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Beijing Threatens “Severe” Retaliation Against Canada If Huawei CFO Is Not Released


Canada’s extraordinary arrest one week ago of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei founder and billionaire executive Ren Zhengfei, and its decision to charge her with “multiple” counts of fraud – a preamble to her likely extradition to the US to face charges of knowingly violating US and EU sanctions on Iran – has elicited widespread anger in Beijing, which declared Meng’s detention a “violation of human rights” during a bail hearing for the jailed executive on Friday.

That anger has apparently only intensified after the hearing adjourned without a decision (it will resume on Monday, allowing Meng’s defense team to argue for why she should be released on bail, contrary to the wishes of government attorneys who are prosecuting the case).

And with Canada insisting that it will prosecute Meng to the full extent of the law over allegations that she mislead banks about the true relationship of a Huawei subsidiary called Skycom, angry Chinese officials have decided to issue an ultimatum directly to the Canadian ambassador, who was summoned to a meeting in Beijing on Saturday and told in no uncertain terms that Canada will face “severe consequences” if Meng isn’t released, according to the Wall Street Journal.

China’s foreign ministry publicized the warning in a statement (though Canadian officials have yet to comment):

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng summoned Canada’s ambassador to Beijing, John McCallum, on Saturday to deliver the warning, according to a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The statement doesn’t mention the name of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, though it refers to a Huawei “principal” taken into custody at U.S. request while changing planes in Vancouver, as was Ms. Meng. The statement accuses Canada of “severely violating the legal, legitimate rights of a Chinese citizen” and demands the person’s release.

“Otherwise there will be severe consequences, and Canada must bear the full responsibility,” said the statement, which was posted online late Saturday.

Phone calls to the Canadian Embassy rang unanswered while the Canadian government’s global affairs media office didn’t immediately respond to an email request for comment.

The warning marks an escalation in Beijing’s rhetoric as investors worry that the arrest could cause the shaky trade detente between the US and China to devolve into acrimony. A federal judge issued a warrant for Meng’s arrest back in August. Though after she was made aware of the warrant, Meng avoided travel to the US. She was arrested in Vancouver last Saturday while traveling to Mexico.

Aside from breaking off trade talks, some are worried that Beijing could seek to retaliate in kind by arresting a notable US executive. While the threats of Chinese bureaucrats might not amount to much in the eyes of US prosecutors, threatening a US executive with long-term detention in a Chinese “reeducation camp” just might.

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  1. How is it a violation of human rights if she is caught committing fraud and stealing secret information. The audacity of China to threaten a country for arresting a criminal. Tell China to go suck a bone. Imagine what they have done to others for committing those crimes against China!

  2. Like the Müeller inquisition, “unspecified charges.”. Well someone does hate the President a whole lot.
    Müeller still does not know what brand of Russian dressing is used at Trump properties.

  3. Canada is up for correction in so many ways, one of which is endangering the American people by importing unvetted ISIS terrorists/Iranian/Syrian Terrorists who have direct access to the American people through our northern Border. And who was this friggin Federal Judge who issued this order? Was he appointed by Clinton or Obama and is still on a mission to destroy the Trump Administration. Until they have proven that they are innocent these Federal Judges and DOJ officials are subject to some severe questioning. This was more than a criminal action, it has to be a political action to undermine the relationship of China and the United States. Don’t crap on China before you examine the evidence. The deep state can still cause deep problems for the Administration.

  4. ya see? this is what happens when non-citizens get into other countries. It’s enough to have to deal with the crimes of citizens. you’ve got muzzie problems too, Canada. And if you think Justin can solve any of them, you are wrong and you will see.

  5. This show of force says to me that the fat rat got caught , and they want it released bad . Bat her from ever entering the country again , and her company NEVER gets any new develpoments from the USA .

    • It tells me China wants a trade deal with USA – because Trump didn’t know of the arrest by deep state it is to derail his trade talks, so China is going after Canada and not us.
      China has been stealing US IP and subsidizing their manufacturing for a long time, Obama and Democrats never gave a damn.

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