s rewards to those much less fortunate. I live in Tennessee where a great many white people are not living in the lap of luxury. Our representatives do not explain that many Tennesseans do not have many of the benefits that illegals enjoy. I have no idea what nationality I am, I have always considered myself an American and feel blessed by God that He allowed me to live in this great nation. I cannot understand why people want to come to a racist white nation unless it is to destroy that nation. They appear to have far more benefits from the nation they left. Oh by the way for those who are not educated in basic math America is bankrupt. Republicans are not united. The strength for democrats is that they are united no matter what. It is amazing President Trump has succeeded in his agenda as well as he has. God bless President Trump and his family.

  5. She is making sure everyone is made aware of the socialist president, FDR, is her idol in the irrational thoughts about killing off capitalism. His family grew incredibly rich through capitalism. He also, like AOC, wanted the cattle in our country gone and he went a step further and ordered the slaughter of the cattle, at first without compensation to the farmers who were being deprived their lively hood. To further his interest in killing off the poor, he refused to allow the cattle killed off to be used in supplementing the nutrition of the persons he wanted to suffer the same as those in Germany and other countries the Nazis wanted dead.

  6. Stay out of Texas moron. If I had known she was going to be here I would have went and told her face to face. Democrats think they are going to change Texas blue you got your brains in backwards.

    • What kind of idiots even go to hear her blab away,? How can they keep from bursting out laughing, as if at a comedy club? If she really is serious, she is entirely wrong and not a little unbalanced in her mind, and becomes a Target for cheap laughs, of which she is apparently oblivious. It’s unfathomable that her stupid “green deal” is actually coming to a vote.

  7. How much longer must we have this complete moron thrown in our faces? This is one botched abortion that will never go away… She is a perfect poster child for the horrors of abortion when they fail.

  8. Yea bill hitler hated capitalism too and told his people unite.. then proceeded to take guns kill people blame the Jew ( very hypocritical) loved Islam welcomed them in and then told the Jews in the death camps work will make you free .. it did free to die

  9. I find her comments about this country and it’s people and her lack of love for this country IRRIDEMABLE!!! and the fact that most everything she says is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID is as STUPID does.

  10. How does someone who is so obviously CLUELESS about ANYTHING related to creating and producing ANYTHING OTHER THAN HOT AIR GET SO MUCH ATTENTION??? WHAT HAS THE WOMAN EVER (AND EMPHASIZE THE WORD EVER -that E-V-E-R!!!) DONE TO JUSTIFY SUCH ADOLATIOB BY EVEN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Has she ever run a massive business, or been a skilled attorney, or a highly touted physician? NO, NO AND NO!!! Maybe in about 20 years of deluding the people who were dumb enough to elect such a dingbat to the United States House Of Representative, she might actually DO SOME THINGS THAT COULD IMPROVE LIFE IN OUR COUNTRY, but IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET!!! WILL IT EVER???? HMMMMMMM????

  11. Her insane ideas are being promoted by the MSM and her animated rants are celebrated by democrat communists as Venezuela demonstrates the horrors of socialism with each passing day.

  12. If she’s so concerned about Capitalism, why doesn’t she refuse her pay and benefits? Like a True Socialist she wants her piece of the pie first!

  13. She should be removed right away. She is not an American and obviously committed fraud by her election. She is a tramp, a criminal, a socialist, and a damn fool.

  14. She has correctly found flaws in the system we in older generations have created. Many people are not benefiting from our current economic/political system. We need to make it better and particularly better for low-income people and areas that are not yet benefiting from economic activity. Blaming the person who criticizes will not solve the problems.

  15. Seriously and not Vindictively: A CHALLENGE TO HER !

    She needs to move to a True Socialist Country for a year to see how her kind of socialism actually works. She’s got the money ( from her campaign funds that disappeared ) and she needs to go to
    one of these countries to see socialism at work, live under that socialism, and id it’s so great stay there !

    She seems to love her perks – but then in HER VISION of socialism she would retain those and the rest of us would suffer. And, if she thinks America is horrible – PLEASE LEAVE. LET’S START A MOVEMENT TO GET HER TO PUT HER MONEY WHERE HER MOUHT IS ! Spread the word !!!!!!!



  17. How in the heck would she know – she’s a CHILD – an unruly one at that – you really want advice from this kid???????? Why is she being given the attention? She’s like a spoiled, obnoxious brat.

  18. Bill Nye the séance guy walks into a bar, and says, “Give me a beer.” The bartender, AOC, slides him a mug full of vomit. “What’s this?” he says. “House specialty” she says. “The green new deal. Now drink it!” as she forces it down his throat. Nye chokes, smiles and says, “I think I’m in love.”
    AOC says, “Great. That’ll be 65 trillion dollars.”

  19. Enough of this brainless twit already, I’m sick of seeing her and hearing her stupid mouth run our country and every thing in it down. Her face is on every page of every blog and TV, enough of it.


  21. Occasional-Cotex’s only one desire is to take people’s money and give it to her so she can be wealthy like nasty peelousy, madimus maximus padimus wawa, fauxcahontis, cucky cheese and others. If anything can be labeled as being irredeemable it’s her. Irredeemable and greedy.

  22. What strikes me the most ludicrous thing about these communist/socialists is that while they cry and moan about the horrible ideas of capitalism, they are profiting very handsomely from it all at the same time. Look at her clothes and her living arrangements. If she really were against capitalism, she would be wearing plain off the racks clothes from Wal*Mart or K-Mart. Also she would be living in a squalid hovel somewhere in the ghetto, so she could be more in tune with the common people she pretends to represent. She, like so many people on both sides of the aisle in politics are primarily out for themselves. That is why they stay in politics for 30-40 years. If they had to get a real job and scrabble for their pay they would be sing a different tune. BUT, when you can vote in your own pay raises whenever you feel like it, what the hey.

  23. This is how all the dictators come to power! Promises for something utopic with no economic or academic knowledge at all! At list, the Romans give People Bred and Wine to keep them happy!
    She gives only EMPTY promises to reach Power. Pathetic!

  24. This is the schooling that our kids have been getting for about 20/30yrs. This is the liberal teaching that wants to destroy our childrens thinking by these kind of brainwashing. Now we are seeing it in this AOC girl. Parents start asking questions of your children what they learned to day. They are being taught that socialism works better then capitalism. Show them what socialism did through out history -it never worked.!!!!


  26. Well put Barb. I find everything AOC says to be highly offensive, ignorant, and anti American in every way. It scares me to death that the morons in this country will begin to believe the garbage this hack spews. Our extremely liberal education system will destroy this country, I’m just glad I won’t be around to see it happen.

  27. Capitalism is the greatest engine of wealth creation ever devised. It’s essence is freedom, and a nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom. Whenever a little capitalism (freedom) has been tried, the result is more prosperity. Whenever a little collectivism (socialism, fascism, communism) has been tried, the result is less prosperity–or downright poverty. History is clear. If you want to lift the poor out of poverty, capitalism is the way! AOC is criticizing the collectivism in our mixed economy, which is a mixture of capitalism and collectivism. Communism is the most extreme version of collectivism. It is pure tyranny. Under socialism the govt owns the means of production. Under fascism the means of production are privately owned but controlled by the govt through regulations. Regulations are fascist! Crony capitalism, the politics of “pull”, is fascism. (This makes AOC a hypocrite!) The essence of capitalism is freedom. How do you get a regulation out of that?

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