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Construction Begins On 30-Foot-High San Diego Border Wall


Construction crews broke ground on a 14-mile stretch of border barrier replacement in San Diego, according to Fox 5 news.

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The existing steel-mesh fence – often breached with commonly sold battery-operated saws – is being replaced with 30-foot-high steel bollards according to an announcement by US Customs and Border Protection.

A $101 million contract was awarded to SLSCO Ltc. of Galveston, Texas to perform the work, with options for an additional $30 million in funding.

The bollards replace a second layer of barrier that worked like a fortress when it was built about a decade ago but is now often breached with powerful battery-operated saws sold in home improvement stores.

Work on replacing a first layer of San Diego barrier is nearly complete, also 14 miles long and made of steel bollards up to 30-feet  high. The old fence, built in the early 1990s, was made of corrugated steel matting used by the military as temporary runways. –Fox 5

The Trump administration has been unsuccessfully sued by California as well as major environmental groups over various wall projects in the state, claiming that the administration overreached its authority when it waived environmental reviews in order to expedite construction.

The Department of Homeland Security cited a 1996 law giving the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to waive legal requirements for the installation of “additional fencing, walls, roads, lighting, cameras and sensors on the southwest border.”

The San Diego groundbreaking comes days after Trump declared a national emergency to build his proposed border wall with Mexico – which his administration is now being sued over by 16 states spearheaded by California.

Thus far the Trump administration has awarded $1 billion in contracts to cover 97 miles of border, most of which will replace existing barriers. Work is expected to begin later this month on a 14-mile stretch in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.

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    • when Cali leaves the US, it will be associating with Canada. Cali has the 6th largest economy in the world and can be its own country easily. Universal health is in both Mexico and Canada, but Canada has an abundant water resource and really offers the most. Mexico can have Texas, a wasteland.As far as the wall, San Diego is doing fence replacement and repair and no new wall will be erected, certainly NOT while children are being illegally detained in prisons and being sexually abused and sold to US pedophile rings.

  1. Along with the wall, we need to stop all entitlements to ALL immigrants, legal or wetback. If they came here legally it was to work, they shouldn’t be getting any entitlements. And if they are wet, they are criminal and need to be rounded up and sent to some place they cannot just walk back across into America.

    Uganda is nice this time of year. Load the wets up in C-130’s and send them to Uganda. If the Ugandans won’t let our planes land to unload criminals, then just open the rear door and ramp and push them out.

  2. If we Gringos,were Illegally entering/ invading Mexico in ANY WAY, The Mexican Govt would EXTERMINATE us! No Questions asked! I lived in Texas for 10+ Years! I’ve Been down to Mexico many times.! If you’re a Tourist with a lot of $$ to spend there OK! BUT, if you are Sneaking in for Illegal Purposes, LOOK OUT!I KNOW how they treat Americans they Suspect of something! They’ve got “SOMETHING” for ya, and it ain’t popcorn! [palomitas] in Spanish!

  3. Why waste our money on a wall in California? They want all the illegals, let ’em have3 ’em. Build the wall between the USA and California. Keep the illegals in California. We don’t want them in the USA.

  4. Great to see the wall is started. Just the beginning and socialists can go live in Venezuela esp AOC. Give us a real hands on experience on what it like


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