Home Politics “Impeach The Motherfu*ker” Congresswoman Flees From Reporters

“Impeach The Motherfu*ker” Congresswoman Flees From Reporters


Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib fled from reporters asking about her statement that she would help Democrats “impeach the motherfucker” in reference to President Trump.

“If you’re unapologetic about your comments, Congresswoman, why not talk to us?” asked journalists

After her comments went viral, Tlaib doubled down, defending her remarks in a Thursday morning op-ed, and stating that she was “elected to shake up Washington, not continue the status quo.”

Apparently defending herself in front of cameras is a bit too much for someone elected to shake things up.

Addressing Tlaib’s comments during a Friday afternoon press conference, President Trump said “I thought her comments were disgraceful…I think she dishonored herself, and I think she dishonored her family.”

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  1. I agree with Trump. If there is true data, incontrovertible data, (meaning truly factual data) available she should have that at hand. As it is she is a hysterical war monger trying to appease her base who are clearly unable to understand what facts are or data means. Her own ignorance does her no good in terms of achieving goals.

    I mean who want to follow a mindless twit?

    • This person, if your wish to call her that, is simply displaying her blatant ignorance and bias with such gutter talk. And we wonder why our great country is going down the drain. With so called leaders like this, we will only hasten the decline of our once great republic. Maybe, just maybe, she should retreat to her mosque and beg for forgiveness. NOT!!!

      • I say she should go back to her country and make comments like that about their leader. If she was to live she probably would not have a tongue to speak ever again. She needs to be watched very closely. I would not be surprised if she had isis ties. She is a very hateful person. I’m ashamed to say she is from my state. Very concerning.

        • I agree with you completely. If all Americans were like you, we wouln’t have all the problems in our country. When I looked at her face I was terrified. She looked exactly as the terrorists of Hamas at the wall in Israel. I’m the child of war, I was on occupied territory in Ukraine, fascists barked at us as this woman-hater. I suffered 46 years of my life in the Soviet Union. It was such relief when we came to the free country. Now all these dishonest, hateful socialists want to ruine our country. We, the people of law, have to stop them. If we don’t do it now, these crazy socialists will destroy our country. People, unite.

    • Roshida should be censored and put in the bad girl room for a period to entail the remaining period of her term. Then she can re run next election cycle. Another grandstanding idiot added to the list of many in both parties.

    • I am a professional retired woman who stands with President Trump and his values. This Muslim woman needs to be fired for her non-professional comment about the President of the United States. As far as her head-dress goes, get rid of it. You’re free now. You are in America. You follow our Freedoms or get out.

    • We need to educate the stupid States that even let these two idiots run on a ballot for any Government Job concerning America. They don’t know didally squat about America and they’re trying to play big shots. Yes Washington does need some shaking up in many ways but how are we going to control American Laws when you have American’s being sworn in on the Bible and Muslim’s being sworn in on the Koran. This makes no sense at all. Get rid of ALL Muslim’s that are in America and STOP letting them run for our Government Offices. Their election should be repealed and especially when they use that kind of language toward our President that is doing a great job.


    • Bodega, that is exactly what I was thinking. Rlaid or however you spell her strange sounding name needs to give us the REASONS why she thinks the president needs to be impeached. Just cussing real loud to call attention to herself doesn’t make a valid claim as to what impeachable crimes she thinks the prez committed. You can’t impeach somebody just because you don’t like them. Well, I guess moslems can cut off someone’s head just because they don’t like them; but this is America and she is representing a WHOLE district of people, not just ones following sharia law. In fact, in the USA moslems must follow American law not sharia law. So, stop disgracing your whole family there and making a terrible precedent for those of your “religion/political system” who are looking to you as a leader.

    • She is unfit to retain her seat in Congress. If anyone should be impeached, it should be the misfit from Michigan. What a total waste of voting. She should be happy to be in America as most Arabic women cannot even vote in the countries of their heritage. MAGA RVN 68-69

      • Speaking about that, she threw a fit about being able to wear her head covering in the chamber. Yet here she is out in public without being covered. You think she might have a double standard going on here??😅😂😂


        • Thes voters who elected her, are mindless idiots who do not do their homework. They see a “D” after her name, and vote for her, anyway. Her true colors came out when she said such horrific words about our President. Does one expect her to really serve the interests of Americana, while serving in the house??? I believe, NOT….Wake UP, America…..

  2. This is our nations representatives and when they reduce themselves to the level of gutter snipe, they should be sanctioned or in some way “fired” from their office. There is no excuse for anyone to be talking like that, no matter what there preferences are!!!!!! I’m pleased that we are getting more women in high offices, they TEND to be more wise in making decisions. I have, however, worked for many women, and we have the good, bad and ugly. What we need are thinking woman, those who think for themselves, not just follow the leader and do us no good. We need impartiality, we need calm, we need wise, not those who need their mouths washed out with soap. Grow up and do the job you promised to do and please put your brains in gear, not your filthy mouths!!!!!

      • She is doing the bait and switch in what she is telling others. Start out with confusing comments and demands, then attack the leaders of our nation. This is who the people in her area voted to be in office. Their so called religion is more than that, it is a political agenta to undermine our laws and our entire way of government.

  3. I agree with Trump. His response was perfect. She should not be allowed to represent our citizens and our country. She is totally unprofessional and an embarrassment. She needs to go.

  4. Well, this is the start of the USA’s downfall … letting the Muslims into this Country in Michigan -especially the Dearborn Area where it’s now loaded with the POS Savages, and now they are electing themselves into Our Government …. STUPID FUCKING AMERICA FOR ALLOWING “Barack Hussein Obama – Muslim in Chief” who is responsible making this happen!!!!!! Well now, the Ruination dates back to on or before The Muslim became POTUS, right????? ..!!!!!!


    • Obviously the inevitable outcome of the leftist pro-muslim, pro-illegal, and anti American standards will be the cause of another civil war, not just state against state, But Constitutionalists against Communists and Muslims. We will prevail, but the cost may be high. The country might start to look like the middle east, for a little while. WE WILL PREVAIL.
      Keep your powder dry, and firm up your resolve, the day of reckoning may be sooner than we think.
      Semper Fi

    • No, Obama was the beginning of the destruction of our Great USA and George Soros and the Deep State Based in Britain. They wanted control of the USA and the world to become a One Government society. Complete control, robots, working for them, as they become richer and the middle class becomes poorer. Wake up. They will try repeatedly. Who do you think supplies all of these major opposition groups and the mob protests-!!! Everyone is busy, free, enjoying their life, but opposition takeover is diligently working behind the scenes. Wake Up-!!! We beat them once by voting for President Trump. The “secret” war has just begun.

  5. wake up america they muslims are here to destroy us and all we hold to make america the great nation we once were its not to late do not elect muslims to government jobs . their agenda is to destroy america one nation MUSLIM ONE GOD ONE RELIGION. WAKE UP LIBERALS AND ALL YOU DEMOCRATES AND REPUBLICANS. UNITE TOGETHER AND DESTROY THOSE THAT WANT TO DESTROY US AMERICANS.

  6. She needs to be removed for ethics violations and any thing else you can hang on her. She is a sorry excuse for a woman and should be removed from her position in congress. Pull her ticket and make sure as she is foreign national does never get to be elected again. She is what make us despise the idea she could serve. She should be shun in public and maybe she will leave. Well besides her there is another one and she should be shun also just for being in the picture with he. Our country is just that OUR COUNTRY there is no place for a person like her. I’m so sorry Mr. President that you and your family had to witness or heard what she did.

  7. Remember she was ELECTED! What kind of peoplev people ELECT someone like that? She’s embarrassed herself but also her constituents. She should impeached! Then again, if that is how her constituents think our government works, maybe we should really figure out how and why they are there to vote in the first place.

    • The one and only reason she won the election was by default. That’s right, DEFAULT. The incumbent who has a real history in Congress was found to have committed a domestic dispute and normally, that action would be reasonable to pull your support from that candidate. HOWEVER, those stupid stupid stupid republicans failed to support another person, so the only person running was, you guessed it. Now if the republicans had. Oy pulled their support for their candidate, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. He could ge felt with after the election. Therefore, the blame falls on the stupid Republican Party. That said, now we have to get her out before more longhorns get involved.

  8. considering the thousands of God loving Americans that have been murdered here on our land, I find it impossible to understand how one of them got into an elected political office.

  9. She is a disgrace to women hood and mother hood if she said those words in front of her children. She showed her true colors, who she really is: a dumb women who gained a little power by being elected by the dumb people in her district. Shame on her. She should be booted out of office.

  10. Muslims do not belong in this country. What in the H is this person doing in office? “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants”.

  11. You know that history has shown that the stupid, ignorant and complacent are the people that have lost there countries to the dictators who have enslaved them. So why do Democrats fallow such people when they know full well where there going? Let me ask you something. Would you go into a shed knowing that there is a rattlesnake in there? You know it’s going to bite you, so why do you keep electing Democrats ? You know there going to bite you, one way or an other. Cities in America that have been Democrats for 50 years and are bankrupt. Someone said that if you keep doing the same thing over and over with the same results, “your stupid” was right !

  12. To this women, you are a Kaffir. The Holy Quran says that the Kaffir may be deceived, plotted against, hated, enslaved, mocked, or tortured or worse. The Kaffir is a nonbeliever. Barrack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah says” The Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on earth”.

  13. This woman is nothing but trash. She not only said this in front of her children, but in front of everybody’s children who happened to be listening or watching on TV. You know if she would say this on TV with everyone watching, she didn’t care whose kids heard her. The people who voted for her should be ashamed. If anyone needs to be impeached, it’s her. We don’t need her kind of trash in Congress.

  14. What you say an how you say it shows your intelligence and your true self. This type of talk is not what a person as a member of Congress should be using. I realize that the “F” bomb has become over used by the younger population and does no shoe respect fr yourself or the person that it is aimed at.

  15. Muslime trash – a sad commentary on the ignorant voters, who put her in office. If anyone should be impeached – it is her!.

  16. I loved your post. The idiot Liberals forget, we are the ones who know how to load and fire… they don’t!
    We are USAF Ret, but we agree with everything you said.
    God Bless America and our President Donald Trump!

  17. I would be hoping that her constituents that helped cheat her winning victory are now hanging their heads in total shame. I know I would.

  18. Muslims will not and do not adhere to OUR constitution. They have their own, It is called the koran(not sure of spelling). Anyone who is wiling to
    go on national TV and use profanity, is evil, with no morals, nor character. There is no doubt, in my mind, illegals voted her in. Rational patriots would never vote for Muslims, mainly because of what I have already stated. The Pelosi, to make things worse, said that our president has used similar words, so what the profanity used “was not so bad”. Pelosi should be recalled and replaced with someone who has some morals and character.

  19. If my statement does not get posted, all I can say is that the graders do not want TRUTH stated on their comments. I know of what I speak.

  20. That Bitch should be fired along with all the other democrat pukes that stood by her when she said that,what the hell happened to Michigan that was a nice state. Now they are voting muslims into office,they lost there minds in Michigan.Anybody with any balls should have punched that bitch in the face for saying that, she is really a bigger disgrace as a democrat than pelosi and schumer.They are the people that need to be impeached.

    • Like votes in those that believe as the voters. Mich. areas are so many Muslims there that the courts attempt and sometimes get away with enforcing the Islamic laws not of this nation.

  21. The land of the free. We’re a little too free, for a Muslim or anyone else to get away with calling our President a M^t&er f%^ker and not get locked up, is being way to free.

  22. You are right Muslims will never be an american because their religion will not allow allegiance to Satan the (US). Their government is run by their religion and the US is run by the constitution and the people. We can not have it both ways Church and state divided or Muslim,
    church is government

  23. My sentiments exactly. I’ve been telling my friends and kids to be ready for a civil war.
    These mindless curs are going to start it,
    but we the people will finish it.

  24. This woman is disgusting. Who in the hell is voting in these Muslims? They are not for our country, they are in there to destroy us. They are horrible people and many times a wolf in sheeps clothing. Get rid of these people. And time to get rid of the gutter talk from all sides. People are sick of it. How low will we go?

  25. we need a constitutional amendment declaring
    all government officials must be Christians.
    no muslims.
    no jews.
    no satanists.
    no communists.

  26. Would like to see this woman and Democrats walk across the Mexican border without any ID and see if they don’t get put in jail for spying or for being illegal. Not talking about driving through the border security …. but crossing illegally. Come back to tell us all about your jail term.

  27. This bitch is obviously the offspring of a mother****er. What is as insulting is the comment by Nancy Pelosi…”well I don’t really think it amounts to a big deal” That screams volumns!. This comes from the speaker of the house! It is scary that America would stand for this uncivilized, obstructionist bullshit for one minute. Be assured, there is a breaking point

  28. Impeachment is getting old by the Democrats. Kennedy was elected by the electoral college. He did not win the popular vote but was elected president. The Democrats know this but now they want to stack the deck that will give them complete control over not only the government but the American people. If they succeed in removing the electoral college it will mean the most populated states will control who is elected. This goes against our laws and what our forefathers were afraid of. What happened to the Democrat Party that is now a Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Degressive Party. They now stand for complete domination over the American people. In public schools they dictate and enforce what the children will taught and the parents cannot object. They are promoting every lifestyle, religion of Atheism, Evolutionism and Humanism and a do what you want and everyone must accept it. This is indoctrination at its worst and is growing with the use of TV, Movies and all entertainment. Everyone has a right to live the lifestyle they want but it is wrong to force anyone to accept it. Just because any lifestyle is politically correct does not make it acceptable to God even if the whole world says it’s okay. The Democrat Party doesn’t care about people as long as they get the power and wealth they are after. It is sad that people can be so blinded, misled and used by a political party but the Democrats have done this very effectively. They are the Greatest Evil that America ever faced and have used minorities and anyone for complete control.

  29. we need a constitutional amendment declaring that
    all government officials must be faithful church-going Christians –
    who KNOW and ACKNOWLEDGE that abortion is a wicked satanic act of MURDER.
    no muslims.
    no jews.
    no satanists.
    no communists.
    in case you didn’t know it –
    the bloody bolsheviks who killed the Czar and his family
    and murdered tens of millions of Russian Christians
    were VIRTUALLY ALL satanic jews.
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn documented this historical fact 20 years ago
    in his book “200 years together”

  30. This terrorist CvNT b*tch need to be dropped in the middle of her beloved muslim people…let’s see her call any isis or taliban male a Mother F’cker and still be breathing 2 seconds later.

    Folks, the left has successfully placed the POS in positions of power…Occassional Kotex, Kamala monkey harris, correy booger, mad maxine, alzheimers pelosi…and now this pig whore.

    Prepare for the shit storm that’s coming as soon as Trump has his last day in office. Don’t roll your eyes and say “They’ll never get away with it…they have. What many fail to realize is, Trump has been taking the heat and abuse for all of us, as soon as he is gone, the focus of all these deviant, criminal, America hating shitheads will be turned on ALL of US…the normal middle class hard working, law abiding Americans. You and more importantly, your children, will be inundated with every imaginable piece of liberal/socialist propaganda and policy they can dream up. Did you ever think you’d have to explain to your kids what “Drag Queen Story Time” is?? Look it up, it’s real. Just another way they have change our society…that no one saw coming.

    Your taxes will be raised to pay for illegals, transgender social programs, government sanctioned heroin shooting dens, free college, free housing, free phones/computers/internet for deadbeats, and more. All you have to do is look at the unified attack on Kavanaugh. That guy is a FEDERAL JUDGE, with money and knowledge of how the system works and every left wing FvCK in the country went after him full steam. Imagine what they will do to US, the individual (look at the cake maker in Colorado), who they decide is somehow against them or holding them back.
    Till now they all have been like a pack of hyenas trying to bring down one brave Trump Wildebeest. When he is gone that pack of shitheads is going to turn and come after all of us.

    Sadly it won’t be in ways, that being “locked and loaded” can prevent. They will pass laws and legislation that will drive this economy into the dirt, make deals with foreign countries that will put our security at risk and open the borders in ways you and I can’t prevent (policy and laws).
    If you think they can’t do those things, look at all the BS laws that are passed or buried in bills, that YOU have no idea about.

    Stop rolling your eyes and saying that these libs/socialists will never win…they have and are just playing a waiting game (as they have done for decades) until their latest opponent is out of the White House.

  31. This country is becoming more anti-American by the minute. This congress will be the deadest congress we have seen in the history of this country. And to think that these women were voted into congress simply because they were women. They lack any other qualifications. This will be a real hurdle for our country because of the uncouth individuals who were just voted into congress.

  32. This Bitch is going to hang herself real soon ! People don’t elect foul MOUTH pig’s like this one !! IF the REPUBLICAN PARTY Conservatives
    had any balls they would gang up on her until she RESIGNED !

  33. we need a constitutional amendment declaring that
    all government officials must be faithful church-going Christians –
    who KNOW and ACKNOWLEDGE that abortion is a wicked satanic act of MURDER.
    no muslims.
    no jews.
    no satanists.
    no communists.
    in case you didn’t know it –
    the bloody bolsheviks who killed the Czar and his family
    and murdered tens of millions of Russian Christians
    were VIRTUALLY ALL satanic jews.
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn documented this historical fact 20 years ago
    in his book “200 years together”

  34. Why are we even considering “camel humpers” as our voice?
    This country at one time was one of harmony among Atheists, Jews, and Christians.

  35. we need a constitutional amendment declaring that
    all government officials must be faithful church-going Christians –
    that abortion is a bloody wicked satanic act of MURDER.
    no muslims.
    no jews.
    no satanists.
    no communists.
    in case you didn’t know it –
    the bloody bolsheviks who killed the Czar and his family
    and murdered tens of millions of Russian Christians
    were VIRTUALLY ALL satanic jews.
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn documented this historical fact 20 years ago
    in his book “200 years together”

  36. we need a constitutional amendment declaring that
    all government officials must be faithful church-going Christians –
    that abortion is a bloody wicked satanic act of MURDER
    and homosexuality is an ABOMINATION BEFORE GOD.
    Christians ONLY.
    no muslims.
    no jews.
    no satanists.
    no communists.
    in case you didn’t know it –
    the bloody bolsheviks who killed the Czar and his family
    and murdered tens of millions of Russian Christians
    were VIRTUALLY ALL satanic jews.
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn documented this historical fact 20 years ago
    in his book “200 years together”

  37. No offense, but your wrong….people DO elect pigs like this….she is PROOF. She made these comments on her first day in an elected office.
    This is what I mean…we all have to change our thinking from “things like this don’t happen”, to “we have allowed things like this to happen here in America, through decades of looking the other way, tolerance and sticking our collective heads in the sand.”

    Republicans won’t do a thing to this muslim bitch, because they know what will happen to them if they do. Again, I point to Kavanaugh. No Republican in office wants that kind of attention and scrutiny. They may grumble and make meaningless statements of dissatisfaction, but they won’t do anything that they can be called into question for, by the fake media or activist liberal hit groups out there…metoo, anifa, etc.

  38. I never heard of this person and probably never would have paid any attention if I did see her,but now not only do I know of her due to her gutter talk and will probably tune in to CNN when she appears for i’ll Never see her on Fox. Also when she said her vile comment,why did everyone applaud her and laugh as well?

  39. Who say’s that there are not very stupid and moronic Americans? There are plenty because they elected this POS Muslim to Congress and represent them!

  40. I dare her to go to Palestine or other Muslim area and shoot her mouth off. We all know what would happen – her head would roll

  41. I agree with President Trump about the expletive used by this newly elected Congress women. I wonder if she will be allowed to use similar words for a ruler or a king in Palestine or in any other Muslim country. Definitely not. She will be beheaded within no time. So, instead of being thankful to enjoy freedom of speech in this country, people like her misuse the soft tenets of democracy in this country. Unfortunately, none of any congressman and woman of democratic party has spoken against her unacceptable behavior and use of foul language against the President of this great nation. I think it is about time to pass a legislation to condemn those who use a foul language against the Office of the President. One may not like a person sitting in the Oval Office, but as long as he/she is occupying that office, that office demands respect. Mentally imbalanced people like her do not deserve to be in the Congressional office

    The new report indicates the basin contains an estimated 46.3 BILLION barrels of oil plus 281 TRILLION cubic feet of gas and 20 BILLION barrels of NGL.


  43. Considering her language maybe she had dreams of being a Rap star but only had the looks good enough to be a politician, so she chose the second best stage to perform her act.

  44. Most definately a mindless boob.She needs to go back to her country where the other camel jockies of this mind concept come from.This is one reason why we need vetting of dangerous people like her.

  45. These muslims should not be in government, they can not assimilate to our way of life, they should go home where they belong. They were sworn in on the quran and not the BIBLE. WAKE UP AMERICA.


  47. One wonders in what way President Trump has damaged or is otherwise endangering her Congressional District. I’m guessing that she could not name a single way that the claim is true, but that’s a Democrat for you. All allegation and no facts. That said, her choice of words is a pathetic reflection on the state of (or lack thereof) civility in this nation right now. Not only are those who would represent us ignorant, poorly educated and filthy of mouth, they seem to be acceptable to the general population who elect them to office. That speaks rather badly of the population in as a whole. At least for the population on the leftist side of the aisle. We ought to be electing the very best individuals to take our wants and needs to Washington and to the State houses. Even at the local level, our city or town officials should be people that we and our children look up to and respect. They should be those whom we trust to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding the dispersal of our hard earned tax dollars. If that were true, they should also be people who love and respect the Constitution and Bill of Rights and understand what those documents lay out as government responsibilities. What we seem to have are a bunch of ignorant, self indulgent, glory seeking idiots who think the Constitution is a fluid piece of paper that is meaningless as long as we have lots of government spending on useless/expensive projects that were never considered by our predecessors. Good job, America. We thought electing Donald Trump would be a turning point toward a return to sanity in politics and government representation. It should have been followed by massive changes in the elections toward conservative and republican (small “r” people) attitudes that would affect a smaller government. After all, the president cannot do it all alone. So where are the intelligent, thoughtful, patriotic Americans? I guess they certainly stayed home in the 13th Congressional District. I fear that they also stayed home in those other districts where Democrats managed to cheat their way into office through the magic of election fraud that went unchallenged. Oh well, it’s only our way of life that is at stake. It is only the entire concept of a representative republic where minimal government and maximum freedom to speak, act and associate are at stake. Go ahead, America, sleep it off. Your great grandchildren will revile you for it, but you will be long gone when they are left with the socialist/communist mess that we are currently lurching toward. Good job.

  48. The problem is there won,t be a war, they are going to do it just like they are doing it in Mich. Get elected and do it from inside out. If we keep putting them in office America will pay the price. There one main goal is to dominate the world if you think that I am wrong check out Sweden. Google muslims in Sweden. Get an eye full. It is coming our way

  49. Most professing Christians are not true Christians, yet have PEACE as their backbone of belief. Most professing Muslims are not true Muslims, but seem to have hatred and ‘overthrow’ as their backbone of belief. If there were more TRUE Christians and TRUE Muslims, surely there’d be little or no trouble and an honest respect toward one another (or at least mutual tolerance).

  50. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.” Jesus in Matthew.

  51. Where did this filthy mouth, disrespectful muslim come from? You see she has started something new for every Democrat in congress to follow – that is cursing every time you don’t like something. Watch and see in the next 24 months all of congress will start disrespecting everyone if it’s not stopped right now and then. She should be so lucky she lives in America, otherwise if she said this in IRAN she would have had her head cut off by now. That is why Muslim’s do not belong in our government. God Bless America!

  52. Rashida Tliab is the new face of the Democrat Party under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. She and others can say what they please and get away with it. Pelosi stated “she’s not in the business of Censoring”. If she supports Sharia Law, she also supports FGM. < look it up).
    Can't wait till 2020 when we can dump scum !

  53. The irony of it: What was it the Queen of Hearts, Wonderland, shouted? Those same 4 words would be screamed at her and acted on in the land of her religion. Pretty brave here, huh?

  54. this UNAMERICAN CULT member who called our president a mother fker should be REMOVED from office. This is NOT a third world country…….this is not a cult membership…this is the congress of the United States of America……….and it appears many people have lost sight of that. SHE AND ALL ELECTED TAKE AN OATH……..and SHOULD BE HELD TO KEEPING IT OR BE AUTOMATICALLY REMOVED.

  55. IT WAS DISGRACEFUL ! AMERICANS need to wake up. These people that are being pitied and helped/assisted are here to take over the United States. She is a part of the movement. Soon it won’t be the United States that you recognized years past. Just as we now need to speak Spanish for jobs they have been held by English-speaking Americans from beginning of time. American Social Services are being depleted by illegals that was meant for citizens. The band on guns is so we won’t be able to protect ourselves. Many people are fleeing their own States. We’re becoming aliens in our own country. Our standard of living is worsening. This woman appears to be the one that was ejected from a political gathering because she was so disruptive. This is what we’re now facing with aliens. Her crass language is no surprise. This is an example of what’s to come. She setting an example! We need to protect ourselves

  56. A lot of what is being said here is frightening. I agree our Nation is in trouble. We don’t seem to care about any one but ourselves; we regurgitate the ideas, language etc., that we find offensive and claim the same against the offender. We would really show our pride in our God, Nation, family and each other by rising above the horrible actions we are witnessing in America and around the world. At the same time hold very fast to the ideals that got you here. Tell each other, your congressman and senator what you want this country to look like, then follow through with casting your vote accordingly. Please lets clean up our side. The other side will get their comuppence???

  57. I have no problems with any religion or even atheist, but Muslims are the only religion that has specifically expressed a desire to destroy Israel and the United States, and they have made it clear how they propose to do this and it is from within. I was surprised at the number of Muslims Obama was able to place in high offices in pursuit of this goal. Let’s not help them in their goals to destroy our culture by underestimating them and allowing them to hold government offices. At one time the U.S. had a law that even barred them from our country and their ideology has not changed since 9/11.

  58. She’s a disgrace to this country and the state she was elected from.. She should be kicked out for such ill manners .. More of a child like instead of an adult she is suppose to be representing her state in Washington .. ASHAMED OF HER !!! PLUS ALL THE OTHER A — HOLES JUST ELECTED

  59. I fervently hope that there is a bullet somewhere with her name on it, it would serve her right with her big, fat unamerican mouth, if it was not for LOW CLASS she would have absolutely no class at all…SHAME on all the non-americans that put her low life ass in government.

  60. I would like to know if there is an Ethics Committee and if they ever do their jobs. The Congress has gone from acting like children to uncivil and evil. Ms. Pelosi’s in for a rough ride and I pray she will wake up and see from her own party what the President and GOP has to put up with.

  61. Why are Democrat women so abrasive and non-caring about anything but themselves? Not one woman in the Democrat party cares about this country. They either harping all the time about someone being racists or sexists, rather than doing their jobs. And it is even going to get worse now that we have Muslim women who apparently hate Israel, have no integrity, and no respect for the Office of the President of the United States, and has no character. When someone talks like this before her children you know she talks like this all the time. Michigan had better think again because the more of these types of people who become part of a “REPUBLIC” will eventually try to fight for THEIR dominating Islamic religion. These women are NOT peaceful. DEMOCRATS AND REPULICANS had better wake up.

  62. There you go Muslims, you elected trash, you get trash! Way to make a splash, down! Stick to what you’re good at, hate, violence, rape, cowardous, anti-Semitism, and explosives!

  63. The DNC is a Criminal Organization full of the Country’s dumbest people, they have the ugliest women, most are lesbanic, and clueless politicians, they have been turned over to reprobate minds, and they fight to have the ability to murder helpless infants! Makes ya wanna run out and join them, NOT! Hahaha

  64. The DNC knowingly supported the Ayers Coup to put an old family friend, in the People’s House! This particular friend, Barrack Hussein Obama, must have been some friend, because he was the Foreign- Student, that Ayers parents put through Harvard!
    Correct me if I’m wrong, (but I’m not) isn’t it not allowed? You know, a foreign-born, individual to be considered for a Presidential Nomination in the USA?
    The Democrats are always tooting their own horns about how educated they are, so come on now, the FNC must have known that wasn’t legal.
    They didn’t stop there, they supported the final phase of the Ayers plotted Coup! You see, Obama needed more time to get the job done, after all, playing golf, and flying around the world dancing with his self-induced-boner, is quite time consuming! So Ayers being the evil-genius that he is, plotted more time for Chicken-George, to destroy America! Hillary Clinton, was to be a false storefront for an Obama third term, only she didn’t legally win the nomination! Problem, So being the upstanding Political Party that they aren’t, the DNC gave HRC, and BHO, the green-light, to rig their own party’s presidential nomination election! Yepper they sure did, stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders! Remember Donna Brazile? She was the temporary President of the DNC at the time, filling in for the scandalous Debbie (Wash her man) Shultz! Well Donna found out about what Nancy, and Chuck,had allowed, and went on TV and pitched a fit!
    Then, she vanished, like she prophecied would happen, for crossing the Teflon Blonde, HRC! So, Dummycrats, where is Donna Brazile?

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