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A Dispatch From The Kamala Harris Presidency, Dated 2021


Submitted by James E. Miller,

Diary entry – January 30, 2021

Quitting would be the honorable thing to do. But I can’t. Not at this juncture. There’s so much to unburden myself with.

The latest order decreed from on high has me finally connecting the dots and able to adumbrate the entire whitewashing scheme going on, like Tom Sawyer painting the fence, but this time using us F.B.I. underlings to erase history.

President Harris – or Kammy, as she asks her immediate subordinates to call her, Kamala is for the low-tier help – has ordered higher-ups to monitor whether or not anyone leaves abruptly after this. I know, because her email to Deputy Director Nadler came across my surveillance feed.

Please let Director Schiff know if anyone notable takes an unexpected leave of absence after the announcement. Don’t hesitate to jump to conclusions – act decisively. We’re turning the page. Anyone who doesn’t want to keep reading can have the book taken away.”

That email, likely dictated word-to-word to Harris’s chief of staff John Podesta, his shriveled, dusky hands jotting down the President’s commands, her five-inch-heeled shoes resting irreverently on the Resolute Desk, clicking back and forth in metronomic time. I can see Harris’s face coldly giving the order: her drawn, dark features painted over with layers of makeup painstakingly applied by a crew of three stylists every morning. Her mien, so hardened by years of prosecuting crime in California, never flinching when throwing men’s lives away, showing no trepidation over bending low-level staffers to her will.

The subsequent memo coursed through the Bureau the very same day.

“It is hereby ordered by the President of the United States that all investigative activity of foreign influence in the last presidential election will cease. Another federal task force has been created to look into the matter. All of your hard work to this point will be transferred to the new department–there is no individual need to take any action. President Harris thanks you for your patriotism and dedication to keeping our country safe. If you have any concerns, please talk to your supervisor.”

No task force will actually be created. Everyone knows it and accepts it as an inevitable truth. The memo will never be reported on in the media despite high-minded, low-level agents clandestinely passing it along to press contacts. This was a gag order, plain and simple.

The note was signed by Director Adam Schiff, the former California congressman who has spent less than one week on the job after being fast-tracked through the Democrat-controlled Senate. His confirmation hearing was perfunctory at best. He gleefully answered questions from Judiciary Committee Democrats about his favorite movies. Republican senators were met with cold silence when they asked about his conspiratorial, mad-eyed scrutiny into Trump-Russian collusion as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff probably never saw the memo. So far, he’s acted as a rubber stamp for Harris, approving her dictates without question while running interference on any uncomfortable questions asked of the Bureau. He’s made sure Harris’s word is an omerta.

That’s why writing all this down in here may eventually cost me my job. But, hey, maybe it’ll land me a deal with Regnery Publishing one day. Either way, clearing my conscience on paper is all I can do at this point. The normal whistleblowing channels have broken down. Harris wasted no time dismantling them after taking the oath. The media has also gone silent. Reporters ask us nothing. I heard of one guy in the department, in a division far removed from mine, who reached out to Greg Miller of The Washington Post. Miller—who pursued the Trump-Russia collusion story of the last four years with aplomb – never returned the call. Shortly after, that agent left the Bureau, under not-so-favorable circumstances, from what I gather.

It’s highly disconcerting, and not just to me. Plenty of the Bureau’s finest are concerned.  They don’t know if they’re being duped or what. For years, we were on guard against foreign influence in our elections. After 2016, when the Russians paid a bunch of Eastern Europeans basement-dwellers to post divisive memes on Facebook, we were told—no, ordered—to monitor all financial activity outside the U.S. that had any connection with elections, no matter how tenuous. With help from the N.S.A., we did just that. My division, which, after Trump’s election, had its focused changed to preventing election meddling in 2020.

In short, we failed in our mission. But not for a lack of trying.

Early in the election year, just as the Democratic primary field was winnowing and Harris was carving out her place as the kind of minority candidate Democrats love—mixed racially but with the mannerisms of a well-to-do white bluestocking—we started to see an increase of subversive activity. Doctored videos of Donald Trump saying blatantly racist things began popping up on disparate Facebook newsfeeds. The clips looked almost real to the unsuspecting eye–a big improvement over the crude memes of 2016. They featured Trump at one of his patented rallies holding court, praising dictators and white supremacists. “That Hitler, one hell of a guy, really stood up for his people. Put Germany first!” Trump bellowed to a roaring crowd in one video. In another, Trump was being interviewed by Leslie Stahl for “60 Minutes.” In surreal fashion, he admits to approving a program for “the mass extermination of blacks, Hispanics, dark-looking people, what have you.”

The videos were preposterously fictitious. But that didn’t stop them from spreading like digital wildfire just before being snuffed out. The clips our team were able to procure, facsimiles of the originals, had all the markings of Russian propaganda. Trump’s dialogue was clipped and inflected at points not common for a native English speaker. But most importantly, our scanning equipment was able to pick up on particular digital signatures that are common in the low-quality content emanating out of the troll farms in Eastern Europe.

Some of the videos, which were shot second-hand because they disappeared so quickly, ended up on YouTube, where they enjoyed further notoriety before being deleted by the video platform’s censors.

Even so, we had a hard time tracking the exact source of the videos for a number of reasons. Facebook executives refused to hand over the origin data, citing its privacy policy, despite being more than willing to assist our efforts tracing ad-buying in 2016. Likewise, technologists acted evasive when questioned about the “deepfake” technology behind the videos.

I actually got to interview one engineer from Silicon Valley, a wiry character named Dexter. The quintessential Valley type, whose wardrobe consisted of jeans, gingham shirts, tennis shoes, and clear-framed glasses, when I was finally able to pin him down in his Palo Alto studio, he demurred at my questions, scratched at the stubble on his pale chin, and referenced me to Facebook’s ad division. I asked why his colleagues were more open to the F.B.I.’s questioning in 2016. He replied nonchalantly, “You know.” I did. And that ended our interview.

Harris’s order now means the whole business of Russian interference in the 2020 election is being memory-holed. For four years, the F.B.I. worked diligently to ensure that what happened in 2016 was never repeated. Rank and file agents, many of whom I call friends, acted in the best interest of our country to preserve our electoral system, thwart bad actors, and uphold our oath to the Constitution.

The media was with us. But, now journalists have clammed up, almost as if they got the same order we received. Headlines these days are all about President Harris’s efforts to put the ugliness of the past four years behind us. “President Harris Moves Swiftly to Erase Trump’s Legacy,” was just one Orwellian headline that ran in the New York Times recently. After years of flashing the red signal over foreign interference in our elections, the pundits all piped down on Election Night when Harris took Florida and then Ohio. But then—9:27 P.M—the race was declared over and CNN deliberately illuminated its studio, subtly signaling a new dawn for America. I have it on good authority from a college buddy they had light dimmers prepared for Trump’s reelection. Fake tear droplets prepared as well.

The country is seemingly moving past what was once regarded as a national threat. I remember in early 2018 when then Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats warned about foreign interference in the upcoming presidential election. The media and Democrats excoriated President Trump for not doing enough to combat it. And, yet, after it happened, but only to the other side’s benefit, we’re all of a sudden supposed to forget, to wipe it from our minds, to decline to give it a second look. Only right-wing fringe sites gripe about the Russians helping Harris win the White House. Most elected officials, including many Republicans, shrug their shoulders and shake their head while softly denouncing foreign meddling. Vladimir Putin now wears a permanent smile after foiling our attempts to stop him.

We were played by a foreign adversary. Again. The Russians successfully sowed more discord among our easily duped electorate. And, this time, nobody in Washington is saying anything about it. Except for the former Commander-in-Chief, who continues to tweet about the sabotage from his penthouse in Trump Tower, an old man shouting in empty, gilded halls to nobody of importance other than his silent government-provided security.

Like Solzhenitsyn, I hope my record will help others see what is increasingly becoming a more arbitrary and despotic system of government. Fortunately, I’m not facing the threat of the gulag for shining a light on these dark machinations. But, like many Americans, I face something almost as troubling: the erasure of history for political gain. Such is the foundation authoritarian regimes are built on.

I hope mine is not the only voice speaking out against this murder of the past.

– A concerned American

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    • don’t be afraid! Us Christians know that even tho Genesis says we won’t know when He’s coming back> It sure looks like the time of the Revelations are happening. Get your house in order and ready for Rapture.

  1. Great and realistic assumption of what our future could be if Americans don’t wake up fast. Civil War is the only answer if this does happen.

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