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Pelosi’s Daughter: Mom Will “Cut Your Head Off And You Won’t Even Know You’re Bleeding”


Nancy Pelosi is apparently quite deadly according to her daughter.

Fresh on the heels of a gruesome ISIS beheading in Morocco, filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi told CNN that her mother, the 78-year-old House Minority Leader, possesses the ability to decapitate a person so efficiently that they have no idea they’re even bleeding!

During a discussion on CNN‘s “New Day” about her mother’s shutdown discussions with President Trump ahead of a Wednesday afternoon White House meeting with congressional leaders, Pelosi said of her mother: “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.” 

“No one ever won betting against Nancy Pelosi. You’ve got to give her credit, no matter what you think of her,” she added.

The younger Pelosi pointed to her mother’s several decades of House service throughout several presidencies, adding that it should “make you sleep at night” that “at least somebody in this town knows what they’re doing.”


Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues are hoping to pass a bill this week that would end the partial government shutdown. It is not expected to contain a red cent of the $5 billion Trump has demanded for his wall, which means “Samurai” Pelosi will probably have to go back to the drawing board.

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    • Me either!! If the daughter thought this was flattering she’s completely mistaken.
      Goes to PROVE Nasty Nancy is UNGODLY and not a nice person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • OH HEAAAA!!!!!!!
        Like Mommy dearest, so is daughter, No completment here but daughter is just as on top of the doings of people as her mther. No common sense her because neither believe they are common. Well they are not, they both are way below this term and at the bottom of the OLD buckett. Need go home and stop distroying the nation with ignorance.

  1. Pelosi, your mother is a bitch to the highest degree. She is unstable in her thinking and her and Schumers only purpose is to oppose anything Trump asks for to MAGA.

    • “The apple did not fall far from the tree”, comes to mind…..And, she’s part of the Hollywood evil bunch….Go figure.

  2. liberals call decades of theftand corruption ,SERVICE now.in their deranged insane minds these evil enemys of our country believe they are doing well.

    • the LEFT seems to specialize in having nut cases like Pelosi and Mad Maxie as part of their band of evil enemies of AMERICA………….

  3. The only thing pelosi has in common with isis is the fact that they are both committed to hurting this great country. I’m a veteran and it makes me sick how much her and her dopey followers like Hollywood and Kapernack I’m not sure I spelled that idiots name right, have hurt this country. But in the end history will show what a piece of garbage she really was, along with Schumer and the rest. How would she have handled her a-hole daughter being killed by an illegal or losing a son in Benghazi while Obama and that stuffed pig Hillary let our brave Americans die while they did nothing. I believe in God and I also believe they will eventually pay the price. In the meantime the cowardly liberal elite continue to support them.

    • That’s the biggest problem……NONE of the dems have ever had any close encounter with ILLEGALS killing, robbing, raping and all out nasty stuff. So they protect and defend them. Pelosi, Feinstien, Harris and all the others from California should be forced to have a face-to-face with the grieving widow (and 5mth old son) of the LEGAL immigrant that worked so hard to become legal and be a good cop…….only to be murdered by a piece of ILLEGAL SCUM they have been protecting in the sanctuary city. Explain to this woman why you refuse to fund the wall being built and protect the citizens of your state (and the rest of the country) and care so little for Americans’ lives!!!

  4. Your mother can’t speak a full sentence without stumbling over her own words so I doubt very much she could cut my head off before my machete tongue slashed her head off with facts. Nancy doesn’t stand a crying chance in hell against a strong woman.

  5. I have been a dem for more than 50 yrs. but will never vote dem again. The dems have never done anything for the people but line their pockets with tax payer dollars. Hold the line mr president, they have to be stopped. Lonnie

  6. Pelosi must be in league with satan. It’s certainly not because of her brain power because she is one of the dumbest people in congress. Of course, that could be because she keeps opening her mouth while others are just quietly evil.

  7. Is this little witch telling us perhaps piglosi has SECRETLY converted to a radical MOOSLIME that cuts off people’s heads? These DEMOCOMMUNISTS ALL need to GO, before they ruin our country.
    It seems they ALL want to carry on OBUNGHOLE, the gay mooslime FRAUD’S “legacy”,
    All because their “queen” corrupt hitlery got her butt kicked by we the VOTERS.

  8. She’s more than a Poisonous Snake ! By what her daughter says
    she is a dangerous person to be around.. IF she gets MAD she may
    infect HURT on you without even knowing it happened.. Someone
    needs to notify the Authorities about her HABITUAL problem .. She
    Drinks alot of VINO and heavens knows what she’ll do when she is
    in one of her Stupers !

  9. Pelosi is satan’s son in drag..all theses liberal socialist communist demorats took a oat of office..they are all traitors to that oath and we need the Federal Sheriff’s to go in and arrest all of them including most of congress..or we need millions of Patriots to go to Washington and demand they get out ..and i mean armed Patriots..this nothing but TREASON AGAINST AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE..it is our right to defend our Country..that is why we have the second ammendment just for this reason..our Country needs us bad to get rid of the treasonous scum..Any one know how to arrange this let me know..i will be looking to find a way..

  10. OWEbama said, you bring a knife to a gun fight, we bring a gun. Tell evil Pelosi a machette has no chance against a well-armed citizenry…which is precisely why the DEMONcrats are working to destroy our second amendment rights. #MAGA #TRUMP2020

  11. Surprise… Pelosi daughter. We all know how mean and corrupt confused Nancy is. Lets pull all her security … no one guarding her… no one stopping people from entering the Senate housing.. no one to drive her.. let her fend for herself like we little people must . She is still being paid. When she was Speaker the last time.. she had her totally family flown around in govt planes at taxpayer $$ even when she was not on the plane. Our border agents have no protection. And if you do not think rocks are a big nothing… check out lost eyes.. concussions.. etc. These intruders /organizers are paid agitators that push women and children to the front.. Kind of like Schumer in the meeting Wed at the WH-poking Pelosi and told her to start interrupting and agitating. So the puppet starts sputtering and waving her hands.

  12. The American people know all about her control freak ways. Pelosi is the evil, snickering, grand high priestess of the satanic, swamp state of the USA government.


  14. OMG!!!
    This must be a misquote.
    After all, aren’t those whiny, crybaby liberals, all about peace and love?
    And they called me, “deplorable?”
    Just wait for it Nancy. You may have your chance.
    The revolution is coming.
    Just try and take my freedoms.

  15. Her daughter is right about her however -the middle class/working class does know what she’s doing as well as the other Democrats! We just need to find a way to protect. We’re becoming aliens in our own country.

  16. This hatefilled Anti American lunatic is the last thing this country needs. Thank God their time will be cut short due to the unbridled hatred this party promotes, they are their own worst enemy.
    The only criminals that call themselves out in their backwards attempt to stay relevant, she has proven how irresponsible she is with authority!

  17. Maybe she will get cornered by one of her Muslims she was responsible for being here . And her evil head will come off and we will get to see it If you call stealing and destroying America as service one must ask who she is giving her service to It’s obvious that it is not to the people she steals from or pays her salary .

  18. I think there should be an investigation into Pelosi , Shummer, Obama and the Clintons, find out why they are such good friends with the Soro”s family!! the man who wants to break America and and turn it into one world government. He is behind everything going on and is backing the illegals so that he can make Trump look bad. I can guaranteed you he will make the stock market fall. We the people for President Trump have got to pray and stand up to these people. If I were in the Presidents shoes I don’t think I could take it anymore. It is disgusting and it needs to stop!!!!

  19. If one of Mr. Trump’s kids would have said something the press could twist into anything remotely similar they would Howl for days and weeks about how bad a parent Trump must be.

    Do we hear anything from the press over Pelosi’s daughter???? Thought so. crickets

  20. What ever happen to the Democrat Party???? Today we have a two party system the Republican Party and the Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Degressive Party. The Democrat Party no longer exists. It’s gone and in its place is the most hateful racist Anti America, Anti Constitution, Anti Freedom, Anti God, Anti Christian Political Party in America. Only North Korea, China, Russia and Nazi Germany ever had/has such a evil political party. They use the Title of Democrat but they are far from it. They used the same tactic used by Stalin and Hitler to conquer a country. Take over and have complete control the education system. They have effectively brainwashed and indoctrinated generation after generation of students for the past forty plus years. They have removed God from our schools, military and society and replaced Christianity with the religion of atheism, Evolutionism and humanism. Every person in this new anti America party and the ones who vote for them will one day face the God they apparently don’t believe in, for what they are doing. They are more than a Traitor to our country they are a traitor to themselves, their families and the one true God.

  21. What is lost on the libtards is that leaving the table is a reasonable negotiating move. It is not usually a temper tantrum. And of course This commie has met her match in the author of the Art of the Deal. I don’t think she can possibly win this one. She and her fellow commies have stonewalling on border security since Reagan was POTUS. Trump knows that and can’t back down.


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