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Graham Calls On Trump “To Use Emergency Powers” To Build Wall


Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday called on President Trump to declare a national emergency in order to fund the construction of the US-Mexico border wall, after the latest round of negotiations in the Senate fell apart. 

“Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate on funding for a border wall/barrier — even if the government were to be reopened — virtually ends the congressional path to funding for a border wall/barrier,” said Graham in a statement. 

“It’s time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall/barrier.” 

I hope it works” 

The statement follows failed negotiations led by Graham involving moderate GOP senators, some of whom blamed both President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for being unwilling to compromise with each other.

Earlier Thursday we reported that the White House is preparing legal justification to declare a national emergency, according to CNN Chief National Security Correspondent, Jim Sciutto.

Trump, meanwhile, told reporters that he’ll “probably” declare a national emergency if the partial government shutdown drags on.

If Trump moves forward with that option, Graham told reporters that Congress could try to block it using a privileged motion. 

“If he goes down that route, apparently under the statute the House can take up a privileged motion [and] disapprove the declaration,” said Graham. “It comes over here, Senate Democrats can insist we vote on it. And if you get a majority to disapprove it doesn’t go forward.”

At which point Trump can throw his hands up and tell his base that he did everything he could.

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  1. Senator Graham should consider the cost to the America people before supporting a wall. I Support security. But If a house was completed with just a one Wall it would not be very usefull. President Reagan would have partnered with Mexico and built a “Wall of industry”. Build Where the Wall is needed. Manufacture items made in China. Allow Mexicans to live there and produce items for Walmart, and other stores that Buy from Asia. This would Support the peoole of both nations. Let not forget to Reaganize our thinking when we are going to spend 10 billion American tax dollars. Dan Cadwell M.ed, Boise Id.

  2. The President is our elected representative. We chose him to run this country, not Pelosi, so why is she trying to take over that power? She should be tried for treason. She is placing the people on the southern border at extreme danger. She is such a liar. She voted for the wall when it was a democrat idea. I want her to stand up in front of the nation and admit she is and always will be a liar. Now, they have bought Michael Cohen. He is afraid for his family, I suppose. I would be too. Let’s pray for President Trump and his family, their safety could be at risk. Remember what happened to the enemies of Cigar Boy?

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