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Bodycam Captures Militant Antifa Shot In The Head By Cops After Pulling Gun


A police officer who shot the leader of a militant Antifa group was “legally justified” in a January 11 shooting at a Eugene, Oregon middle school.

Charles Landeros, 30, was fatally shot in the head by officer Steve Timm at the Cascade Middle School, where Landeros’ daughter is a student. Landeros can be seen on bodycam footage pulling a gun during a struggle with Timm and another officer, Aaron Johns following a custody argument.

Landeros went to the school that day over a conflict with his daughter’s mother. He had enrolled the girl in the school earlier that week without telling his former spouse, but school officials later learned that the girl’s mother had the sole authority to decide which school the girl attended.

At some point, Landeros was told to leave the school because he stopped answering the officers’ questions. He was warned that he would be arrested if he didn’t leave, the district attorney said.

Police body camera footage shows Landeros refused to leave the school because he believed only the principal had the authority to force him from the campus. He then sees his daughter walk into the hallway and repeatedly yells for her to “go.” –Oregon Live

According to district attorney Patty Perlow, Timm and Johns tried to arrest Landeros on suspicion of disorderly conduct and trespassing – pushing him outside the front doors. Landeros pushed back, and the pulled a handgun as he and Johns begin to struggle. Landeros can be seen pointing the gun at Timm and firing two rounds which miss the officer. Timm returned fire once and hit Landeros in the head right in front of his daughter.

Police officers work the scene where a suspect was shot at a Cascade Middle School in Eugene, Ore, on Friday, Jan. 11, 2019. (Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard via AP)

“It is unknown why Charles Landeros chose to use deadly force in this circumstance, but he clearly had no regard for the lives of the police officers or the students or staff present, including his child,” said Perlow in a statement.

“Officer Timm saved the life of Officer Johns, himself and perhaps many others given the number of rounds Charles Landeros had loaded in his weapon. There is no clearer circumstance that the use of deadly force is justified than this.”

Landeros founded the “community Armed Self-Defense” Antifa group, according to Ammolandand was wearing a “smash the patriarchy and chill” shirt during the incident.


The 9mm pistol Landeros pulled was bought legally in December by his sister-in-law, according to Perlow, and he was a concealed handgun license holder. He had a round in the chamber, 18 rounds in the magazine, and another loaded magazine on his gun belt. In his car, police found another magazine. Landeros was also wearing a backpack that had bullets for a different caliber firearm.

Landeros’ family has called for an independent investigation into his killing, noting that he was an honorably discharged Army veteran and the father 10 and 12-year-old daughters.

In mid-January, a heated protest broke out over the incident in which anti-police demonstrators faced off with counter-protesters supporting the police.

One Cascade Middle School parent at the protest defended the officers.

“They’re saying disarm cops, they’re saying that was murder. It wasn’t murder. [Landeros] brought a gun to my kid’s school,” said Karen Neurotch. “They didn’t get calls because their kids don’t go here. I got a call saying my kid was terrified because they heard shots fired.”

Community Armed Self Defense’s Facebook page said that they could not count on the police to protect marginalized people, and that firearms help marginalized groups protect themselves, the Daily Emerald reported.

“The police are not here to protect us. They are more likely to harm us themselves than they are to ‘serve or protect’ us,” the group wrote on their Facebook page description.

The Civil Liberties Defense Center, another of the activist groups Landeros belonged to, posted about the shooting on their Facebook page. The post said Landeros left behind two daughters, ages 12 and 10, a partner, and numerous family members and friends. The group also said it will raise money to investigate the shooting on their own. –KGW

Officers Timm and Johns have been with the Eugene Police Department for 14 and 17 years respectively.

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      HE, THE SHOT AND KILLED IDIOT,—- is the SOLE BLAME FOR his DAUGHTERS, FAMILY , and others grieving over this UNNECESSARY EVENT>

      • Agreed. He shouldn’t have come to school armed. That’s why armed police are present. If they hadn’t been there, would the principal have been the one shot?

    • Exactly my sentiments… You wanna’ play, mother-f..ker, get after it…
      YOU LOST…
      Bury the piece o’ s..t…
      Come get me if you don’t like what I say…
      I’m in Texas…
      NO RECORD…
      I’m armed…
      So are my friends …
      Come on wid it…

  1. Police are not perfect. They are humans and humans are flawed, but anyone can see from the
    video evidence that this enraged parent has a gun, that he resisted arrest, and that he fired his gun at the police. Luckily, the police were not shot, and luckily this deranged parent is no longer a threat to
    anyone. This is precisely a case of the police doing their job and a lunatic shot in the process of committing a crime.

    • I couldn’t agree more. No responsible parent would bring a gun into a school. One the one hand, it’s a shame that two little girls will have to grow up without their birth father, but on the other hand, these Antifa groups are problematic & if they believe that they need to resort to violence in the face of authority, they’re already on the road to extinction.

  2. The police officer was right. That enraged man was shooting at everybody around him. He should not have had the gun on the school grounds. Being a veteran DOES NOT MAKE HIM RIGHT. THOSE WHO ARE PROTESTING HIS DEATH MUST BE LIKE HIM, A VERY VIOLENT PERSON. WHY DO IDIOTS WANT TO BLAME THE POLICE WHEN THAT MSN WAS THE ONE SHOOTING?

  3. Thanks Obama: Your disrespect for police officers is bearing fruit in assassination of officers and failure to obey the police! This is the only legacy of your 8 year term still standing!

  4. Nobody in their right mind but a cop goes into a school carrying a weapon. The additional bullets just add to that.

    He was an incident looking for a place to happen and he found it. Shame on him for doing this to his daughter.

    Cause of death, STUPIDITY. And he came really close to taking a few innocents with him. No loss here.

    • Marlene, I like the cause of death you list. I agree with you. If Broward County, Florida had police like this, maybe some of those high school students would be alive today. Also, from the actions of those protesting I am glad I do not live in Eugene. Must be a POS area as much as Portland (and, now both Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine).

      • Eugene is the home of the University of Oregon (the “Ducks”). I got my BS and MS degrees at Oregon State University (OSU – the “Beavers”), which is 40 miles to the north in Corvallis. We knew even back then (1977-83) that the U of O people were left-wing fruit-loops. (Besides the “Ducks” vs. “Beavers” rivalry!)

  5. Police have weapons for a reason. They don’t want to use them, but they will if they have to. This man was given numerous chances to leave without incident. When he refused to do that he was given the chance to be arrested, again without incident.

    Each escalation of this event was based on his choices. Do these protesters actually think that the officers should have left this man at the school, armed and in this state of mind?

    Come on people. When you are wrong, simply admit it and move on. Blaming the good guys in this scenario is simply insanity.

  6. This is exactly why a war with the left isn’t something to fear. He pulls his weapon fires two shots, and misses. Next shot fired by an officer trained and smacks him right in the face. Now they want independent investigation? The punk was crazy, ghis ifficer should be awarded, undoubtedly he saved lives.

  7. I agree you can not count on the police to protect you marginalized or not. Everyone should bear arms for their own protection. No one should ever draw that weapon on police offers doing their job. he got what he deserved. firing at armed police!

  8. Police officers had a job to do. They are like any other American worker, they just want to go home after their shift is over. This Antifa member went into a middle school with a loaded weapon. For starts, law abiding citizens do not go into a school of any kind with a loaded weapon! That’s common sense. He was asked to leave by the principal. The principal called the police. The guy was escorted outside where he pulled his weapon and was ultimately shot and killed. It is a shame that his children are now without their father but their father broke the law, pulled a weapon on police and then lost everything for his actions. No matter who or what this guy was, his own decision ended his life. This is a sad story but one that didn’t have to happen. Comply with police officers when given a directive(s) and unless you are a police officer, nobody has the right to carry in any kind of school.

  9. Antifa bent on destruction of America. Financed by George Soros. Real demons all of them. All schools now teach phoney post modernism from grade one. This is only the beginning of the horror.

  10. I am a Veteran, and have a rand daughter over which I am the Guardian of, and I never take a firearm into her school, and yes I do have a CCW, but that does not give me the legal authority to carry it into her school.

  11. HE ASKED FOR IT AND SOMEONE FINALLY GAVE IT TO HIM. If anyone thinks these cops were wrong then they are just as bad as him and need to have their heads examined…Antifa is a militant group of terrorist and he brought and fired a gun in a school and at the police. The police have the right to take anyone who is a harm to children away from the school… He obviously lost his parental rights because of his unhinged actions and was trying to take the child that he did not have custody of.

  12. Unfortunate but he should not have pulled his gun and began shooting. The outcome was predictable. What is up with the comment “right in front of his daughter” ?? Has nothing to do with the rest of the article and is a biased comment. Was the police officer supposed to ignore the threat, wait and get shot because the Antifa guy’s daughter was there? Sorry, does not work that way in real life.

    • Exactly so!
      Two big brave thugcops, trained in how to overpower a suspect who did not fire at anyone chose the easy way out.
      Another civilian murdered at the hands of a thugcop.



  13. This guy could not handle the stress of divorce which is unfortunate and proved why he was not in custody of his daughters. Cool Hand Luke always wins the day although it may not be that day or a day until after your kids are grown and you are gone…………………………..
    The only time to pull a gun is in support of a cop doing his job, or to put down a shooter in a public place.
    When I was a kid, cops and teachers did not have to kiss my butt.
    Mom and Dad taught me that Cops and Teachers were human beings and made 100 decisions a day.
    Mom and Dad taught me that if I were the subject of a wrong decision by a cop or teacher, I should just suck it up and go on my way.
    Nowadays, kids are taught that if a cop is ‘rude’ to you, you need to file a complaint .
    Pretty soon we will require our Drill Instructors at Marine Boot Camp to tuck us in and kiss us on the forehead every night……………………

  14. Antifa militant says it all. Good thing he was taken out before he had a chance to hurt someone. So glad the cops were not hurt. These protesters who protest as a hobby can’t wait for something like this to happen.

  15. The man came with a loaded gun into a school building. I don’t care if he had a license to carry. No one has a right to carry a loaded firearm, except a police officer, into a school building while it is in session.

  16. It’s sad this man had to die, especially in front of his own daughter, but HE BROUGHT IT ON HIMSELF! Law enforcement has a job – -it is to “protect and defend” – -the general public, as well as themselves; they did NOT hire on as “sacrificial lambs”, to be assassinated, at will, by “malcontents” like Mr. Landeros! Mr. L. decided “he didn’t like” the family court’s orders, giving his ex-wife custody and control of the daughter (probably both daughters), so he decided “he was going to change things”. Sorry, that is NOT the way custody rules work; if he wasn’t “happy” with it, he had the option to appeal the court’s decision, but he did NOT have the option of defying it. In a building full of students and staff, Officers Timm and Johns did NOT have a choice, once Landeros pulled a weapon.

  17. That’s what we were taught in our CCDW class. Do a head shot if possible. Doing a shot in the heart can take 3-15 seconds for them to die, enabling them to still get off several shots. All Antifa goons need to be elimiminated.

  18. God bless those poor daughters, but there is a good chance that they are better off that they no longer have this idiot in their lives. God bless the Police Officers for doing a job that you could not pay me enough to do. May obama rot in hell for all the bad things that he is responsible for in this Great Country of ours.

  19. Everyone at that school and in this neighborhood should tell these cops “WELL DONE AND THANK YOU!!”
    This left wing idiot got what he deserved. This is what happens when militant activist start believing the hype they get in the MSM. Well this idiot found out the hard way, that when a big, brave social justice warrior comes up against someone who is facing them and ready (not an elderly person, someone you sneak up on with a bike lock, or swarm in one of their cowardly mobs), they lose in A BIG WAY!!!

    I doubt that this idiot gave a millisecond of thought to the consequences his daughters would suffer for the rest of their lives, as he pulled his gun. While they might be better off without an ass hat like him in their lives, they now have to deal with the mental traumas his stupid and selfish decision caused.

    Pin medals on these two officers and give them a weeks paid vacation. They deserve it!!

  20. Officer did his job!!!
    He bravely served and protected as his job title states.
    Thank you to all the officers present. The idiot should have kept his cool and obeyed the officers commands. Now he and his daughter, his mom and dad are going to a funeral.

  21. All I can say is thank God for body cams To think that some morons can look at this video and still cuss and blame the officers is unbelievable I worked 9 years as a Mo. state trooper and never had to shoot anyone but I never had a body cam to back up my story if I had. I bet these men are extremely grateful for this technology. Imagine the storyline these wackos would be putting out without video proof

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