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Student Op-Ed: White Privilege Is Real … And You’d Better Agree!


Authored by Dave Huber of The College Fix

The concept of “white privilege” essentially is taken as gospel on American college campuses. There are workshops about it, classes on it, and the concept has been woven into just about any discipline you can think of.

Belief in white privilege actually “isn’t nearly as pernicious as conservatives tend to believe,” according to The Weekly Standard’s David Marcus. “There is real value in considering the fact that people might treat you with more respect and dignity based on your skin color,” he says.

However, it is only with regards to race that people are required to acknowledge their “unearned advantages,” Marcus adds. Not to mention, the proposed and promulgated remedies for white privilege are found wanting.

California State University, Chico’s Rachael Bayuk probably won’t be persuaded by Marcus’s points, even granting his concession that white privilege is a real thing. Writing in The Orion, she demands that you, as a white person, “stop bringing up how hard you had it as a kid, stop saying you were poor, [and] stop naming every bad thing that has ever happened to you in defense of yourself.”

As penance for history, white people “damn well better let people who’s [sic] voices have been drowned out speak,” which means (in part) butting out of conversations they shouldn’t be part of. Example: Whites don’t get a say in what is offensive to non-whites.

“Who the f*ck are we to tell them what isn’t offensive,” she asks, referencing the Washington Redskins team name.

White women (or, should that be “female-identifying”?) also aren’t permitted to wear hair braids, according to Bayuk. “Think about how privileged this sounds,” she says. A white girl appropriating this look would get compliments, while a black girl so coiffed would be considered “ghetto.”

Seems to me Bayuk is making use of her white privilege in making such a statement.

From the op-ed:

We don’t get to pick and choose what’s okay and what isn’t. That’s what colonialism has been doing for centuries?picking and choosing all the parts white, dominant culture likes and discarding the rest. Well, we should stick to box tea and lederhosen and stop injecting ourselves into places we don’t belong.

Our society has adopted celebrations from Mexican culture only to gentrify them. We mash them up beyond recognition until all they become are excuses to drink and wear “funny” (racist) costumes. There is not a single thing funny about racism. The systematic oppression and crude depictions of people of color is unacceptable.

We can’t allow it anymore. If you’re staying quiet, you’re compliant in this system. If you just “don’t care for politics,” you are part of the problem. People’s livelihoods are based around political decisions. Stop and think about how privileged you are to be able to turn off the TV and forget about the communities plagued by systematic violence.

White people’s voices “have rung through these mountains for far too long,” Bayuk says. It’s time to hold the metaphorical “megaphone” for those who’ve been silenced.

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  1. Yes, White Privilege Is Real, and it would e just as real if it were black Privilege, or Red, or Brown or Yellow, the majority always has “the privilege” simply because they are the majority.

  2. Give me a break, we’ve had Affirmative action and subsidies for minorities for decades costing millions in taxpayer money, but NOT for whites! If we were to try to setup some kind of affirmative action for Whites we would be shut down as racist! Racism is dead and has deliberately used to shut down Whites! I believe ALL affirmative actions should be discontinued and EVERYBODY should be working on a level playing field!

  3. The concern here is not that this “one” student has such extreme ridiculous perspectives…its that this is what will be following the likes of occasional kotex and other currently elected radicals, for generations to come.

    If you don’t think the left has done a great job with indoctrinating and brainwashing our children with lies and fatalistic outlooks you only have to watch the exchange between diane frankenstein and the school kids who went to push for occasional kotex’s green new deal.
    Listen to the adolescent girls response when told “we can’t pay for it”…the little girl parrots what so many juvenile minded leftists in congress are saying…”we have tons of money”
    Watch the video it’s an eye opener, when you think how many kids are being taught this.

    This little girl and the other kids (ranging into the teens) truly believe this, with no intelligence or insight into the real world. They have been TAUGHT that this is THE truth, their truth and ONLE THEIR TRUTH is right and matters.

    Ever have a child or teen look at you like you’re crazy, the devil or an idiot because you just told them a truth that is contrary to THEIR TRUTH which is the RIGHT one?

    A great one…”You can’t date that juvenile delinquent because he is bad news, drinks, uses drugs, is a thief”.
    Now imagine if the grandparents were telling her that she should see who she wants, that love is more important than any of those lies your telling her are, that you just want to control her and not let her be her own person or woman.

    These teachers are cultivating the next crop pf liberal, leftist, socialist activists.
    These kids will be fed these and other lies/ideologies, for the remainder of their time in school and college lives.
    The next 10 to 20 years is going to be a rough road for us on the right.
    The shit turds we rail against and see on fake new daily spewing their stupidity and anti American ideologies are paving the way for the kids that are at your dinner tables.

    The soros teachers get them for 7 hours a day, 180 days a year for 13 years (pre-K to 12th) when they’re at their most influential. What does that leave you??!!

  4. I think white people should stop apologizing. BTW white people wore braids long before they came to this continent. Braids are a common way to make hair behave. Viking MEN wore braids and there damn sure weren’t any black vikings. Portuguese are white as are Spaniards, they are 1/2 the foundation of the racially mixed people known now as Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans. There are no “Natives” to North America amongst the tribes that make up the other half of their genetics, so that claim is bogus, too. Latinos are part white. Get over it. The vast majority of black people on this continent have some white blood in them. Very few so called “native” Americans are without white blood. So, maybe we could just drop this whole bullshit. Hawaiians are either part white, african, or asian, or a mixture of all three. Alaskan indigenous people are originally from Mongolia. Instead you are either and American or you can leave. It is time to stop letting the Socialists and LGBTQ Leftist stop shaping our dialog. Indigenous people of America attacked non indigenous people, sometimes for no other reason than to get their stuff, food, horses (which is a cultural appropriation from the Spanish who were white people) they didn’t really care about land ownership other than the game trails, and hunting grounds and maybe some of their burial areas, but they didn’t own land, they were nomads, and they often clashed against each other, killing, enslaving and robbing other tribes. There was no country to “steal” because there was no country until a small group of white Christian men decided to form one. Those who want to go back to the old ways should first give up their cars, their machine made clothing, their guns, their horses, their appliances, their solid homes….etc. This attack on White Christians is completely b.s. because it is White Christians that made it possible for everything that you all take for granted. From electricity to running water. So, stop your whining, start acting like the human beings you want us to treat you like and we will be glad to shake your hand. Also, just for anyone who wants to read this as racist: I am truly rainbow ethnically.

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