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Massive New Migrant Caravan To Leave Honduras; Overloaded El Paso Faces Imminent “Crisis”


A new, larger migrant caravan is set to leave Honduras on Jan. 15 according to Spanish-language media and migrant rights advocates.

They say they are even bigger and stronger than the last caravan,” according to Irma Garrido of migrant advocacy group Reactiva Tijuana Foundation.

News of the new caravan comes as thousands of Central American migrants from an October caravan remain stranded at various cities along the US-Mexico border as they face wait times of up to several months for the United States to process their asylum requests. What’s more, if migrants cannot justify their asylum claims, they may be denied.

Coordinators who helped direct the migrants on the 2,000-mile trek with bullhorns, arranging for buses and giving advice along the way, have mostly vanished. Many of the migrants say they feel abandoned and unsure where to turn next. Some are ready to return home.

Garrido said this new, larger caravan will probably be joined by more people in El Salvador and in Guatemala, but she said they don’t plan on coming straight to the Tijuana-San Diego border, where resources are already stretched nearly to a breaking point. –LA Times

“They will stay in the south of Mexico in Chiapas and Oaxaca. Their aim is to request work there,” said Garrido.

Meanwhile, an incoming congresswoman of the Texas border city of El Paso has warned of an imminent “crisis” as the city scrambles to accommodate at least 1,600 migrants dumped by federal authorities over the last several days. The issue is that the entire town is packed to the brim with fans attending the Sun Bowl college football game El Paso has hosted since 1935.

“We’re facing a real crisis coming up … to find places for all of these (migrant) families,” said Democratic representative-elect Veronica Escobar.

Escobar said migrants who can’t be housed in shelters have been staying in hotel rooms paid by Annunciation House, the non-profit spearheading the efforts to house and feed them. But, she said, if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues releasing large numbers of migrants, the El Paso community will struggle to find places for them because many hotels have been booked by people attending Monday’s game.

Escobar added it’s already been “very, very difficult and very challenging” to put up the migrants dropped off by ICE. And, she said, the coming hotel crunch will only make the task tougher. –CBS News

During a Thursday bilingual press conference, Annunciation House Executive Director Ruben Garcia announced that US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had dropped off over 1,600 migrants in El Paso since Sunday – and that Wednesay’s delivery of 500 migrants was the largest he’s seen. On Thursday, around 320 more were taken to El Paso.

According to ICE, they had to release the migrants due to overcrowding in their holding facilities as well as concerns over laws governing how long families can remain detained by immigration authorities. A spokesman for the agency told CBS that they have been notifying local officials before dropping the groups off, however charities have told the agency that they are having trouble accommodating the migrants.

“We are living through an immigration crisis that is in part driven by a disastrous ruling by a district court judge in the Ninth Circuit that incentives illegal alien adults to put their children in the hands of smugglers and traffickers. The Flores Settlement Agreement has created an immigration loophole that rewards parents for bringing their children with them to the United States,” said Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokeswoman Katie Waldman in a statement emailed to CBS on Friday.

Escobar called on the Trump administration to help El Paso by undertaking the “short-term” solution of investing in “family-friendly” holding facilities for migrants. “This really is a federal obligation and the federal government needs to step in and build some temporary housing facilities, in the way that they did in 2016,” she said. “That needs to happen immediately.”

The long-term solution, she added, is to invest heavily in the “Northern Triangle” of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to curb the region’s widespread poverty and intensifying gang violence. –CBS News

“We need to work with Central America and make probably some significant investments there and hopefully, through good collaboration, find some solutions to the poverty and crime that are driving thousands and thousands of people from Central America into the United States,” said Escobar.

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  1. This is nothing more than a PLANNED INVASION by foreigners/ILLEGALS; OUR PRESIDENT has every right to call out the military to DEFEND our borders, our sovereign nation and us.

    • That ia what it is. Just put more people and pressure on America to take them in. They should never be allowed to cross the Mexican boarder first of all. Mexico needs to shut that boarder down.

  2. Our so-called representatives who probably eat a lot of chicken and drink kool-aid need to be removed from their positions until they wake up and start protecting the American people. This letting them eat is not to help them, but to increase the vote to steal elections. I dare any Dem representative to dispute this. MAGA RVN 68-69

  3. I agree with you, Bruce! The Demonrats’ main goal is to block Trump as much as possible. If they are so keen on having the illegals come here, then they can accommodate them in their homes and sponsor them.

  4. No amonunt of investment would be able to overcome stupidity and corruption in Central America. Build the Wall and let those people to sort out their own mess.

    • This is NOT immigration, rather it is an INVASION into our once great country!

      Time to SHUT DOWN our southern border and STOP ALL FEDERAL-AID going to foreign countries. Start charging a 25% REMITTANCE FEE ON ALL MONEY BEING SENT TO MEXICO, and other Central American countries.

      BOYCOTT MEXICO, and other Central American countries!!!

      END DACA, End Chain Migration, End Anchor babies, Make E-VERIFY MANDATORY, REDUCE the number of legal immigrants entering the USA, CLOSE LOOPHOLES in our immigration laws, End TPS, Build the Wall, and ENFORCE our current immigration laws.


      We have and are being INVADED by some 30 million plus ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS, and now we MUST STOP this continued invasion in its tracks.

      The invasion started before 1986 and has continued to this day, only many times the total each year going even higher of ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS entering the US ILLEGALLY.

      Time to put our military on our southern border and finally put a STOP to this insane madness. If that means separating children from their parents in order to prosecute the ILLEGAL INVADERS, then so be it!

      • And these critters breed like rats, dropping a litter as often as possible to prove how much of a man the man is: machismo, that is to say. More kids=bigger man. Seems to me some D-Con in the hamburger would eliminate these dad-ratted human lice. If the Census Bureau is right and 50% of the US population will be Spic by 2050, our grandchildren will see waves of laws passed that at=re based on the crap they call Constitutions in Latin America, and worse, the cultural norms will shift that way too. I can think of no STEM concept of other non-artistic thing to come from Latin American. They can copy very well, but innovation is just not in their culture. Status quo ante is the by-word, all of them being predatory cultures, this is what our descendants have to look forward to; huge increase in crime of all types, from the garden thief to the professional butchers that make up the drug gang enforcers, and a thoroughly and totally corrupt social, political, and military structure. Thank God I won’t live to see it: in my book it’s time for open seasons on all invaders, regardless of reason-mere physical presence is license enough.

    • Correct, James! Use that money to build our wall and help American citizens who need help, including veterans. Nation building does not work. That’s easy to prove by looking at the countries we have dumped hundreds of billions of $$$. The US is obligated to its own citizens, and no one but citizens.

    • The 4.4 Trillion Dollar is the budget for the US first of all, so 5 billion dollars represents 0.11% of that Budget, that’s point one % of the 4.4 Trillion Dollar Budget. So what is wrong with Pelosi and Schumer if they are really in favor of keeping out undesirable illegal aliens? A reminder;
      43% of ALL Food Stamps are Given to Illegals.
      95% of Warrants Issued for Murder in Los Angeles are illegals.
      Less than 2% of illegals are picking crops but 41% are on Welfare.
      More than 66% of all Births in California are to Illegals on Medi-Cal
      60% of all HUD occupied properties in the US are Illegals
      39% of all California Students are Illegals.
      75%of Los Angeles Most Wanted Criminals are Illegals.
      50% of All Gang Members are Illegals
      U.S. Taxpayers are Footing the Bill for All.

      • Please send that information to Maxime Waters and Nancy Pelosi who are elected politicians from California and make sure you also suggest that they place all these migrants in their enclosed communities to support and care for on their dime.

      • The people of the P.R.C. (People’s Republic of California) really love bringing in all of these illegals. Otherwise they would not vote for all of the wacko politicians, who promote this invasion of our once great country. Sad!

  5. Why weren’t they put back in mexico??? The ninth circuit judge should be forced to live in El Paso with these people for one year with no police protection.Clearly this boob of a judge came from the land of the enchanted where the birdies sing and the sun is always out and you get an award for just showing up.President trump we some how need to remove this blocker from the equation.

  6. Escobar you wanted them. Now you have them deal with it. More coming and you don’t want stronger border laws and enforcement. America is tired of taking care of the rest of the world and paying for their problems. America First. Gary

  7. Invest in “family-friendly” holding facilities for migrants??? NO!!!! Invest in giving ICE the power to immediately DEPORT!! No courts. No trials. No lawyers.

    • I agree with JMR people who enter this country should have NO RITES and be DEPORTED without the involvement of the Courts and Lawyers.

  8. The Democratic party no longer exist they are nothing but greedy prostitutes that will do anything to stay in power and exert their will over 330 million people. We the People no longer have a voice or say including the president or the Senate. We are no longer a democracy and haven’t been at least since the Crooked Clinton’s and then the even crookeder Obama’s. If you are a Democrat please switch parties are this country will be gone. An American loving Patriot God bless

  9. Here’s my take on all this. Big business wants that cheap slave labor in which we the taxpayers take care of their social services to the tune of 75k per year per illegal. Big business owns most all congress critters, they were giving orders to send money down south and they dutifully followed their orders by sending 10 billion, and voila another huge caravan paid by guess who, that’s right YOU and ME, what a country. In about 20 to 30 years this country will no longer need the white man, that’s coming too, count on it.

  10. What is wrong with these Democrats? Do they want to finish bankrupting the country? Obama tried to by doubling the debt.
    These people are not American citizens. They have no rights being in this country.
    The taxpayers have to pay for every penny the government spends, regardless of what it is spent for. We are giving billions of dollars in foreign aid to these countries. Why? What are we getting out of it?
    How much longer is the American people going to put up with a bunch of ignorant, stupid congressmen who know nothing about running the country, just how to spend our money?

    • Well gee-whiz people, we get to have all these new illegal aliens raping our TAX SYSTEM while they all vote democrat, so we can become the next WORLD’S NEXT, MOST RECENT FAILURE IN COMMUNISM! OUR AMERICAN MAFIA -CONGRESS- CAN JOIN WITH THE RUSSIAN MAFIA AND TAKE GOOD CARE OF THE WORLD! AFTER ALL, THEY DO KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR THE ENTIRE PLANET!

  11. Get the wall up now! It’s our tax money and we want it. I am tired of footing the bill for ever poor country out there, and they are sending us their trash,

  12. Sending Billions of dollars to these corrupt governments is pissing money down a rat hole. None of the money goes to the destitute. It only lines the pockets of the Elites for their Gulfstream Jets and Rolls Royces and building up their Army. Better to send such aid to the Peace Corps & United Nations to set up a base to provide medical care in the rural farming communities. When was the last time you saw a product that was made in Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala?
    Check out: Life in Honduras https://youtu.be/QFocMov02rs
    This is Guatemala https://youtu.be/zUJjSeShDS4
    Life in El Salvador https://youtu.be/Ax1HWg5XRJM
    Watching these videos shows how Americans once lives but we evolved, these countries did not mainly because of their corrupt government.

  13. The handful of wealthy families that own Mexico and their citizens need to pony up and pay to support these migrants, train them, educate them, and make them productive citizens of Mexico. Somehow I don’t think that’s the plan.

  14. until the right wakes up and realizes how dangerous the left is America is in danger army after army will continue to invade the leftist pay and support this invasion. Over 50 years ago this plan was put into place first take over the minds of the children and the media that they did a long time ago. The right gave them that with no fight no complaints no reason! Over 50 years ago the leftist declared war on America and the right they never told the right it was the war and they never told them it was for the end. They are now desperate they know their very last chance to destroy the nation they have hated since the 1917 revolution in Russia. They know they need the illegals and they need the drugs to help them in their dream. If the right does not wake up and finally see the truth then they may win.

  15. Our Congress has many Deep State members, who are Domestic Enemies of the United States. They and the Federal Judges that our Fake President (enemy #1)
    Obama appointed are responsible for
    organizing these invasions on and into our country. We should declare war on these Domestic Enemies including the likes of George Soros and his ilk who are contributing money for these invasions.
    Lock them up!!

  16. i say bring back Alcatraz like one poster said – i’ve been saying that from the get go. these morons don’t get it they are unlawful and we don’t want them here. they’re effin idiots and they need to learn a lesson – i say use smoke bombs, grenades what ever it takes.

    • My vote is for 50cal every 30 yards across your across the ENT border with the best of the best arming each one
      Try to miss the children but don’t slow down while taking out all , every last one of the adults. Then send the kids back to s relative and if there are none them the Hawks for open borders can begin the adoption process.

  17. No new money spent on immigrants, only new money spent on the tall border n more technology to keep invaders away !! Democrats better start protecting America or the American people will march n kick them all out , and get people that really are Americans and not anti American !!
    Let our President do his job !!!

  18. No Member of Congress Should Be Paid During Any American Shutdown. President Trump is already giving his entire Salarybto Charity. Chuck and Nancy are little piggy’s jogging up their Salary during this latest Shutdown.

  19. Mr President the Deep State is not going to quit. The new Caravan. They want you to institute a massacre so the Hitler image will stick. You need to expose the roots of the Deep State and expose them to the World so they can be imprisoned for life. I think your going to find that the United Nations contains some of the leadership of the Deep State working behind the scenes, maybe from the basement of the UN building. The UN has been anti American probably since Vietnam. You must take action or their action will become more extreme.

  20. It has been some time since I have heard the figure telling the number of dollars each baby born as a United States citizen would need to pay to completely cover the national indebtedness. It must be approaching a MILLIONS $$$$$$$$$. What a legacy we are leaving for our descendants!!!!!!! Maybe that information needs to be impressed on these people who desire to enter the country under the shade of night instead of the promise of free food and shelter and protection in a sanctuary city.

  21. Again again and again today America under attack and illegall invasion and these traitors democrats happy where is the republican mayority in the us senate where is the supreme courtn

  22. Why on earth would ICE drop these migrants off in our cities? Take them back across the border where they illegally crossed. Don’t let these people get through our system. Where is the Military? We have to stop this now. America can’t and isn’t supposed to have to take care of all these migrants. Stop the flow of money to their countries, build our wall. Stop this mess before it gets even worse. Fire the Obama Federal Judge that halted President Trumps order. Save America before it is too late. Put America First – take care of our Seniors and Vets first – they are the backbone of this country. Stop trying to save everyone else in the world. Let our President lead, he is on the right path.

  23. The long and short answer to this nightmare is simple use military resources across the border to deter these law breakers from entering our country.

    It is time that the courts and our politicians protect legal Americans who seem to have no say where our tax dollars are spent or say so when it comes to the destruction of the country. I say arm the border and shoot to kill as bad as this sounds believe me the caravans will go back where they came from and illegal entries will slow way down. Deploy the full force of the military and BUILD THE WALL. Once that is accomplished start cleaning up the mess we have allowed to happen. Go after visa overstays, arrest and remove all illegals who are getting any kind of social aid , housing, food stamps, medical ,etc.

    We have a legal immigration system and they would then be welcome here if they use it.

  24. How about our congressman O’Rouke? He is such an advocate of open borders, let’s house them at his place and he can feed them! BUILD THE DAMN WALL! Enforce the law!

  25. This is what the left wants. why is the real citizens not in a uproar?This is unacceptable .I would like to hear some one say this is good for the country with a straight face.So what’s going to happen when 50000 Show up.Only a DUMB ass thinks this way.

  26. Simple solution is to confiscate all of those walled communities and homes of the politicians and give them to illegals, and than bill all expenses to the Hollywood and democrats that claim we need them.

  27. ketrout, all you stated is good! Also, we should stop ALL freebies to the illegal alien criminals. They became criminals when the sneaky vermin crossed our border illegally!

  28. Wake up America! This is all about new voters for the Demoncrap party! They are losing the black voters and must now scrounge around for a new voter base. Where is the easiest place to find them? The impoverished countries of Central America. Bring in those illegal immigrants by the busloads, provide them with thousands of dollars a year in US taxpayer funded benefits, provide them with cell phones, a place to live, free education for their kids, etc. And convince them to vote democratic, which won’t take much convincing. Bet if the tables were turned and these people were voting for Republicans the Demoncraps would find money very quickly to build the wall and stop the illegals from entering the country.

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