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Tucker Carlson Calls Out Famous Liberals Who Urged Doxing, Assault, & Murder Of Covington MAGA Kids


Tucker Carlson excoriated famous liberals and a few anti-Trump GOP who called for the harassment, assault and murder of a group of Kentucky high school students who were falsely accused of bigotry against a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, at a pro-life demonstration on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Based on an out-of-context “staredown” between student Nick Sandmann and Phillips, high-profile liberals across Twitter went on a blitzkrieg of fake news over the weekend – falsely claiming that the Covington High School group harassed Phillips while chanting “build the wall” – which never happened.

Once footage emerged of the entire incident, however, it became clear that the left had gotten it completely wrong; Phillips had approached the teens – many wearing MAGA hats, while a group of Black Israelites considered to be a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League hurled racial insults at the students.

After the truth emerged, famous liberals who were previously frothing at the mouth went on a mad scramble to delete their tweets full of hate, slander and disinformation. The internet never forgets, however, and neither does Tucker Carlson:


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  1. HOOAH, for Tucker ! The real problem is from Hollywood celebrities, powerful journalists, and progressive activists calling for the boys to be doxxed, expelled from school, and even killed; they should be held accountable for their despicable actions !

  2. Again, the Insane HYPOCRISY, the INSANE Lack of Common Sense, Decency, RATIONAL..BS From the LEFT..They Lie, Cheat, Steal their way to One More “SEAT” one More IDIOT Minion, Puppet who joins them in their Disgusting SOS…Talking POINTS. Their GANG LIKE, MOB MENTALITY..Their Pure Ignorance, Disrespect & Lack of Morals, Ethics & Anything Remotely in line with an Unbiased, Insane GROUP..Some have the Big BUCKS< the MILLIONS, Some Billions & Some like One Activist after Another, The CRUMBS Snatched Any Way they Can..They're all Hoping to Jump on the GRAVY Train, but ALL Have Jumped onto the "CRAZY" TRAIN..Instead. Look at BlumenIDIOT CT.."I made a Mistake, I did Not serve in Viet Nam".. I Served while Viet Nam was you know, Happening. He also Stated after a Horrific school shooting, 93 MILLION Americans Die EVERY DAY from GUN VIOLENCE..See, they Are ALL Liars, Cheaters, Thieves & Con ARTEESTS…They have NO Common Sense, Just All Too Common. NO matter How much Money they have, they want Their More MILLIONS or More…Crumbs.. Hoping to get their MILLION Some day..They know too many have made a Fortune in POLITICS…It Really Does Pay to be a POLITICAL..PIMP. Dr. Fords a Good Example. IT Pays to Be the POLITICAL PAWN or the Actual Political PIMP.. They all know it PAYS..This IS What Drives them ALL..Greed & Seriously.. Shared INSANITY.


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