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Bruce Ohr’s Testimony Contradicts Testimony Provided By Rosenstein And Simpson


Authored by Sara Carter,

Department of Justice senior official Bruce Ohr’s testimony contradicts testimony given by other senior government officials and key witnesses who testified before Congress regarding the FBI’s investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign and alleged collusion with the Russian government, according to the full transcripts released Friday.

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Ohr’s 268-page testimony, released by Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, reveals inconsistency and contradiction in testimony given by Glenn Simpson, founder of embattled research firm Fusion GPS and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is set to leave his post sometime this month.

It also reveals that many questions are still left unanswered.

The Contradictions and The Revelations 

1. Glenn Simpson suggests in his testimony to the Senate that he never spoke to anyone at the FBI about Christopher Steele, the former British spy he hired to investigate the Trump campaign during the election. However, Ohr suggests otherwise telling former Rep.Trey Gowdy under questioning “As I recall, and this is after checking with my notes, Mr. Simpson and I spoke in August of 2016. I met with him, and he provided some information on possible intermediaries between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.”

2. In another instance, Simpson’s testimony also contradicts notes taken by Ohr after a meeting they had in December, 2016. Unverified allegations were decimated among the media that the Trump campaign had a computer server that was linked to a Russian bank in Moscow: Alpha Bank. Simpson suggested to the Senate that he knew very little about the Trump -Alpha Bank server story and couldn’t provide information. But Bruce Ohr’s own handwritten notes state that when he met with Simpson in December 2016, Simpson was concerned over the Alpha Bank story in the New York Times. “The New York Times story on Oct. 31 downplaying the connection between Alfa servers and the Trump campaign was incorrect. There was communication and it wasn’t spam,” stated Ohr’s notes. This suggests that Simpson was well aware of the story, which was believed by congressional investigators to have started from his research firm.

3. Ohr testified to lawmakers that Simpson provided information to federal officials that was false regarding Cleta Mitchell, a well-known Republican campaign finance lawyer, and information regarding the National Rifle Association. Sean Davis, with the Federalist pointed this out in a tweet today. Read one of those stories here.

4. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would not answer questions to lawmakers during testimony about when he learned that Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was working for Fusion GPS. Just check this out from Rep. Matt Gaetz’s interview with Judge Jeanine on Fox News.

“Rod Rosenstein won’t tell us when he first learned that Nellie Ohr was working for Fusion GPS,” said Gaetz, in August, 2018.

“So I want to know from Bruce Ohr, when did he tell his colleagues at the Department of Justice that in violation of law that required him to disclose his wife’s occupation his sources of income. He did not do that. So when did all of the other people at the Department of Justice find this out because Rod Rosenstein, I’ve asked him twice in open hearing and he will not give an answer. I think there’s a real smoking gun there.”

However, in Ohr’s testimony he says he told the FBI about his wife’s role at Fusion GPS but only divulged his role to one person at the DOJ: Rosenstein. At the time, Rosenstein was overseeing the Trump-Russia probe, and had taken the information from Ohr and gave it to the FBI. Just read The Hill’s John Solomon full story here for the full background on Ohr’s testimony. I highlighted an important date below: remember Rosenstein wouldn’t answer lawmakers questions as to when he knew about Nellie Ohr. It also appears he failed to tell lawmakers about the information he delivered to the FBI.

Ohr stated in his testimony: “What I had said, I think, to Mr. Rosenstein in October of 2017 was that my wife was working for Fusion GPS… The dossier, as I understand it, is the collection of reports that Chris Steele has prepared for Fusion GPS.”

Ohr added: “My wife had separately done research on certain Russian people and companies or whatever that she had provided to Fusion GPS…But I don’t believe her information is reflected in the Chris Steele reports. They were two different chunks of information heading into Fusion GPS.”

5. Ohr also told lawmakers in his testimony that the former British spy, Christopher Steele was being paid by the FBI at the same time he was getting paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. However, there was another player paying Steele and it was a Russian oligarch named Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska, a tycoon connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin, had well known animus toward his former friend Paul Manafort.

Rep. Mark Meadows asked Ohr during testimony “Did Chris Steele get paid by the Department of Justice?

Ohr’s response: “My understanding is that for a time he was a source for the FBI, a paid source.

In the testimony Ohr also revealed that Steele had told him details about his work with Deripaska saying Deripaska’s attorney Paul Hauser “had information about Paul Manafort, that Paul Manafort had entered into some kind of business deal with” Deripaska. Ohr said Manafort “had stolen a large amount of money from” the Russian Oligarch and that Hauser was “trying to gather information that would show that.”

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  1. It shows criminal activity be beuracrats and some politicians. Bet nobody from that side goes to jail. Only the sucker’s from Trump. All of them are process crimes that no DUMMIECRAP has served a day in jail for, but have been caught doing.

    • It is both parties from years past that has supported tax law, that is tax law that does not apply to Americans in general, and if the American people were not so ignorant, they would know that the federal income they do not have, is being taxed as federal income on a voluntary act which is done under penalties of perjury when signing any federal tax form. Perjury or simply lying is a crime but when lying in this case occurs, the money coming in is a gift to the Government and the Government does not want to prosecute anyone making a free gift to same even if it is a lie. The truth is provided for anyone wishing to verify by obtaining a copy of 26 U.S.C. And read in Subtitle C Chapter 24 Section’s 3401, 3402, 3403 and 3404. It is in very plain language so don’t let the mere mass volume of the Code Book to deter you from reading it.


    • I agree with what you have written my friend. But what I have a problem with in this article is that they tell us that what Bruce Ohr has said conflicts with what Rosenstein has said. But they don’t show us in the print of the article what it was that Rosenstein said. I can’t remember everything that has come out of Rosenstein‘s mouth. So they should’ve put what Ohr said in one column versus what Rosenstein has said on another column and then let us compare the two and see the lies. It’s poor journalism.

  3. Inconsistency and contradiction in testimony? Sounds like someone is lying. Lying, Misleading, Deceiving, Obfuscating, Antisemitism, Provocateurs, Prevaricators , Perjurers, Pedophiles, Communists, Homophobic all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  4. Russian Collusion was all contrived bullshit – a hoax – to provide a cover-up for the Dems efforts and Obama’s FBI and Justice Department’ efforts to perform a coup on our duly elected President. The problem was, Trump didn’t take the bait they put out there, and in the end they simply needed a cover up and Russian Collusion was it.

  5. Biiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggg Deallllllllllllllllllllllll!

    For over a year I have heard how the LEFTISTS in the Deep State have lied and committed felonies-and the only people to get prosecuted are those who know Donald Trump-the LEFTISTS own/are the DOJ-they are above the law and will never get the justice they deserve

  6. Attorney General Barr the ball is in your hands now. Either our country has a one tier legal system for all or a two tier system where the elites get a pass from any crime that they commit . Either we are one nation under God of the people by the people and for the people or one nation under the elites. We are all running out of patience equal justice for all. We have become a laughing stock to all nations of the world. It’s not a political question. It’s a constitutional question. Let’s all stop hiding behind politics and wealthy donors and start doing the will of the people who elected you. Let’s all MAGA!!!!

  7. This is turning out to be the biggest game of liars poker in history. The sad realization of the whole state of affairs is that taking an oath of truth means nothing to government bureaucrats and officials anymore. They either lie and see who’s lie is more believable or it the loss of memory syndrome. We all have heard the stories of how it’s impossible to fire a government employee. Well, now we know it started at the top and worked it’s way down……

  8. These leftists folk have lied so much for so long, they can never get their stories straight. Further investigation, especially if nobody gets to be “a guest of the government” is a waste of time and we the people’s money.

  9. since it was absolutely an attempt to take over our duly elected goverment, how come no one ever mentions trying these scum balls for TREASON. This was a highly thought out plot from the very start to remove the president who was elected by the people. Most involved in this were people that were not elected, but were put in place. The complexity of this plot could not have been planned the day after the election that Hillary lost, this had to have happened months earlier. And where is the noise about Hillary and the DNC colluding with a known foriegn SPY????

  10. Everyone of those involved with the DOJ/ FBI and those who worked with them that have been linked to this dossier should be tried for treason and subversion…


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