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Watch MSNBC Host Squirm During Live Update On “No Collusion” Intel Committee News


We knew this day was coming, but watching an MSNBC anchor and guest pundits squirm during a live Tuesday morning update in which NBC News intelligence and national security correspondent, Ken Dilanian, read aloud that the Senate Intelligence Committee admits it has found “no direct evidence” of collusion between President Trump and Russia, is a segment that itself perhaps belongs to the history books.

Mediaite described of the “stunned” MSNBC host’s demeanor: “The report met surprise first, then skepticism, with Jackson and her guests.” They awkwardly and visibly try to make sense of hard and unambiguous reporting that runs contrary to everything being parroted in the MSNBC echo chamber over the past 2 years.

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To drive home the explosive significance of the findings, Dilanian noted just how long the ‘collusion’ incessant drumbeat has lasted: “After two years and interviewing more than 200 witnesses, the Senate intelligence Committee has not uncovered any direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia,” said Dilanian. “That’s according to sources on both the Republican and the Democratic side of the aisle.”

And in a prior NBC News article Tuesday morning, Dilanian spelled out:

After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson and her guest panelists’ faces looked visibly confused and uncomfortable as they learned the Senate report is going in the opposite direction of everything MSNBC and other mainstream outlets have been breathlessly reporting on a near 24/7 basis.

More importantly, if this is a precursor of what the Mueller report concludes in a few weeks/months, the TV station that built its current reputation on the premise of Russian collusion, may have no option but to go on indefinite hiatus.

Watch the segment below, with host Hallie Jackson appearing to grow exasperated by the 2:20 mark:“If and when the president, as he may inevitably do, points to these conclusions and says look, the Senate intelligence committee found I am not guilty of conspiracy… he would be correct in saying that?

Dilanian noted that while the Republican chair of the committee made what he characterized as “partisan” comments the week prior, it turned out be unanimous fact. “What I found,” he said, “is that Democrats don’t dispute that characterization.”

But perhaps sensing how “contrary” to the network’s own hysterical ‘Russiagate’ coverage his reporting was, he tried to soften the blow, saying, “But, again, no direct proof of a conspiracy. As one democratic aide said to me, ‘we never thought we were going to find a Democrat between Trump and Vladimir Putin saying let’s collude, but the question is how do we interpret all these various contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia.’”

Hallie Jackson followed with further probing: “Not to put too fine a point on it, but I want to make sure I’m understanding this…” and asked “If and when the president, as he may inevitably do, points to these conclusions and says look, the Senate intelligence committee found I’m not guilty of conspiracy… he would be correct in saying that?

Her face looking rather incredulous at this point, Dilanian responded by invoking the Meuller investigation, reassuring her his inquiry is not complete and likely could uncover more information. But then the bottom line: “That said, Trump will claim vindication through this, and he’ll be partially right,” he said.


But Dilanian also noted the Senate intel committee has access to classified material, which means “if there was an intercept between officers suggesting they were conspiring with the Trump campaign, [the committee] would see that. And that has not emerged.”

“So that evidence does not exist, and Trump will claim vindication,” he repeated.

Yet after all this, during the full segment Vice News guest panelist Shawna Thomas actually invoked impeachment in what appeared a desperate attempt to grasp for anything. “There’s two things I question about [the report],” she began.

“Number one, if and when the report finally comes out from the Senate intelligence committee, is there anything in there that will cause, especially some of these new House Dems, to start to clamor, even if there isn’t ‘conspiracy’ or ‘collusion’, for impeachment?” said Thomas.

But then she tried to deflate the whole thing, upsetting as it was for purveyors of the collusion narrative: “The other thing is, based on what Ken is saying, it’s all stuff we knew already,” she said.

Right… cause in MSNBC’s Russiagate-land “the walls are closing in” on Trump, constantly. Except the network just woke up to the reality that it’s not the case.


We only wonder what Rachel Maddow will be left with after this.

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  1. I think both sides should have to pay up , they were both in on the investigation and backing each other. The whole thing was a complete waste of money. Now I know this is a long shot but do you think you can go back to work now?

  2. Hardly, squirming! Perhaps searching for a way to still hope they might yet find something. The irony is that the real collusion, the type that creates a crime has been in front of us for some time now and that is the Dems and HRC specifically paying millions to have a fake dossier created using known Trump hater and former UK spy, Christopher Steele, to be the go-between for HRC & sev unscrupulous Russians to create dirt on Trump.Then to have the higher ups in the FBI knowingly use this fabricated info to get permission from the FISA court to spy on Americans. That’s the REAL crime here & yet those people have not, as of now, faced any serious investigations from either Congress or. Special Prosecutor! Why is that?

  3. I have watched POLITICS for nearly 50 years and I am telling you this is NOT OVER!! The Demon Rats NEVER STOP! That’s why they do so well getting THEIR AGENDA whether ANY CONSTITUENT wants it! That why this started AFTER KILLARY destroyed her EVIDENCE even AFTER being SUBPOENAED to go before the Congress and THE FBI pardoned her!! A POWER TGEY DO NOT HAVE!!! But TRUMP WON and they could NOT stand that!! Why is HILDABEAST Lynch, Holder, Clapper, Brennan, OBLAMMER not in jail???? That’s like asking HOW IN THE HELL CAN YIOU VOTE FOR DEMON RATS that ARE making INFANTICIDE LEGAL???

    • Great comment Keith. And true.
      MSNBC can never accept truth. They are Hacks, and need one to accept there narrative. Useless they are and I never watch them.

    • Like you even have enough people to mount a war! Okay, you DO have most of the guns- and obviously no trouble using them (most home-grown terrorists support Trump), but judging by your spelling and thinking, the majority will outsmart you. Anybody with half a brain knows the Russians helped Trump, and knows Trump has no class, heart, education (despite whatever schools he attended and din’t graduate from), or morals. He is a crook, a conman, and he couldn’t care less about any of you! If Hillary’s so bad, why have the Repubs been unable to get her despite 20 years of trying? The Emperor (which is what he’d like to be) has NO CLOTHES! Of COURSE the REPUBLICAN senate isn’t going to find anything against him! Duh.

      • Another condescending remark by an ignorant democrat. If you are not ignorant, provide the facts concerning this. Otherwise shut up

  4. These people were searching for a way to turn everything around and will not accept anything that points to Trump being innocent of anything . They hate Trump and it’s popping out the veins in their neck and showing their poor journalism instead of just reporting the facts . I think those same people would question Trump if he said the world is round , they would come up with the skeleton of some ancient explorer to sit on a panel to say we have an expert skeleton that disputes trump and says the world just might be flat . Their hate for Trump is so transparent that you can look right through them like if you were looking at a ghost .

  5. It is almost UNBELIEVABLE , that DIM-O- CRATS, assumed to be SANE, REASONABLE adults, can continue their ludicrous rants against PRESIDENT TRUMP, in view of the TWO YEAR investigation, and the NO FINDING OF COLLUSION results it produced .

  6. I would NEVER subscribe to this FAKE NEWS. He is innocent and Dems can’t just realize the LOST. They are wrong conservatives and the Trumps are right we one and Hillary wouldn’t even have one popular if they didn’t let illegals vote. They don’t want a wall, they don’t want voter ID, they don’t want to stop the cartels, they don’t want to stop trafficking, they want to kill babies they are evil the devil incarnate.

  7. If these idiots tell you that today is Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday, check your calendar to confirm before making any plans…

  8. They word their comments as if President Trump is still guilty of something with the Russian government. So far there is no proof of a collusion and/or conspiracy between President Trump and Vladimir Putin. For two years the DNC, Hillary Clinton, George Sorros (with his billions funding this BS), as well as the puppet MSM parroting what the DNC/Clintons tell them to say have been screaming (like a bunch of spoiled children having a temper tantrum) trying to force this crap on us the people.

  9. The owners and staff of CNN and MSNBC should be feeling like fools. All the constant bullshit over the last 2-1/2 years that costs YOU the American taxpayer millions. CNN and MSNBC predicted over and over that President Trump would be impeached “ANY MINUTE NOW” due to Russian collusion. The only Russian collusion is what happened between Hillary Clinton and the Russian government in the Uranium Deal. The Clinton Foundation profited by $145,000,000 “PAY FOR PLAY” Hillary’s specialty!

  10. Any American who votes for Demlibs is a traitor, the dem libs voted for muslims in our govt, a slap in the face to every service man and women who are serving now,retired, or a vet. and are okay with killing innocent babies. Go Trump 2020e5ge

  11. They are going to deliberately drag this out in an effort to influence another election. The democrats are so obvious, it is painful to watch. Obama, and Hillary both have had far more sneaky contact with foreign individuals, including intel officers, and terrorist supporters, perhaps even actual terrorists, yet no investigation in to either of them ever really happens.


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