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Heartless: Pelosi Refuses To Meet With Families Of Victims Killed By Illegal Aliens


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has refused to meet with the families of victims killed by illegal immigrants, according to family members.

Several mothers of victims killed by illegals, known as Angel Moms, appeared on Fox Friday to explain that Pelosi has refused to hear their tragic stories, and has asserted that their suffering is part of a “manufactured crisis” at the southern border.

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“I am disgusted by Nancy Pelosi. It is unbelievable that we have politicians in our country that do not care about our people! And she said it numerous times!” said Dawn Witherspoon, whose paramedic husband was mowed down by an illegal alien in 2017.

“If the wall was there and the border wall was in place, my husband would be here,” she added.


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  1. Pelosi is immoral and a Evil doer who will reap what she sows remember pelosi your evil is being recorded and you will suffer for your wickedness pelosi you Evil troll.

  2. Folks you have Palosi all wrong. She loves American people. That is she loves the illegal crime loving free living on our tax dollars, as long as they vote democrat. Palosi and chuck and all other democrats are a bunch of criminals. They hate their own white skin people because we will not vote for them and we do not cater to their crocked agenda. This includes the democrats in Virginia.

    • I do agree with your assessment here because it is point on. I also know sometimes one is so anxious to let their thoughts be known
      fingers slip in texting. That said Senator Pelosi is not Palosi. Palosi puts me in mind of a palomino a beautiful horse. Spelling does make a difference here and crocked means drunk while crooked means illegal. Of course one could make the case democrats in Virginia and elsewhere could be crocked when pushing a crooked agenda.

  3. I just cringe every time Pelosi opens her mouth. I think that President Trump should make them go without paychecks and stay in congress and the house until they reach a definite plan that will end this .

    • I was thinking the same thing but it would be a small issue with them. They have so much money coming in from big companies and foreign leaders. Look how much money Hillary was receiving from Saudi Arabia. How much money liberal news donation to all the Senators and Congress. Bribes should be a felony.

  4. Wonder how’d she “feel” if someone in her family is killed or seriously injured by one of her ILLEGAL ALIENS ( I don’t use the word immigrate, because if they’re here ILLEGALLY, then they are criminals who have broken our immigration laws, therefore they are ALIENS).

  5. There are quite a large number of men in this country that gave up significant portions of their life to defend the USA against socialists and communists.
    It seems to me that meetings between them and the liberal scum are inevitable

  6. Hard to believe that the decrcRATS keep putting her back in office. Heartless?????????? That doesn’t even begin to describe that twit. I can’t believe that all the democrats feel that way, but stranger things have happened. What’s sad, is obviously you people think it is only Republicans who are killed by the illegals. Well guess what, it isn’t and you demo party people need to get on your phones, in the newspapers, TV’s , whatever it takes and get a message out to that dimwit that this is unacceptable. She, shoooomer, mad maxie, harris, all those going against everything that the people want, that this is not something we need at this time, we want to be protected, we want our safety respected more than the comfort of all the ILLEGALS!!!!!! We count, and they will when they come in the right way. Cut off the source of some of peeeeeelosi and others money, by getting them to stop this nonsense!

  7. PELOSI is getting older (and more senile) by the minute. She refuses to accept the FACTS — commonly know as the TRUTH. She is so blind to anyone or anything that is outside the crumbling realm of the demo party, she is in 24/7 DENIAL. PRESIDENT TRUMP, please forge on with your plan for our BORDER WALL. It will be a major factor in keeping undesirables out of our great Country. Arguably, the greatest failure on the part of PELOSI & SCHUMER is that they fail to understand this WALL is good for ALL AMERICANS — regrettably, including themselves. With this mumbling, neurotic, forgetful (as she continues to address POTUS as “president bush”) female as the demos LEADING LADY, their chances of any successes in 2020 are dwindling by the Day ….. maybe AOC will come to their rescue !! L – O – L

  8. Pelosi is receiving millions from the drug cartels and slave traders to object to a border wall!! She is so demon possessed filled with the Devil who is guiding her every move!! It would be so nice if an illegal alien took the life of someone she loved, then maybe she would change her tune. Pelosi needs to feel the pain as so many other families have feltwhose loved one was killed by an illegal alien.

  9. My fellow Americans:

    If any among you think the veterans of Vietnam and all of the fiascos since are going to let the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Summer, Maxine Waters and any/all others like her tear down and/or take one step back from what Mr. Trump and his followers have accomplished, think again. America has never seen and I suspect few can imagine just how angry we are and of what we are capable. Few of you can imagine what happens to men who have tried to serve a nation ruled by the likes of the every president since Eisenhower (maybe save Reagan?) and their armies of politicians/bureaucrats. Men who are the victims of mindless, corrupt, self-serving, witless, cowards, and pissants with little or no regard for them and/or their souls. Mr. Trump in a few short months has commenced the process of healing for so many of us to the point that thoughts of homicide and/or suicide start to fade, or best case replaced by thoughts of taking the skills we were required to master in order to survive and put them to good use. Thoughts of negating the threats presented by the likes of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Summer, the media, and the fools who believe/act on their words.

    I have only one concern if we are forced to act on the behalf of Mr. Trump and those Americans willing to follow him. This time we can’t go home with the hope that somehow we will be able to cope with the blood on our hands and souls, and the pain in our hearts! America is our home. There is one difference (at least for me) this time between the enemies I/we confronted/killed in other lands and those here in America. I never once felt hatred for those I confronted/killed in other lands!

    C. W. Lauderdale
    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    PS. The term “negators” is one used by the British 22nd Special Air Squadron (SAS) when referring to one of the options they use when confronting known and/or suspected terrorists.







  11. An example of a real “leader” of Americans. Why doesn’t she just slink back to Hawaii and forget about making any comments or actions. She is not doing anything to help the situation now. Her favorite manta is NO!)!! What a POS Marine Bob

  12. It may be more to lack of intestinal fortitude to face what we may have caused. Lack of courage. Inability to face the carcuses of our dead. It takes courage to come face to face with what we have wrought. Females are especially vulnerable since they are more to nest building than protecting. I do think that voting for women in such jobs should be reconsidered, just like sending them to battle is not a female role. I am female but I never volunteer for jobs that I see as male jobs. I have worked side by side with my man but never to best him but hand him the tools or be his “other” hand. She keeps trying to be the Alpha Male and that is her problem and our problem with her. She needs to retire and go back to the home. L O L>

  13. Has anyone check in 2 Pelosi, Schummer, Maxine Waters incoming money. R these “insane” clones or robots ? Why, not have the decency 2 take 1 on 1 on American people questions of families that husbands, family mbrs, friends, neighbors killed by illegals undocumented immigrants. Why, hide if they think there Tough cookies. We need Courages, Strong leadership not WIMPS!

  14. Sharing: A friend of mine young daughter was alluded by an illegal immigrant introduce this person 2 drugs, occult. Found out later same man has different names & keeps crossing our borders & alluring more young girls with same tactic thus teaching them how 2 prostitute,running streets while he collects the money. So, tell me isn’t this woryh fighting for or not?

  15. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, Collins, Flake, Haley)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  16. she would meet with illegals who children died in custody because she likes illegals more than Americans, California voters take note.

  17. I was thinking the same thing but it would be a small issue with them. They have so much money coming in from big companies and foreign leaders. Look how much money Hillary was receiving from Saudi Arabia. How much money liberal news donation to all the Senators and Congress. Bribes should be a felony.


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