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Trump Blames Democrats For Deaths Of Migrant Children


In a series of tweets that are tailor made to elicit howls of outrage from Trump’s political opponents, President Trump on Saturday blamed the Democrats for the deaths of two migrant children who have died in the custody of the border patrol over the past month, arguing that if Democrats had only approved money to build the wall, that migrants wouldn’t even try to cross into the US in the first place.

The tweet is the first comment from the White House since the death of the second child on Christmas Eve. Following the death of the first migrant child earlier this month, the White House released a statement saying that the “horrific, tragic” death of a child from dehydration was not its responsibility.

According to Trump, “Any deaths of children or others at the Border are strictly the fault of the fault of the Democrats and their pathetic immigration policies that allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally. They can’t. If we had a Wall, they wouldn’t even try!”

On the surface, Trump’s tweets would seem to contradict a statement made by Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen following the death of the second child. Nielsen said the death on Christmas Eve of an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy in federal detention was a “deeply concerning and heartbreaking” tragedy – though she also cited failings in the “US immigration system” for facilitating the tragedy. She also called for more medical exams for children taken into custody.

Trump followed up his first tweet with a second apparently absolving the border patrol, claiming that both children were already “very sick” when they were taken into custody.

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    • I’m a Republican And i Voted For Trump. but..Its The GOP Leadership Who Brought This To Americas Border”! PAUL RYAN..Did Not Push For Funding The Border…. (He Was Against The Border As Was His Attack On TRUMP To Free America from What Happened In Europe To America) Neither Did McConnell…..All Tea Party Republicans Should Remember This…! And Vote Accordingly… We Must Rid the GOP Of feckless And No Balls Republicans. THATS WHY WE HAVE THIS BORDER PROBLEM. NO BALLS REPUBLICANS’! GO TRUMP’! Keep It SHUT Down’! Till The Socialist (Dumbocrats) Give Money For The Wall.

  1. A lot of the “immigrants” are disease carriers due to lack of sanitation and medical care.
    These illegal parents have placed their children in danger by dragging them thousands of
    miles from their countries. Someone has led these people to believe that America waits
    with open arms for them to sponge off of our people. Send them back home to fight for
    their own countries’ freedom.

  2. Try backing up your statement with some facts Tongue! Or are you just a Trump hater because your party told you to be. That would make you a mindless troll that can’t have an original or individual idea in your head. Have a nice day.

  3. You know Democrats are great at organizing marches and demonstrations. It is high time Conservatives caught on to this. We need to organize a march on Washington demanding funding for the border wall and for the recall of all those Politicians who do not respect the will of the people. How about demanding impeachment for all those who put our national security at risk along with the American lives endangered by criminal illegals who were harbored and protected and re re released into the streets, you know the ones who went off to murder other innocent people, rape, pillage and torture Americans? How about a march on all state capitals who support open borders. Surely Conservatives are capable of making their voices heard. Is it not time for the silent majority to start making noise for once!? Trump: Keep the government closed until these treacherous scoundrels begin to fear THE PEOPLE! When the government fears the people there is FREEDOM. When the people fear the government there is TYRANNY!

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