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Kavanaugh Sides With Supreme Court Liberals In Planned Parenthood Funding Fight


The Supreme Court on Monday rejected appeals by Louisiana and Kansas to block funding for Planned Parenthood, backing two lower court opinions that said that states which cut Medicaid contracts with affiliates of the organization are in violation of federal law.

Notably siding with the court’s liberals was Justice Brett Kavanaugh – whose nomination to the USSC was vehemently opposed by Planned Parenthood, which claimed he would “automatically” overturn Roe v. Wade – the landmark Supreme Court case which legalized abortion.

Chief Justice John Roberts also sided with Planned Parenthood, while three conservative justices, Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented from the decision by the nine-member court, who said that the appeals should have been heard.

The case is one of a number of disputes working their way up to the Supreme Court over state-imposed restrictions on abortion. The two states did not challenge the constitutionality of abortion itself.

Planned Parenthood’s affiliates in Louisiana do not perform abortions, but some in Kansas do. Medicaid, the state-federal health insurance program for low-income Americans, pays for abortions only in limited circumstances, such as when a woman’s life is in danger.

Louisiana and Kansas announced plans to terminate funding for Planned Parenthood through Medicaid after an anti-abortion group released videos in 2015 purporting to show Planned Parenthood executives negotiating the for-profit sale of fetal tissue and body parts. Planned Parenthood denied the allegations and said the videos were heavily edited and misleading. –Reuters

CNN is predictably beside themselves over Kavanaugh’s stance – claiming that he simply wanted to “avoid high-profile abortion-related issues for now.”

Roberts and Kavanaugh “likely have serious objections,” said Steve Vladeck, CNN Supreme Court analyst and professor at the University of Texas School of Law. “But such votes seem to be a signal that they would rather avoid contentious, high-profile disputes for now, at least where possible.” –CNN

Kavanaugh called Roe v. Wade “settled law” during an August meeting with GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine amid his confirmation process – echoing what Justice Roberts said at his nomination hearing.

After Louisiana and Kansas announced the funding cuts, Planned Parenthood affiliates in each state sued in federal court along with several patients in order to maintain funding.

This isn’t the first abortion-related case working its way up to the Supreme Court. Several cases from Republican-led states seek to ban abortions in early pregnancy – including Iowa’s ban on the practice after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Other cases, according to Reuters, require hard-to-satisfy requirements on abortion providers – such as having a formal affiliation, known as admitting privileges, at local hospitals.

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    • Hay AL. I’m a Catholic. I gave up a piece of life and some body parts defending this county in the Naval Amphibious Forces. I’ve been dealing with anti-Catholic bigots like you ever since I was a little kid. And your calling me a traitor? I’m a life long Republican. I would really enjoy giving you a taste of Knuckle YummY!

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    • My best friend for over 60 years was devout Catholic and definitely no traitor and I owe it to her fact I came to know Christ as Lord and Savior, therefore get to spend eternity in Heaven. She just recently went on to be with the Lord. All that said, best not to stereotype as well as remember – judge not lest ye be judged.

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  5. Shame on you, Mr. Simon. Posing as a “conservative” are you? You’re no Conservative. A true Conservative validates and will venerate any law that protects and preserves the individual’s right to govern his or her own physiological functions. Were it otherwise, the state would have the power to punish its citizens for failing to drink eight glasses of water a day and peeing properly.

  6. Deep State is deeper than you ever thought! This is part of the Yale confederation. I had hoped that the deep State contrived attack on now Justice Kavanagh would’ve had a profound impact on his perception of reality and justice seeing the length they would go to to control the Supreme Court; but it appears that was not to be. This was not an issue about abortion it was the ability under the 10th amendment on the reserved powers aspect of the state to be able to make an election regarding its own population and tax money funding unHolly controversial activity paying for unnecessary procedure from taxpayer funds, there is no constitutional right then abortion! That is a fair question to have been put before the United States Supreme Court. The two states did not challenge the constitutionality of abortion itself. It is the right to fund vel non an elective procedure and organization whose conduct of selling baby parts has been established but suppressed by the deep state judicial activist better seal the wreckers and block to production of the pictures. And that my friends is the deep state in action! Justice Roberts is a victim of blackmail and it shows up and most of his rulings nowadays. The affordable care act tax provision is gone yet there are no challenges to its constitutionalnality, the tax mandate is the only thing that allowed to be constitutional! So Why is it still in existence? The deep state and its lust for control. Progresses/ Marxist don’t worry you have an ally in Justice Kavanaugh. Job security is more important to him then any aleged constitutional principals he has espoused to possess. To many Globalist were in favor; the battle over his confirmation was going to provide him with the Stockholm syndrome, it was clearly effective. This is a reason that Bar Associations should be abolished or at a minimum a “bill rights provided protections for lawyers so they have a layer of protection against the Cabal that creates dishonesty as you see in Justice Roberts, Ginsberg, Kavanaugh etc.

  7. Smart move. Roberts had already cast the 5th and deciding vote. With this history it will help stave off lib criticism in the future. He threw the libs a “red herring”.

  8. To the dirty rats who by despicable lies tried to block Kavanaugh ‘s appointment by Senate just because he is a repiblican : Open your eyes to see how a gentlemen behaves

  9. I think Planned Parenthood does a lot of good things such as low cost birth control and exams. Abortion is not the only thing they do. And if a woman is already on Medicaid, she is entitled to go wherever it’s accepted. We already have too many children living in Foster Care in this country as it is.

    • Then fix the women who have abortion so they can’t get that way again take their works out .then no more Abortions needed.

    • WAIT A DAMN MINUTE AL!!!! How dare you lump millions of Catholics into one category! I am a Catholic, I am pro life, I am a strong Conservative Christian, and I have said to other Catholics that didn’t get the message that the Demoncrappy Socialist of America isn’t the Old Blue Dogs the vast majority of Catholics voted for, as the party was infiltrated by Socialist for decades and now that’s all they have, they are as UnAmerican as it gets, and their platform is killing babies!!! NEWSFLASH!! You think it is just Catholics that are at fault, it is every religion, and that goes for all the Protestant religions as well. There are probably more pro choice in Protestants than Catholics! It is a mortal sin to kill God’s most precious gift, and it is a mortal sin for anyone who votes for abortion as well! Look at all your Evangelical ministers who are bilking millions out of people living in posh mansions and are living the life of a celebrity, not a Man of God. Priests sure don’t have posh estates! I was a Protestant before I was Catholic, and our Methodist minister sexually assaulted my sister’s best friend taking her home from a baby sitting job. She was never the same, but no one knew about it except my sister because you did not talk about those things back in the early 60’s!
      My Parish is the largest in our State, the night of the election, our priests held a special mass, “Save our Nation!” When we left mass, President Trump was leading and we were all ecstatic. Prayer works, I don’t put anyone’s religion down, and neither should you, there are good and bad amongst every sect but I would say more good than bad, except for one exception ISLAM!!! Our young priest warned his parishioners about Killary. He said “Be very careful who you vote for, this election is the most important of any election you will ever vote in again. It could mean the end of God and churches in our country should you make the wrong choice. He, of course, is pro life. Democrats got angry at him, but the majority of us praised him. I haven’t a clue why Kavanaugh voted for Planned Parenthood. He is against abortion and is a devout Catholic. I know Roberts was threatened by the BO REGIME, and they threatened to take his children away. Read about it, his kids are adopted from China, and are deeply loved as it was a childless marriage and the couple wanted kids more than anything. What happened to Kavanaugh, God only knows, but he is an adamant pro lifer.

    • You are so welcome and yes men need to keep theirs in the pants .is right but they had one women who had over 7 abortions that is wrong.

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  10. It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican any human being should be against this barbaric horrific type of murder. These babies are being ripped apart in a women’s body and experience a agonizing death just because Men and Women are too lazy or stupid to take precautions. This is what the pro abortion people are saying, we need abortion because men and women are so stupid and brainless to know if you have sex a woman can get pregnant. Planned parenthood should not get one cent in Government funding since they have so much money to give to the Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Degressive Democrat Party in the past election. Over $ 25,000,000 dollars. This is illegal to use tax funding to support any political party that receives tax money to provide services. All funding should be stopped and the officials put in jail. Men and women that do not want to have children should get fixed from 18 on up. If they murder their unborn child ( executed by abortion) both should be forced to get fixed.

  11. These 9 people are put there to hear arguments based on the rule of law. Were any of the above in chamners to hear the lawyers plead their clients view points?

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