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Trump, Mueller on Time Magazine’s Shortlist for Person of the Year


Both President Donald Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller are on Time Magazine’s shortlist of candidates for 2018 Person of the Year, which the publication announced on Monday.

Time plans to announce the winner on Tuesday.

Others on the shortlist are Russian President Vladimir Putin, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, director Ryan Coogler, murdered Saudi Jamal Khashoggi, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor who testified beforevsenators in September about her allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee and now Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The list also includes, The Hill pointed out, two groups of people: the “March For Our Lives” teenage activists who reignited the nationwide debate on gun control following the mass shooting at their Parkland, Florida high school; and the thousands of families who were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border by the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

The publication said, “Every year, Time selects the most influential person of the year, noting, for better or for worse, the person or group of people who have had the greatest impact on the news and the world over the past 12 months.”

Trump won in 2016, while the designation went last year to the women behind the #MeToo movement, dubbed the “Silence Breakers.”

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  1. But instead they choose a Muslim brotherhood organizer who assisted in the butchery of countless people. Could you expect anything less from the leftist ragEs75

  2. Why Muller, he is bought and paid for by lying demoRATS and has done nothing but prove Trump did nothing wrong and WASTE taxpayers money by the millions. Time is useless rag anyway.

  3. I can see placing President Trump on the cover of Time Magazine but not Robert Mueller who is little better than a criminal. Mueller’s testimony which was false sent four innocent men to prison in a criminal trial in Massachussets. Thanks to this lying piece of dung Whitey Bulger who was a lifelong criminal and murderer walked away while the aforementioned men went to prison all the while Mueller knew they were innocent. Mueller did not care that these men were innocent, he only cared about obtaining a verdict of guilt. Two of the innocent men died while in prison and the other two served twenty year sentences. When evidence surfaced following their release that proved their innocence, they sued the state and won a $180 million dollar settlement against the state of Massachussets for wrongful incarceration. Mueller once served with distinction in the U.S. Marine Corps but seems to have forgotten their motto Semper Fi. He has no conscience as borne out by the witch hunt he is conducting against President Trump. Once again,he is conducting a campaign of lies against an innocent man and will stop at nothing to obtain an indictment in an attempt ed coups against a President elected by the will of the people. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Enough said. My family buried my brother yesterday, also, a Marine who exemplified the Marine Corps motto Semper Fi and served his country with distinction at the Chosin Reservoir. He gave up the chance to play professional baseball with the Detroit Tigers to serve his country and did so with a sense of pride. Mueller’s life pales in comparison.

    • Robert you are 100% correct. Furthermore, Rosenstein had no authority or power to appoint Mueller and to appoint a Special Counsel without identifying a crime IT IS ALL A POLITICAL WITCH HUNT OF OUR PRESIDENT BY THE CORRUPT DEEP STATE.


      Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Hillary and all others in the Obama administration SHOULD BE IN JAIL NOW . We must arrest the real criminals

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