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Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” Ad Campaign Backfires Spectacularly


Dear men, razor brand Gillette wants you to know that you need to shed your inherent toxic masculinity – that all men have (trust them) and have been making excuses for, and haven’t done anything about until now.

The add, dubbed “We Believe” begins with a montage of bullying and sexism – as a pack of wild, toxically masculine white boys tear around, leaving behind a wake of misery and abuse.

Toxically masculine boys on their way to mansplain things
Same boys on a bullying spree
Toxic masculinity is everywhere and has “been going on far too long”
Not-so diverse group of boys learning to be toxic and masculine. One is already manspreading. 

A narrator then goes on to suggest that “boys will be boys” is simply not going to fly anymore.

“Is this the best a man can get? Is it? We can’t hide from it. It has been going on far too long. We can’t laugh it off, making the same old excuses.

Toxic masculinity in the workplace
Excusing toxic masculinity while grilling food

“We believe in the best in men. To say the right thing, to act the right way. Some already are. But some is not enough. Because the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.

The message is clear; If you’re a man, you’re inherently evil – and you need to do better.

Suffice to say, the new ad campaign has not gotten off to a great start.

Update: 90 minutes later and the views have nearly doubled, tacking on 40,000 downvotes.

Reached for comment by the Wall Street Journal, Gillette brand director for North America Pankaj Bhalla said “This is an important conversation happening, and as a company that encourages men to be their best, we feel compelled to both address it and take action of our own,” adding “We are taking a realistic look at what’s happening today, and aiming to inspire change by acknowledging that the old saying ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is not an excuse. We want to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and hope all the men we serve will come along on that journey to find our ‘best’ together.

Yeah, no.

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    • Gillette must have concluded they want to have girly-men and women as their product buyers.
      Having used Gillette products 64 years, I won’t say I will not use their shaving products again. I have a supply in my cabinet, you can’t buy razor blades in your bathroom.
      I will use up what I have.
      I will never buy a Gillette product for myself or as a gift again.
      Gillette wants emasculated men as their customers. Good luck you losers, Gillette!

  1. This PC Progressive toxic garbage needs to stop. This type of sexual harassment against men is extremely harmful and stupid. You guys must be from another planet to even think this way. Men and women were created differently for reasons and to think otherwise is stupid!

  2. Where do these freaks come from! Guys are guys. We don’t want to be girls and we don’t want to be wusses! Women don’t want their men to be marshmallows. The nation needs men and fathers, and heads of households. Anybody that says different is trying to destroy the fabric of our nation. Tell them to shut up and sit down…right next to the liberal trolls in the other seats!

  3. What women dreamed up this nonsense? Does Gillette want every man to be Stuart Smalley? Please. From a woman who loves men: Let the men be men! There is nothing toxic about masculinity. It is what built this country from the ground up. So BACK OFF GILLETTE! Get real. When you denigrate your customers, they find another source for the products you hawk.

  4. Boys grow into MEN, hopefully. Not all do, sadly. P&G is all wrong. My husband has always worn a beard and I love it! All 3 of our sons and their sons have beards…. Men are men and women are women! I did not raise a bunch of sissies…. God help us all. I am so afraid that we are losing our country in the worst way due to all the unfortunate decisions made by the way our government is giving in to socialists, Islam, & the mentally ill. No more P&G products for this household!

    • Gillette is Proctor & Gamble. P&G make a lot of products. Read the label, then just buy the store brand or other. Let’s hit them where it hurt, in their pocket. I quess they haven’t seen all the crazy women out there, or they don’t know about the women who violently kill their unborn babies. I love my man the way he is.

      • Feather, Astra , and so many more shaving products out there. Look at “West Coast Shave” site and see how many brands there are that is not carried in the Walmarts and Targets. Straight razors, Double edge razors by Germans, Italians, other American companies. By the way, The site I mentioned can get you real shaves for 60% less than Gillette. How about that Gillette!

    • I totally agree with you. Apparently, there is so little to be worried about in this country that we now have to manufacture assinine stuff to concern ourselves with. I hope Proctor and Gamble is going to have a lot to be worried about after this ad sinks in. I am so totally done with the PC police in this country. If they tell me to go left I am duty bound to go right just for the sake of making my point with them. P&G will get less of my business in future for sure. Enough is enough is enough.


  6. Who are these left wing radicals that deplore “masculinity”?
    Wrong move at the wrong time. The “message”is total BULL. No more Proctor and Gamble products and I have just switched away from Gillette products. I find them too “masculine” LOL

  7. the only toxicity is the socialist left ideology of disconnect and hate 24/7, dividing on every subject on the planet.
    socialists do this to keep the eye off the real problem, the socialists left wants socialism- period.

  8. One of the great victories the communists have achieved in America is the pussification of men, the embrace of faggots, trannies, soy boys and other wimpy excuses for maledom. We are seeing the awful results in safe spaces, triggering, micro aggressions and other made up mental disorder symptoms. I think the last time I bought a Gillete product was Right Guard spray in Jr. High, 1970, LOL. I love my Norelco and these frou frous can go f**k themselves, which they’d probably enjoy.

  9. I have failed miserably! I have not maintained a list of Corporations to be Boycotted by Red-Blooded Americans. Put Gillette at the very top!! As for me and my family, we will NEVER buy Gillette products again!

  10. I’ve used Gillette products for 50 plus years. Not anymore. P&G/Gillette can take their products and shove them up a dark place. They’ll enjoy that.

  11. Not to hard to understand their ideology. Men have NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR!!! We built this country without the help of transsexuals, homosexuals and the bunch of other sexual groups that I simply don’t acknowledge and don’t give a damm about!!!! If P&G wants to denigrate the US male population, do so its your right, but don’t expect the same US male population to purchase your product!!!! I AM A PROUD US MALE, A US VETERAN, AND YES, I AM WHITE!!!!

  12. kc, I agree mostly but you are wrong in one aspect. True Socialists have no time for wuzzies, I lived under socialism for 10 years and know what I m talking about. They don’t approve of loafers or LGBT’s either. No woman likes a wimp for a boyfriend, husband or son. Since I do the shopping there will be no more Gillette products at our house.

  13. Hey Gillette and P& G, your commercial is biased, insulting, offensive. You have swallowed the kool aid. Why aren’t you promoting strong, civil, well bred, polite, well mannered, thoughtful, intelligent, considerate,moral, well spoken men? You are promoting the idea that men should be girly, sissy, weak, pitiful. You are promoting the idea that all white men are womanizers, bullies, lack self control, are disrespectful, selfish, inconsiderate. Sorry, you are wrong and your message is offensive and inappropriate. As a woman, I want my men to be real men, not sissified, female dominated, metro patsies. You should have done better and I suspect your profits are going to suffer as a result of your hate filled message about the entire white male population.

  14. Why does Gillette have to infer that “boys will be boys” must mean that are doing anything wrong. That statement immediately makes me think of guys I grew up around as well as grown adult males and my grandson’s all being rough and tumble, in the dirt, horseplaying, stunt trying, and all sport and/or video game fanatics that have nothing to do with doing anything wrong. You’re the ones spreading the toxicity with your pre-conceived bias notion that being a male (and I notice you are mostly pointing to white males) is somehow automatically a bad thing. Shame, shame, shame on you for your interjecting of your opinion only. Must have a load of TOXIC women working for your ad agency.

  15. Wow! Could they have gotten away with using participants in the knock out games. If not then this advertisement is triple racist, sexist and brainless

  16. When being virtuous becomes presumptuous. Oh, the financial hit you will take but please don’t call us bullies when we walk away from you.

  17. Funny, but the only lives my friends and I risked when I was a child were our own. We did stupid stuff to stress our personal strength & dexterity, our group cohesion & loyalty and above all – courage. Could we have gotten hurt? Yeah. Some of us did. I spent a summer with my right arm in a cast. Crap happened and we grew as boys and into men. After doing some of that crazy stuff as a kid … well … I imagine I was less afraid of challenges I faced as a man.

    I also was taught to never hit a woman – and I haven’t – and obey my elders – which I’ve MOSTLY been able to do. I’ve been happily married for over 20 years and have two wonderful children of my own now. I’m teaching them the same life lessons I was taught as well as what I learned. Things like being a ‘good’ person requires actual effort. Values are pointless if you won’t act on them. Speak your mind on what matters and expect to catch crap over that because some people simply can’t stand the truth. Money is nice, but happiness is better – find a balance between the two you can live with.

    I guess that makes me toxic alright.

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