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Democrats Introduce Resolution To Overturn Trump’s National Border Emergency


House Democrats introduced a resolution on Friday to block President Trump’s Feb. 15 emergency declaration on the southern border, according to The Hill. Trump took the step to free up as much as $8 billion in funding for his long-promised southern border wall.

The resolution sponsored by Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) had 222 cosponsors.

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The measure is expected to pass the Democratic-held House, but will need to win GOP support to get through the Senate. –The Hill

Trump’s emergency declaration has had pushback from several GOP senators, meanwhile – who have warned that it could set a precedent for a future president to declare national emergencies to circumvent Congress down the road on issues such as gun control or climate change.

Given the GOP support, it’s possible that Democrats in the Senate would have the required number of votes needed to pass the measure – which President Trump would promptly veto, setting up a battle in which the House and Senate would each need an unlikely two-thirds majority to override.

Earlier this week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urged Democrats to support the resolution overturning Trump’s order.

“President Trump’s emergency declaration proclamation undermines the separation of powers and Congress’s power of the purse, a power exclusively reserved by the text of the Constitution to the first branch of government, the Legislative branch, a branch co-equal to the Executive,” said Pelosi in a Wednesday letter.

President Trump declared the national emergency last week after failing to secure the $5.7 billion he had originally requested amid tense negotiations which resulted in a partial government shutdown last month. The order faces multiple legal challenges, including a lawsuit from a coalition of 16 states spearheaded by California.

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    • These anti_Americans that want America infested with: Disease, Drugs, Terrorists, and slaves need to be KICKED TO THE CURB.

  1. Pelosi’s quick and mindless retorts undermines her ability to think clearly and put two logical thoughts together, like our Founding Fathers would have wanted Congressional reps to at least attempt to do, rather than lie, distort and crap all over our Constitution.

    • Nancy has made Multi-Millions using Her position—One thing I question is Her role in ceding Our Harbor at Long Beach, California to China. The United States Coast Guard was kicked out to allow the Chinese in.

    • Exactly…Democrats don’t give a darn about our economy…they don’t give a darn about jobs…in fact they don’t give a damn about anything other than obstructing President Trump in his agenda to make America great again…They would rather see our economy tank…they would rather see people not having jobs…Their mindset is if you can make people poor or if they can’t find a job…People will vote Democrat because Democrats always promise to fix bad things but they rarely do…They just keep adding bad thing on top of bad things drawing people away from voting Republican at the ballot box…As Nancy Pelosi has said…”If people have more money in their pockets…that is horrible.”.

  2. So it undermines the separation of powers when a republican president wants to use it but not when a democrats wants to. The democrats just want the power and ALL rights taken away from the people while they sit in lavish homes and we sit in poverty. We won’t stand for this forcible take over. The democrats better wake up. You are causing a civil war and WWIII to be started.

    • Estell, agree. Moreover, the Repubs are gutless, disgraceful, brownnosing morons, afraid of their own shadows. WE have but a “few good men & women” in Congress. The rest are useless turds and we MUST rid our government of them. Unfortunately, one was just elected: useless, backboneless, NWO globalist Romney so we’re stuck for six yrs.; the others are already seated.

  3. If President Trump invented a cure for cancer the evil demon crats would fight it. They’re so full of hatred for the well being of our country.
    Conservatives need to get out and VOTE these demons out before it’s too late.

    • Tom; I agree with you, they would actually do that. Reason, they don’t care about us, all they care about is themselves. Money is the root of all evil; no democrats are the root of all evil regarding MONEY. If they opposed a cure for cancer then I would be following who is paying them to do so? If they oppose the wall then who is paying them to do so? They are receiving money from someone for selling out our country? Just think about that everyone.
      Another question; who elected a Muslim Jihadist to Congress? Who indeed, we won’t mention any names but it starts with……hmmm let me think! Something like demos.

    • One thing You simply cannot forget is that Nancy P. is a Multi-Millionaire and lives behind high walls with well armed security—–the anti-wall, anti-gun, defender of the poor—I don’t think so as I see her as the defender of Her $$$$$$$$$$$$ Backers.dz5
      There are two sets of rules in the booklet (written by larry Nicholes) : THE CLINTON PLAYBOOK
      #1. deflect any adverse (potential) attack onto Your potential attackers
      Hillary advanced this rule to a new high when She had Her Lawyer abscond with over 900 FBI, raw files; files used for blackmail since.

  4. Our Congress is broken. They no longer work us, they work for power and money. Have you ever seen a poor politician? Look at Bernie own’s 3 expensive homes. I would not deny anyone anything they can afford. But Congress gets it full salary after 1 year in Congress, health care for the rest of their lives,WE PAY FOR IT. They just voted them selves out of Obama Care. Harry Reid exmepted his whole staff. These people are politburo of the US Elaine

  5. why cannot republicans fight like democrats, we need to be just as intolerant as they are, we need to be more ruthless than democrats. Intolerance is the first rule to political power. the squeaky wheel gets the oil people and intolerance gets you satisfaction.

  6. There should be a bill by the democracts forcing the democracts from making anymore decisions and stripping them of their powers. Force the democracts to be removed from government and locked up for betraying this country. There should be a bill where they betray the country they also lose their pay and pension. Republicans need to stop being cowards tucking tail to make things easier for the democracts and fight for this country.

  7. Why did obozo get to declare 13 emergencies and Trump can’t get one? Why is it that obozo, shittlery, slick willie, cucky cheese, and nasty peelousy all want border protection back in obozo’s day? The lieing, cheating, sneaking, hypocritical DamnNOcrats just can’t get over that cankles lost 2016, so they gotta act like small kids with all the whining, crying, and the “we’ll show you!” lame attitude.

  8. 12 Questions Reveal The Destructive Democrat Plan To Gain Power.
    1. WHY the recent spike in Trump hate? Because Democrats don’t want a border wall.
    2. WHY don’t Democrats want a wall? Because it stops illegals from coming in.
    3. WHYdo Democrats want more illegals? Because it serves their political plan.
    4. HOW many illegals do they want? As many as possible; many millions.
    5. WHY do Democrats want that many illegals? They need them to execute their political plan.
    6. WHAT is their political plan? To gain power, and eventual perpetual government control.
    7. HOW does their plan do that? By allowing non-citizens and illegals to vote.
    8. WHY do Democrats want illegals voting in the U.S.? Because they will vote Democrat.
    9. WHEN will they execute the plan? The very next time they hold the presidency and a majority in both houses of congress. When we can’t stop them, of course.
    10. HOW can illegals and non-citizens be legally allowed to vote? The Democrat congressional majority will pass a bill to allow it, and the Democrat president will sign it.
    11. WHAT is the goal of the Democrats plan? In a word, ‘Power’. To gain perpetual control over U.S. government with continued ‘Democrat votes’ by millions of non-citizens and illegals.
    12. HOW can we stop this? One of 2 ways: 1. Either wake Democrats up and have them stop the selfishness, or 2) Support president Trump. – Analysis has proven that every policy Trump has instituted has benefited and improved America. (The Democrats want to import millions more poor folks from Latin America, in particular, and around the world in general, when almost half of Americans are struggling to pay their bills, and one-third of them are at risk of running out of food, not being able to afford a place to live, or not having enough money for health care or medical treatment.)

    • Travis, You forgot to mention why anyone wants that much power these days. It all goes back to the all mighty dollar. If any person, organization government wants to have that much power over the masses, then they really want to have all the money too. It’s really just that simple. These days, money is power . . . unfortunately. That’s why there are lobbyists that pay our congressmen and women to support their causes. Corporate America has run our country for a very long time and now we, the people are just trying to put a stop to a lot of it. But we can’t get along without them either. There always has to be a balance. And right now there is no balance in our government. There is too much fighting between our political parties instead of finding out what is really GOOD for us as a people and as a country. We don’t need people who are only there to push their own political agendas, no matter who they are or what party they’re on. We need people who are willing to work together and Make America Great AGAIN!

  9. This issue is about National Security. What these Socialist / Democrats are doing is putting this country AND US AT GREAT RISK! We’re being faced with not only a ever increasing number of foreign nationals hostile to and occupying this country, but also Crime, Disease and terrorists! They are doing this solely for political gain and could possibility get us into some form of shooting war to protect ourselves. They should be warned that this will assuredly affect their safety as Americans have nowhere to go and will fight to protect what’s ours!

  10. This is another example of the “political theater” sponsored by the Democrats, yet billed to we the people. They would be the ones poking more holes in the Titanic, meanwhile screaming that the ship is sinking and looking for somewhere to place the blame.

  11. Lets be clear, this struggle is about one thing and one thing only and that is power! The whole of the illegal immigration/open border is a pivotal point as to whether or not, we as United States citizens retain a true constitutional order (the Democratic Marxist socialist/globalist may mouth the right sounding adjectives so as to project a seeming constitutional argument, but it isn’t merely a fig leaf, a very thin one, meant to distract voters from seeing and accepting their real intent, which is to tear down all constitutional order, the entire Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, and also to negate the solemnity of the oath of office so that they do solemnly promise to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, as well as its citizens and from any invasion of its national boundaries! The left has a problem, what do you do, when you have a electorate because of increased knowledge and awareness, simply will not respond like Pavlov’s dog, to the con job of the federal, state and local governments that promise a life of noblesse oblige, eternal reward from the hard-working and successful to the compromised, indolent, lazy and who will not take on the responsibility of self, family, church, community or even service to your nation, in other words, no responsibilities just immoral and now perverted sloth where God is seen as an abstraction. I can assure you, God Almighty and His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ our real and tangible and everyone shall be accountable to them. God bless our President Donald J Trump, who is doing the Lord’s work in preparation for the coming of the Redeemer And Savior of the World, the Lord Jesus Christ, the light, the truth, our Advocate before the Father, Elohim, full of mercy and justice and having paid by the atoning sacrifice of his very life for the sins of the world, if they would but pick up their burdens and accept His invitation to come unto Him with a mere speck of hope, a hope that is willing to find the truth of baptism and confirmation of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands by those having authority of the Keys and the Melkesdic Priesthood of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints! Once Again, may God Almighty bless the United States of America and her President Donald John Trump and do it in the name of the eternal righteousness, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  12. It’s funny how when Hussein did it, many times, it was visionary & wonderful, but when Trump does it, it is un American, & a threat to the nation, blah blah blah. Time to impeach the Democrats, starting with Pelosi, Schumer, Cortez, and Booker for inability to do their job for CITIZENS of this country.

  13. Great, this will clearly identify who hates my family’s safety, health and well being and who must never be elected or considered for another government related position.

  14. The no emergency declaration foes are constitutionally wrong. Gun Control is a Constitution right to bear arms, 2nd Amendment so no President can use the emergency declaration to overturn it. Climate Change is another weak excuse to try to override President Trumps Constitutional right to secure our borders by Constitutional Emergency Measures. We must protect American Citizens from illegal immigrants whom are infiltrated with drug smugglers Ms-13 gangs and other threats to this nations sovereignty. We can no longer allow the Democrats to change the face of this nation by attracting potential voters from uneducated voters. It is hard to believe that the socialist Democrat agenda has any foothold in our Nation. The tide must change and we must bring our Nation back to the principles of our founding fathers. God Bless America.

  15. Doesn’t matter now, what the Dems think!! Anything they try to do, he will veto it!! The wall will be built, and actually IS being built, so, sorry about your luck, Dems!!

  16. Presdent Trump is loyal to The United States of America. The democratic party is not because it is controlled by subversives ( marxists, racists,, deceivers, & people that just plainly hate this greatest nation of all time). They worship at the throne of all powerful government of humanisn & their gods are pagan ones like ” climate change- aka global
    warming ” & ” sexual perversions. “.

  17. You really think that even “RINO” Republicans would vote for this, and go on record as being against border security for a bill they know is going no where? THIS SOUNDS LIKE WISHFUL THINKING TO ME! And don’t forget, VP Pence would be the tie breaker, so they really need 6 to avoid a tie breaker!

  18. All of the states opposing the EMERGENCY ACT have basically open borders one way or another. California the states taxed more than most even has declared its a sanctuary state. I believe any state or city that does so should have all of its financial support cut and told to survive on its own until they support the president and the rest of AMERICA. If not then at that time all voting from those states will be considered null and void. That should change those states peoples mind to vote correctly in the next election.
    Make sure any and all voted in people sign a agreement to support our elected president or be removed from office

  19. NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, “to circumvent Congress”, I have hereunto set my hand on this Presidential Executive Orders/Presidential Proclamation/Presidential Memorandum. No one questioned when he defied Congress and the American People.

  20. If you are Americans love your Country first before other countries. Worry about the hungry,
    begging Homeless Americans first before the Caravans, Illegal Aliens. Tell their Presidents to
    take care of their Citizens/Peoples so as to avoid the danger risk of traveling and crossing the
    Border. Protect your Country first for SECURITY before other countries. Build the Wall is the
    best Technology. No Caravans No Crisis.


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